Priestess Path

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My Dear Sister,

We are living in very powerful times. You know this. You see this and hear this repeatedly. Mostly, you FEEL this. You are being asked, gently or with ferocity, to RISE. Rise into your Truth.

But, what is your Truth?  And how do you find this Soul-informed thing that seems so fleeting or esoteric or non-specific?  How do you excavate the core essence of who you are while living in a world that is constantly trying to reinforce false illusions?

This is done through the Remembrance and Activation of your Priestess Path. This path that you have walked for lifetimes and that carries the memories of your past, present and future your destiny.

Sister, it is my great honor to welcome you on the path of Avalon. The Mists are receding. All the Great Goddesses are welcoming you through the Veils as they part. The entire field of Avalon is rejoicing at your return Home. Waiting for you to Re-member who you are and the codes you carry.

Avalon and the entire landscape (including the Gods, Goddesses, Dragons, Faeries, and Elementals) of this Holy Isle is calling you Home. If you have been hearing the call from Avalon and have wanted to deepen into Western Mystery Traditions, I offer this Priestess Path to you.

Claiming yourself as a Priestess is part of your responsibility and why you incarnated at this specific time in our planet’s history and herstory. We are at a Great Turning moment and as we anchor in the Sacred Flame of Love through our thoughts, words, and actions, we are bringing forth a humanity that is rooted in your deep Communion with the Web of Life.

As a Priestess, you are here to unearth ancient wisdom through your embodied essence. To take initiative and responsibility to dream our world awake. To allow the Earth, Sun, and Moon to be your Guides. To become Whole. Sovereign.

This is a also a path that requires commitment and devotion of Self. It will ask you to release and shed wounds, aches, hurts, beliefs so that the Great Mystery can live in you more deeply, powerfully, and visibly. So that you can embody your potential.

Walking the Priestess Path is a deep commitment to Self. It is the portal for which all that you know to be true and desire will be birthed forth with ease and grace.

Through this ecstatic revelation of Spirit/ God / Goddess living as you, you have more of YOU at your disposal.

As you re-build the Grid of Humanity through your Path, you have more to offer into the field of Sacred Activism, which is a foundational aspect of the Priestess Path. That you focus on you so that you can then offer all of your gifts and love to the World. This increases both your sense of belonging in life and your tendency to act for all beings.

This is a training program. It is a mentorship.  It is a sister council. A pilgrimage. My greatest intention is that you know who you truly are.

When you initiate yourself and engage with your Priestess skills, your life transforms. A realness arrives. A depth in knowing that you are a significant aspect of the Whole. Sister, there is no more waiting. Your wombspace, heart, and mind know this.

Your time is now. 

And I would Love to take this Journey with you.

In Love, 




The Avalonian Lineage is at the heart of your Path.

We will focus on:

Grail and Rosicrucian Mysteries
Earth Wisdom
Shamanic medicine
Goddesses & Archetypes
Lunar and Solar Mysteries
Shadow work & Depth psychology
womb Awakening & Kundalini
Priestess Magic & Practices

Avalon is a Star Temple, A place where cosmic energies incarnate. 

It is a Place where the Masculine and Feminine commune in Sacred Union.

a place where Priestesses have been trained for thousands of years through the sheer accessibility of the Goddess.

Avalon is deeply connected and woven with Egyptian and Israeli Mysteries, snaking its magic all the way back to Lemuria and Sirius.

It is rich in layers of magic, revelation, mystery, and potency.

It is part of the Lineage of the codes of Light.
the heart chakra of the planet.

Her very name evokes an activation.
A Soul Awakening that can only be felt.
A knowing that she is part of you and you are part of her.


During the First Spiral of this Path, you will awaken potent energy centers or Gateways that lead you to your Holy Truths. 

In Celtic Mysticism, awakening your Wombspace, Heart,
and Mind as a potent Trinity becomes your foundation for
accessing the Mystical while living in this waking world.
These power centers connect you into the Web of Life,
specifically the Land, Sea, and Sky. 


When you activate your Womb, you honor yourself as a Vessel of the Feminine.

Your Womb anchors your animal self into your body.  She supports you Dreaming your World awake while at the same time, journeying you through the gateways of Creation. The Blood that you release every month—if you are still cycling—is full of your truth, wisdom, power.  Your Womb has been through a lot in your life and at times she has been dismissed, ignored or even violated. Through our Priestess teachings, you will form a deep reverential partnership with your Moon Cycle and your Womb as a Holy Chalice.  The spark of your sexuality and sensuality will be ignited so you can live your feminine blueprint.


When you activate your Heart, you live as a Lover and sacred activist in the world.

Perhaps your heart is aching right now. I mean, whose isn’t right now? It can be overwhelming to feel everything, and yet, it is one of the greatest gifts you hold.  Our world dismisses women who have big emotions or feel deeply as being too “sensitive.”  Through our Priestess teachings, you will remember that your heart is your sacred guide. She sings the songs of your Soul and helps to anchor in your specific frequency of Love.


When you activate your Mind, you claim yourself as a Visionary.

Your mind often gets a bad wrap.  After all, it is the place that can keep you stuck or believing old stories and untruths.  It holds memory of what has happened in the past and often informs your actions.  But the truth is, your mind is vast and full of possibility. Through our Priestess teachings, your mind or third eye will begin its awakening.  Your third eye is the Doorway to receive visions from the Heavens. Your mind must be activated in order to bring forth your destiny. Avalon and her entire team will open this Gateway so that you live your greatest Myth.


When you activate the Trinity of Wombspace, Heart and Mind, you claim yourself as a Priestess, a Revolutionary, a Sacred Activist.

A Priestess is a Woman who is deeply Devoted to Self.  With her on-going inner excavation and her deep and abiding Faith in the Great Mystery, she KNOWS with every cell in her body, that she is meant to take her power and offer it as service to the world.  Through our Priestess teachings, your flavor of Sacred Activism will reveal itself and become a guide for your Path.  It will literally begin to inhabit a space inside like never before.



An Educational, Experiential,
& Intimate Journey for 7 Women.

With a Council of Women by your side, you will be led by the Sun, Moon and the Celtic Wheel of the Year.

We begin anew at Imbolc 2019. Our Journey will be One Year (traditionally the length of Priestess trainings).

There is so much that will move through you. The Cauldron of Transformation will journey you, polishing every facet with great Guardianship and Love.


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Your journey will begin as we call in the 4 directions (East, South, West, North), and then Mother Earth (below), Father Sky (above), and the Center.

Inviting the Directions and the Elements to create an energetic container of support for your journey is a practice used by Native people all over the world.   Within this sacred space, you receive extraordinary assistance from Spirit or the Unseen Realms, who then work hand in hand with you, conspiring for your greatest Remembrance and Growth.

In our opening temple space, you will be led through a Shamanic Journey or Immran where you will meet an important Priestess of your Spirit Council to reclaim the spiritual essence of your Priestess Path.

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Private Counseling allows for a safe space for you to explore all that is within you. Within that space you can focus on getting honest with where you are and where you want to be, what is challenging you and how to move forward.  Because of the intimate container, you will be guided into deep places where you will have the opportunity to release outdated programming and past wounds that are affecting your present life.

Tools that will be used during our Sessions:

  • Flower Essences which are the “fast-track” to healing emotional traumas, severing limiting beliefs, and choosing to create new patterns and ways of being.  Each session, you will receive a customized Flower Essence Formula that will assist your healing journey.
  • Embodiment or Writing Practices to assist what you are journeying through in that specific month.  It is important to have a daily practice customized for what is present for you so that you are an active participant on your Priestess Path.
  • Shamanic Journey Work when necessary if a cord needs to be cut between you and another or there is information you need to receive from the Spirit realms.

Each month, you will receive:

  • Private, virtual session
  • Customized Flower Essence formula
  • Unlimited email/text support


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Every month we will journey online through teachings, themes, and magic that are threaded together through Gaia and her rhythms. These mystical teachings ground you into the Mundane, inviting you to take your place as a Priestess of Avalon.   You will receive knowledge of the currents moving through at that time as well as specific tools to support your unfoldment and reclamation of Self. You will receive emotional practices to enhance your empowerment and evolution as a Priestess and Feminine Leader.

Priestess work is never done alone.  It is done with other women, walking the path of devotion with you.  To be seen, heard, supported, celebrated by your sisters is one of the most healing experiences after a life of living separate from other women because of betrayals or comparisons. Sisterhood will enhance all of the inner work you are doing and the way you show up as an agent of change in our world.

Each sister call includes:

  • Theme for the month
  • Emotional practices
  • Live Q&A


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Ritual is one of the most important practices as a Priestess.  It grants you permission to BE and experience Communion with the Divine.  When you are in ceremony, you touch into the sacred power that informs and fuels all existence.  You begin to understand that in devotion you can move from the Waking World to the Dreaming World and that in truth, they are the same.  Ritual parts the veils so that you can dream your dreams into this moment.

Every phase of the Moon has medicine for you.  The astrology of that specific moon will also enhance and activate certain currents that you are feeling or experiencing.   When in partnership with these energies, you can harness this power and use it to bring even more healing, understanding, and empowerment into your life.

Each month, you will receive:

  • New Moon ritual video recording
  • Full moon ritual video recording


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In Sisterhood, you will gather virtually for 8 Holy Days.  The Celtic Wheel of the Year follows the Rhythms of Mother Earth.  And as a Priestess, you mirror those as well.  These are Solar Gates that awaken specific codes that have been shut off or dormant.  During these special days, you will gather LIVE for Transmissions and Ceremony.

When you celebrate the Holy Days, you deepen your partnership with Gaia.  You understand that you are part of the Web of Life and as such, share in profound ways. These celebrations begin to put context to what you feel, see, and experience in the world around you and of course, within.

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At the end of our year Journey, you can decide if you wish to be Initiated into this Lineage as an Avalon Priestess.  Details will be offered then.


Avalon Priestess path includes:
One-on-One Mentorship with Ameya every month
– Priestess Teachings every month with specific Themes and Goddesses
– Sister Calls
– New and Full Moon Rituals that potentize the steps on your Priestess Path
– Flower or Elemental Essences to work with as a Priestess Sisterhood each month
– 8 Holy Day Virtual Gatherings to honor the Solar Mysteries
– 2 In-person Gatherings (Dates will be provided upon registration)

We begin anew at Inbolc in 2019 for one whole year.
There are 7 spots available.

TUITION Is $9800 for the Year.
Payment Plans are Available.
Because of the intimate nature of our group,
you can customize a plan to meet your needs.

Applications will re-open in early 2019.

Because of the intimate nature of this Priestess Path, we ask for you to fill out an Application.  Once received, Ameya will reach out to set up a time to connect by phone.  Blessings to you on this epic Return.


Joanne Ameya is the Founder of the Woman Rising School for Sacred Feminine Mysteries.  Women of all ages and cultures are called to be part of this Global Sisterhood where they are guided by the Earth, Sun, and Moon wisdom into their Truth and Remembrance.

Ameya loves supporting/reskilling women as they reclaim and activate their Priestess Path.  There is something incredibly beautiful, raw and awe-inspiring to witness a woman step into her Wisdom and Power, anchored by the great unseen forces.

Ameya has been generously guided on her personal healing and spiritual path for the past 20 years by Gaia as well as Master teachers, who carry sacred lineage teachings. She offers huge bows to her Shamanic and Earth Wisdom Teachers, Damini Celebre and Eliot Cowan as well as her Flower Essence teacher David Dalton, who all lovingly opened new channels and gateways.  Initiated as a Priestess of Avalon by Rhiannon Seraphine Morgana of Awakening Avalon, Ameya is in devotion to the Flame of Love and being a vessel of the Divine.  Awakening Avalon has been a huge catalyst for Ameya on her Priestess Path, reawakening and clarifying her purpose and Truth and she is forever grateful.