Embodying the Sacred Feminine:

emboding-cd-coverEmbodying the Sacred Feminine:
Daily Embodiment and Meditation Practices to reconnect with your Feminine Wisdom & Power

In these practices you will explore:

  • The benefit of being in your body compared to living in your mind
  • Connection to your wombspace as a seat of power and wisdom
  • Releasing outdated masculine and societal conditionings that leave you frustrated and overwhelmed
  • A grounded approach to seeding and then receiving your desires

You are invited to deepen into your practice as a Woman Embodied in her life, health, relationships, and Mission in the world. You will lovingly be guided through the practices and reminded that everything lies within.

This is a downloadable CD.

Talk: The power of Embodiment Practices in your life
FEM #1: The Art of Softening
FEM #2: The Art of Desires