Work With Me

Are you longing to live your heart’s desires?

After years of my own inner work and facilitating both online and in person programs, I realize that most women are craving a return to their Truth.

Yearning to slow down. Nourish.

Reconnect with their bodies.

Love more deeply and vulnerably.

Be seen and heard.

Set boundaries.

Receive support from sisters.

Stand in Healthy Feminine Leadership™.

Experience inner Freedom.

There is a way to live your Heart’s Desires and I would be honored to show you how.

Together, we will Remember the Ways of the Feminine™ and dive into Women’s Wisdom Ways.  Let’s open the floodgates to the kind of life you envision.


Ways to Journey Together


Freedom Intensive

Is there fear, self-doubt, self-sabotage, self-judgements, old patterns getting in the way of your true happiness?

Maybe you’re feeling taken advantage of? Not good enough? Indecisive? Lesser than other people when you compare yourself? Feeling like you can’t be happy until ____?

If so, you’ll definitely want to enroll in this one-on-one Mentorship called the Freedom Intensive.

Together, we will use a powerful combination of customized flower essences, feminine embodiment practices, and intuition to get to the root causes of your present circumstances and assist you in moving forward to Freedom.

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Priestesses of the Moon

8 Week Online Mystery School and Initiation Training

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to receive a re-education in Ritual Arts and Moon Mysteries?

In this “School” for women, we will journey with the Moon as our Guide and Muse.  Throughout our 8 weeks together, we will will initiate ourselves into Womanhood (letting go of fears, conditionings we have each accepted), align with the Moon, Rise in Sisterhood, and Reconnect with Mother Earth.

This will be a most epic foray into yourself.

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flower essesence training ad- no date

Woman Rising
Flower Essence Practitioner Certification & Licensing Program

Flower Essences are one of the most powerful emerging modalities of plant medicines. Their expertise lies in creating deep emotional healing and freedom. Flower Essences shift and release subconscious beliefs, imprints, and wounds. They are a potent modality for most of today’s epidemics – fears, self-doubts, trauma, anxiety, irritability, overwhelm, depression.

This Certification Program is for those who already have a current practice and want to add to it, who are wanting to connect more deeply with plant medicines, and who want an apothecary for themselves and their family. This program will transform your own life and offer you tools to do the same for others.

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Shamanic Training Program

The Healer’s Journey: Reclaiming Your Shamanic Roots

In this intensive Training program, you will be guided to trust and use the Shamanic Journey for many types of healing – listening to the Web of Life, Building Power, Energetic Intrusions, Energetic Clearings, and connecting to Plant and Nature Spirits.

This is for women who are just beginning their Shamanic Journeys and for women wishing to deepen.

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