Reclaiming Your Shamanic Roots Training

Reclaiming Your Shamanic Roots:

Shamanic practitioner Training program


Sweet Sister ~

For a while, it has been a dream to offer a Shamanic Training Program to the Woman Rising community that is steeped in ancient wisdom, authenticity, and mastery.

It seems that many of us who have chosen the path of the Mystic are yearning for systems to work between the awake and dream states, to literally walk between the realms, in a safe and potent way.

I am so honored to offer this Training Program to you.  You will be led by one of my teachers and a woman I highly value as a Shaman, Damini Celebre.

This is offered from our hearts to yours.
May this land in your being with the truth of our intention.

With Love to you,
Ameya (and Damini too)

Our Journey takes place from October 8, 2018 – April 2019

One who has the ability to see “with the strong eye” or “with the heart” travel into hidden realms is called a Shaman. The shaman interacts directly with Spirits to address the spiritual aspect of illness and perform soul retrievals, retrieve lost power, as well as remove spiritual blockages. The shaman also divines healers, doctors, priests and priestesses, psychotherapists, mystics, and storytellers.

Shamanism is the most ancient spiritual practice known to humankind. Some anthropologists believe that the practice dates back over 100,000 years. The word “shaman” comes from the Tungus tribe in Siberia and it means a spiritual healer or one who sees in the dark. 

Shamanism is rooted in all cultures.  The context is the same – Be One with the Land, Your Ancestors and the Web of Life.  They have a deep connection to the world surrounding them which includes: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Animal, Plant, Bird, Rock; our Ancestors, Descendants; our helping and guardian spirits. 

As Gatekeepers and Focalizers of the Sacred, Shamans are taught very potent practices.  In this program, you will be initiated into Shamanic Journeying and as such, be introduced into practices to keep your personal power strong, how to claim your voice more powerfully as you communicate with Spirit, and of course how to consciously cultivate a deeper relationship with the Spirit That Lives In All Things. Instead of searching outside yourself for guidance and permission, Shamanism gives you a direct line of communication with your compassionate healing spirits, Nature, Spirit and your Heart.

This hands-on, interactive, and deep training begins with a 6-day retreat from
October 8 – 14, 2018


Topics and Practices Covered During the Retreat *:

Shamanic Journeying 
During our retreat, you will learn a powerful tool — the Shamanic Journey. Using the technique of journeying, you will have a tool to bring back information and knowledge from the Spirit realms while building personal power through direct dialogue with your helping spirits.

Using the Shamanic Journey you will learn to:
 – Learn the structure of the journey technique, using drum rattle, dance, and song
– Explore the Upper, Middle and Lower Worlds

– Connect with your Power Animal, Spirit guides and raise your energy and vibration.
– Learn the Shamanic perspective of illness and healing and how to work with your compassionate spirits to learn self-healing techniques and healing techniques for others.

 – Understand how the Shamanic Journey can be used for EVERYTHING. Any questions that need sorting, any healing that needs repairing, any energetics that need to be released.

How to build partnership with the Web of Life
– Exploring your place in the Web of Life
– Learning skills to put you in direct commutation with the Web of Life  

Meeting your Council:
Power Animals, Teachers, Body Protector, True Self and how to deepen your relationship with them

– Working with direct revelation to learn to ask for healing and guidance with your healing spirits
– Learning to work with Your Helping Spirits and the Web of Life to read Omens and Divination

The shamanic perspective on illness, power-loss, and healing
– Loss of Essence
– Energetic clearing
– Working with Intrusions and Depossession

 * There may be added teachings depending on group 


We will gather together at Synergia Ranch,
sacred land in New Mexico










After our in-person retreat, we will
meet for another 6 months online from
november 2018 – april 2019

We will gather twice per month for 2.5-hour virtual sessions

There will also be three follow-up Q & A virtual sessions.

Topics and Practices Covered During the Online 6 Months*:

– Working with Mugwort to remove congested energy, and to resolve blocks in the meridian system
– Womb Clearing
– Healing with Spiritual Light
– Clearing and Healing Land
– Communing more deeply with your Guide and Teacher
– Making healing Talismans for your clients and your self
– Sacred Elements of ritual
– Healing with your Helping Spirits to personally learn healing techniques tailored for your clients and community
– Ethics and protocols for practicing Shamanism

* There may be added teachings depending on group


Who is the program for?

This training program is for those who are new to Shamanism and those who would like to spark their existing connection.

This training is for those called to partner more deeply with Spirit.

It is for those who feel that there is a richness that crosses into other worlds.

It is for those who have a yearning to “see” the unseen.

It is for those on a path of healing and preservation.

It is for those who want to deepen into plant spirit medicine.


This program will be led and facilitated by Damini Celebre:

A lover of the natural worlds, magical worlds, and inner realms, Damini Celebre, was originally a painter and photographer and shifted careers from the creative arts to the healing arts.

For the past twenty-five years, she has practiced Subtle Energy Healing, Shamanism, and Five Element Acupuncture, maintaining a private healing practice in the Philadelphia area.

Drawing from her vast experience as an artist, healer, and educator, she wrote the book entitled Painting the Landscape of the Soul: A Journey of Self-Discovery, BrushHeart Press, 2014. Her book skillfully weaves her three passions: Shamanism, creative arts and healing arts into a unique and powerful approach for awakening the creative self. 

Damini has been trained as an expressive art facilitator and is part of Sandra Ingerman’s Alliance of Shamanic teachers. Damini’s work comes from the heart and continues to be a shining example of the healing power of creativity. She is actively making and exhibiting her artwork and teaching workshops across the United States and online:



Tuition for the Entire Program:

The Tuition is $3200
Payment Plans are available (4 or 8-month plans)

This includes:
– 6 Day In-Person Training 
– Meals & Lodging for In-person Training
– 6 Months of Online Training
– Private Facebook Group for Heart-sharing and Continued Support

This does not include transportation to and from the In-Person Training.
Space is limited to 13 women making this a very intimate and hands-on training.

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