Bring Me to Speak

My mission is to support women who want to Remember the Ways of the Feminine™ and be fully resourced, embodied leaders.

In my engaging, informative presentations, I remind women:

  • How to stop modeling males and access your own true feminine leadership media kit websiteby leveraging the wisdom of your body (it’s easier than most people think – and everyone in the audience will get specific, tangible action steps).
  • The missing link to healing your reproductive and hormonal issues WHILE increasing your energy, clarity, and ability to relax.
  • How to heal your greatest wounds to get to your greatest desires.
  • How to connect more deeply with your feminine essence and magnify your presence.

Who benefits the most from my talks?

  • Successful women who are tired of the pushing and doing and are longing for an alternative route to happiness.
  • Women entrepreneurs who have successfully fit themselves into the box of masculine leadership and are not sure how to work from a place of Feminine Leadership (or even feel they have the time to figure it out.)
  • Women who are yearning for a deeper connection to their Feminine Rhythms and Inner Wisdom.

Who am I?

JoanneCohen-133I am an author, speaker, and visionary Women’s Mentor who empowers change-making women to create a relationship with the live a wisdom inherent in their bodies.  Through this process, a woman can access her deepest truths and desires and create the life that she is craving.  

Joanne Ameya’s newest book, “The Art of Healthy Feminine Leadership”, is due out Spring 2015.
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Here’s what people say about me and the information I present:

“Joanne is a heart-centered, soul-centered speaker. She has such a loving, nurturing way about her. Her commitment to women’s health and well-being is embedded in her every cell. Her presence invokes women’s consciousness about their health and self-care and inspires them to listen more deeply to what their body and soul are calling for. Joanne is super down-to-earth, straightforward, wise, loving and compassionate. She has a beautiful sincerity to her that can open a woman’s heart and invite her to look more deeply within herself. Joanne creates an honest space for women to more deeply inquire within themselves and support each other through a loving sisterhood. A true gift! I highly recommend Joanne for your next event. We loved having her at The Goddess Collective.”

Tabby Biddle, Director
The Goddess Collective  www.tabbybiddle.com

“It was a delight to host Joanne Ameya Cohen for a terrific evening with the women in Delray Beach. Her work and her message are really critical for women today as we are often overworked and undernourished. Thank you, Joanne, for your wisdom, and for sharing women’s natural healing techniques.”

Susan Joyce Proctor

“I am in awe of the scope of knowledge Joanne has in Women’s Health.  She taught me easy and accessible daily self-care practices that contribute to my overall well-being.  She clearly “walks her talk” as a mentor and has quite a lot of experience facilitating healing in women’s lives.   And she emanates a femininity and grace that is conveyed through her teachings.  I look forward to learning more from Joanne.”

Athene Farmas

Spots for 2015 are filling up very quickly, so if you want to liven up your next event with an empowering, uplifting and inspiring experience, one that your attendees will be talking about long after the event is over, then book me today!

Download Joanne’s Media Kit, full of information of talk topics, detailed descriptions, and formats.

For bookings, simply email support@joanneameyacohen.com