The Red Ray Priestess Journey

My Dear Sister,

We are living in very powerful times. You know this. You see this and hear this repeatedly. Mostly, you FEEL this. You are being asked, gently or with ferocity, to RISE. Rise into your Truth.

But, what is your Truth?  And how do you find this thing that seems so fleeting or esoteric or non-specific?  How do you excavate this core essence of who you are with all of your wounds, aches, and frustrations living just at the surface?

This is done through your Remembrance and Activation of the Red Ray. This is the Journey for you called to live as a Feminine Leader, as a keeper of the flame of Love, as a Sacred Activist. 

As a Priestess. To remember. To take initiative and responsibility to dream our world awake. To allow the Earth, Sun, and Moon to be your Guides. To become Whole. Sovereign.

This is a journey that requires commitment and devotion of Self. It will ask you to release and shed wounds, aches, hurts, beliefs so that the Great Mystery can live in you more deeply, powerfully, and visibly. So that you can embody your potentiality.

The Red Ray is calling you to walk the Path of the Priestess. If you have wanted to step on to this path as you search for meaning or have wanted to deepen into Western Mystery Traditions, I offer this to you with all of the love I have for your unfoldment.

This is a training program. It is a mentorship.  It is a sister council. It is a journey. My greatest intention is that you know who you truly are. That you come home to yourself.

What you will experience is total transformation. Why? Because you will become the embodiment of your essence. No longer shackled knowingly or unknowingly to illusions that are keeping you trapped or tortured or stuck or dull.

Walking the Priestess Path is a deep commitment to Self. It is the portal for which all that you know to be true and desire will be birthed forth with ease and grace.

Your time is now. And I would Love to take this Red Ray Journey with you.

In Love, Ameya


The Red Ray is the Energetic Current that Animates All of life.

Once Activated, it Supports You to Have a Profound and Glorious Experience of Being Alive.

The Red Ray enters your body through your root chakra—the place where your Soul incarnates. If you have experienced trauma, you may consciously or subconsciously choose that being fully HERE (in your body) is not “safe” or comfortable. When ALL of you does not get embodied, every aspect of your life will be affected—because every chakra builds on one another. If your root chakra is weakened or if it is not holding its foundation of strength, the chakras that sit above will all be wobbly.

When the Red Ray is out of balance, your internal system may mirror the chaos in the world around you. You may feel anxiety, overwhelm, anger bubbling under the surface, not just in situations where that emotion is expected, but more as an undercurrent in every moment.

With your Red Ray out of balance, aspects of your life will be affected:

Your sexuality and sensuality may be dulled or inhibited

Your ability to be truly vulnerable and intimate with others

You experience agitation and overwhelm on the daily

You feel financial lack or a flow and then stagnation

You feel afraid to share your extraordinary gifts in the world

You believe that you are alone and no one understands you 

You have a chronic issue (emotional, physical, spiritual) that feels like it will be yours forever


When you activate the Red Ray, you choose to become embodied.

Perhaps you are disconnected from your own body. Perhaps you bypass your emotions in the name of spirituality. You may have experienced trauma that has taught you it is safer to “check out.” And through this separation, you continue to allow your trauma and shadows to be the force behind your every thought, choice, and action. The Red Ray will invite you to feel into your past pains and wounds and support you to befriend them in the name of your greatest healing and growth.

When you activate the Red Ray, you honor yourself as a Vessel of the Feminine.

The Blood that you release every month—if you are still cycling—is full of your truth, wisdom, power. It is encoded with your DNA which holds the magnificence of your Essence.  You may not have been taught that as a young woman growing up in this world, but a part of you has always felt that your blood taps you in to a great potency or power. When the Red Ray is activated, you form a deep reverential partnership with your Moon Cycle.  You understand that you are intricately connected to the Divine and carry the Sacred Feminine in your Womb space.

When you choose the Red Ray, you live as a sacred activist in the world.

Perhaps you are stuck in the trap of feeling “not good enough” or that you need a few more years of experience before you “put yourself out there.” Our world needs your sacred gifts. The Red Ray will activate your true potential and bring clarity as to your next step on your path of Feminine Leadership.

When you choose the Red Ray, you reclaim yourself as a lover.

Ahhh, isn’t this what you want so badly? To let go of the constraints of your armor. To rest in the arms of your beloved. To experience Sacred union with yourself and with another. The Red Ray activates the thread of your sexuality and sensuality so that you can harness these energies that are part of your feminine blueprint.


The Red Ray: An Educational, Experiential,
& Intimate Journey for 6 Women.

With a Council of Women by your side, you will be led by the Sun, Moon and the Celtic Wheel of the Year.

OCTOBER 5, 2017—FEBRUARY 20, 2018

As a Priestess, you are called to walk a most sacred inner journey.  This journey begins with a descent into your shadows and ends with the ultimate manifestation of your true Self. 

The descent is never easy. It demands great courage and vulnerability and honesty. Hidden in your shadows are aspects of yourself that you may have exiled or hidden because they are painful or uncomfortable. Many of your current behaviors and current circumstances in your life are dictated by these hidden hurts and traumas that live in the dark. You must descend and befriend these unmet needs and pains or these wounds will forever hold you captive.

As you face your dark and work to ensure the preservation and repairing of yourSelf, you are returned to the light bringing you into Wholeness. From there, you have renewed resources to manifest your truest potential.

Internal emotional examination is crucial to your growth and integral to the path of a Priestess. This is the greatest quest to your freedom.


Your journey will begin as we call in the 4 directions (East, South, West, North), and then Mother Earth (below), Father Sky (above), and the Center.

Inviting the Directions and the Elements to create an energetic container of support for your journey is a practice used by Native people all over the world.   Within this sacred space, you receive extraordinary assistance from Spirit or the Unseen Realms, who then work hand in hand with you, conspiring for your greatest Remembrance and Growth.

In our opening temple space, you will be led through a Shamanic Journey or Immran where you will meet an important Priestess of your Spirit Council to reclaim the spiritual essence of your Priestess Path.


Private Counseling allows for a safe space for you to explore all that is within you. Within that space you can focus on getting honest with where you are and where you want to be, what is challenging you and how to move forward.  Because of the intimate container, you will be guided into deep places where you will have the opportunity to release outdated programming and past wounds that are affecting your present life.

Tools that will be used during our Sessions:

  • Flower Essences which are the “fast-track” to healing emotional traumas, severing limiting beliefs, and choosing to create new patterns and ways of being.  Each session, you will receive a customized Flower Essence Formula that will assist your healing journey.
  • Embodiment or Writing Practices to assist what you are journeying through in that specific month.  It is important to have a daily practice customized for what is present for you so that you are an active participant on your Priestess Path.
  • Shamanic Journey Work when necessary if a cord needs to be cut between you and another or there is information you need to receive from the Spirit realms.

Each month, you will receive:

  • Private, virtual session
  • Customized Flower Essence formula
  • Check-in call
  • Unlimited email support


Ritual is one of the most important practices as a Priestess.  It grants you permission to BE and experience Communion with the Divine.  When you are in ceremony, you touch into the sacred power that informs and fuels all existence.  You begin to understand that in devotion you can move from the Waking World to the Dreaming World and that in truth, they are the same.  Ritual parts the veils so that you can dream your dreams into this moment. 

Every phase of the Moon has medicine for you.  The astrology of that specific moon will also enhance and activate certain currents that you are feeling or experiencing.   When in partnership with these energies, you can harness this power and use it to bring even more healing, understanding, and empowerment into your life.

Each month, you will receive:

  • New Moon ritual video recording
  • Full moon ritual video recording


Emotional and Nature practices are KEY to your Emotional Liberation and allowing the Great Mystery to live in your body more. Each month, you will convene together with the women on this Journey as a small, intimate group to work side by side with a chosen Goddess who will support the theme of that month. You will receive emotional practices to enhance your empowerment and evolution as a Priestess and Feminine Leader.

Priestess work is never done alone.  It is done with other women, walking the path of devotion with you.  To be seen, heard, supported, celebrated by your sisters is one of the most healing experiences after a life of living separate from other women because of betrayals or comparisons. Sisterhood will enhance all of the inner work you are doing and the way you show up as an agent of change in our world.

Each sister call includes:

  • Goddess guidance
  • Emotional practices
  • Live Q&A


In Sisterhood, you will gather virtually for 3 Holy Days.  The Celtic Wheel of the Year follows the Rhythms of Mother Earth.  And as a Priestess, you mirror those as well.  During your Priestess Journey, you will celebrate Samhain, Winter Solstice, and Imbolc.  During these special days, you will gather LIVE for Transmissions and Ceremony.

When you celebrate the Holy Days, you deepen your partnership with Gaia.  You understand that you are part of the Web of Life and as such, share in profound ways. These celebrations begin to put context to what you feel, see, and experience in the world around you and of course, within.

Celebrating how far and deep you have journeyed is incredibly important as it will support you to acknowledge what has been remembered and what new visions wish to be seeded and birthed.  You will be invited to make a declaration or vow of who you are and how you wish to BE in the world at this time.


Your Investment: $5800
(payment plans available upon request)

Because of the intimate nature of the Red Ray, there is an Application to be filled out.  Once received, Ameya will reach out to set up a time to connect by phone.  You can ask questions to decide if this is the next step on your journey.




Honoring Your Ancestors
Led by Persephone

Clearing patterns from your feminine & masculine ancestry
Healing & choosing your legacy
Engaging with your personal underworld

Protection Rites
Led by Artemis

How to maintain your energetic field
Sacred geometry and Gridwork
Specific daily protection practices

Womb Healing
led by Mother Mary

Healing and releasing past partners
Blood mysteries and the Holy Grail
Creating a whole and healed chalice of the feminine

Embracing Your Magic
led by the High Priestess

Envision your dreams and birth them into this New Year
Understanding the truth of Magic
Magical rituals for womanifestation


Led by brigid & Morgan Le Fay (Morgana)

Complete your Priestess Mentorship with the Love of Brigid
& Morgana and the Celebration of Imbolc as the Sun returns to the Earth.
This is the time you return your Self to the Light.


You will cultivate deep Communion with Yourself and your Lineage as a Priestess with:

Tools and Practices rooted in Lunar Ritual & Earth Rhythms
Goddess Archetypes
Practices communing with Nature
Emotional Healing through Shadow Work
Flower Essence Releasing and Repairing
Deep Visioning
Shamanic Journey Work
Self-Curated Ceremony
Current Astrological Forecast and Currents
Understanding Ritual Space and Magic
Safe & Glorious Container of Sisterhood


Your Experience Each Month:

  • 2 One-on-One Sessions with Ameya + Customized Flower Essence Formula for your Emotional Healing
  • Pre-recorded New and Full Moon Ritual for you to live into the Moon and her Mysteries
  • 1 LIVE Call with Ameya sharing a Goddess you will be working with as well as Emotional Practices and/or Daily Practices to support your Inner Work for that month
  • 3 LIVE Holy Day Rituals led by Ameya on Samhain, Winter Solstice, and Imbolc.
  • A private Facebook group which will be our intimate online Cauldron for sharing, witnessing and celebrating one another as Sisters.

Your Investment: $5800
(payment plans available upon request)

Because of the intimate nature of the Red Ray, we ask for you to fill out an Application.  Once received, Ameya will reach out to set up a time to connect by phone.  You can ask questions to decide if this is the next step on your journey.


The Red Ray will begin again in 2018.
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