After working with Joanne during her 4-month immersion program, I feel completely transformed. Before the program I was in a rut — indecisive, not feeling much joy or playfulness, and experiencing an erosion of my professional confidence. Since our work, I’m actively involved in my own start-up business, I’m collaborating with colleagues in ways I didn’t think possible, and I’m going to become a mother for the second time. Joanne has a gift for empowering me to be my best. She lovingly asks me to move towards greater clarity, confidence, happiness and abundance. And with her “seeing” me, I can do this. Plus, her custom flower essence and herbal formulas are incredible!”


Tabby Biddle

Tabby Biddle

Joanne is a golden light to me and so many women. Her warm heart, generous smile, and loving soul are a gift right there. Then add to that, her passionate commitment to women’s empowerment and well-being. Joanne has a wisdom that passes back through the ages. She is such a light soul bringing forth the wisdom and ways of the Feminine from ancient times. You’ve got a woman who is a full-on way-shower for the Feminine. Joanne has such a sincere and loving presence that any woman who works with her will be greatly benefited not only from Joanne’s immense knowledge and wisdom, but from her very presence. I fully support Joanne’s work in the world and highly recommend working with her!


Christina Dunbar

Christina Dunbar

Joanne is a totally tuned-n healer.
Tuned into nature.
Tuned into soul.
Tuned into woman.
Tuned into wisdom.
She is an offering of love to a parched heart and her spirit will nourish yours deeply. There is an ancient knowing inside her. And a magic that will bring you home.


Sally Miller

Sally Miller

I can honestly say that my life wouldn’t be the same without Joanne!  She has been a powerful force of transformation in my life on so many levels.

I began working with Joanne because of hormonal health issues, and saw a huge shift in my cycles within just a couple months.  She has helped me to break through limiting beliefs, shift negative relationships in my life, and step into being a more authentic and honest human being. Joanne continues to amaze me with her insight and encouragement. She listens well, and then offers just the right blend of scientific information and physical, mental and emotional support for me.

I am deeply grateful for Joanne’s comprehensive coaching around being a Healthy Feminine Leader.



Courtney Hart

My experience with Joanne has been nothing short of life changing. When I came to her some months back my life was dictated by my menstrual cycle. I had PMS that began the moment I ovulated and continued on after my period ended. I struggled with debilitating emotional symptoms as well as physical symptoms. I felt very helpless and discouraged. Crippled by anxiety and hopelessness.

When Joanne entered the picture I had no idea how drastically my life would change…..and how quickly! After one session with her I began taking an herbal formula she created for me as well as a customized flower essence formula. Within that month I can confidently say the results were nothing short of dramatic. My pre-menstrual symptoms were decreased by easily 70%. My cycles have now decreased from 35-37 days to 29 or 30, my PMS symptoms are minimal and only affect me the few days leading up to menstruation.

Joanne’s wisdom and intimate knowledge of herbs, flowers and their interactions with a woman’s body is highly exceptional. She is also simply a blessing to know. Highly intuitive, warm, and peaceful ….. Joanne encompasses qualities that allow people to feel immediately at ease. She is encouraging, inspiring and always thoughtful in her approach. I am forever grateful for her. She truly has made a huge impact on my life.



Rachel Rofé

I’ve worked with many practitioners, but few of them make me feel as seen and cared for as Joanne does. And not just that… but I have actually gotten RESULTS with her.

In our time together, I’ve had 3 monthly cycles in a row (when I was having 3 periods a YEAR before). I was able to go from a “10″ stress level to a “1″. I’ve gained energy back, don’t wake up feeling exhausted any more, and I’ve been able to release a lot of pent-up trauma in my system. Her masterful combination of intuition, modern science, flower essences, plus using the wisdom of a woman’s body is just perfect.

I don’t give my recommendation lightly, but I would definitely give one to Joanne. She’s amazing.



Jennifer Allison

When I found myself wanting to hold more space for the Divine Feminine to show up in my business, I called Joanne. I was out of balance. I knew that she was the perfect person my soul needed to connect with, and the experience I had with her was unbelievable.  Joanne intuitively knew my deepest heart-felt desires, and she was able to lovingly support me to take a look at the woman I was choosing NOT to be, and coaxed her out of her shell. I felt so held in this process.

I discovered new parts of myself that were hidden and buried for so long. I began to see my self-worth and realize that I had more value to offer others, and I was given the permission I needed to hear to step into my power.

The ripples that were created from our work together magnified into every area of my life. After our three months working together, I had clarity, more love for myself, and I was finally able to create my programs I wanted to offer others. I was honored as myself, initiated into my inner fire, and I went on to attract ideal clients and create more abundance in my business. I am getting ready to call on her wisdom and guidance again, so I can go draw out more of my essence and be the Medicine Woman I was meant to be, to bring healing and transformation to others that change their lives.

Working with her is a must for any woman who wants to be truly seen, receive divine wisdom, and open up to greater possibilities in her life and business.



Anita Avalos



Melissa Kathryn Farley melissakathrynmakeover

Working with Joanne was an amazing experience. Her innate abilities coupled with her method of work allows her to create a safe and eye opening experience. I felt free to share and reveal myself, unblocked from personal and professional constraints.

I began working with Joanne to aid with a health related issue and our work became so much more as we know it always does. Joanne is truly gifted, she saw what was happening for me in my life and extracted what was needed for me to get the results I desired.

I have struggled with hormonal imbalance of postpartum depression/anxiety since my first daughter was born in 2010. And in the beginning of 2013, I gave birth to my third daughter. By this summer, I was at lowest of lows and I was a mess. I barely got out of bed in the morning, let alone take a shower and get anything accomplished. I had nowhere to turn so I literally took a shot in the dark and contacted Joanne through Facebook.

It was by far the best decision I have ever made. It brings me to tears right now just thinking about that vulnerable step. I had no idea how it would work because I live in Michigan and she lives in California. It doesn’t feel like we are thousands of miles away, I feel Joanne sitting next to me, holding my hand and being my shoulder to cry on.

Let me tell you, I am already a different person and we are still working together. When I wake up in the morning, I don’t struggle to get out of bed. I remind myself that I am an amazing mother, I am able to enjoy my children, and no more sweating the small stuff. I have started to reconnect intimately with my husband which was missing for awhile.

Joanne has taught me ways to cope with the stresses and anxiety of everyday life. By taking flower essences and using these tools, I am well on my way to being the amazing mother that I long to be and that my children deserve. I have even gone as far as starting my own business in the short time (2.5 months) that Joanne and I have been working together. For once in my life I have done something for ME, and it feels SOOOOO good!

I wouldn’t hesitate a thousand times over to reach out to Joanne for help and I cannot wait to see where this journey with her will take me!!!


Hilary Branoff

Hillary Branoff

If you’re considering working with Joanne in any capacity be prepared to work through deep, core limiting beliefs. She does not mess around with general symptoms whether it be physical, emotional, financial or otherwise.

I have Joanne to thank for reaching my core issues around anxiety and fear. I am now much more balanced and at peace. I can now go through my day without being stunted by overwhelming feelings and panic..

Not only is Joanne an extraordinary human being but she is also an extraordinary healer/guide/coach. Her passion and authenticity is what sets her apart. Joanne truly loves what she does and this, combined with her vast knowledge, creates a life-changing experience. I will continue to work with Joanne because I know that her bottom line matches mine, which is to continue to transform ourselves so that we may be of service to others!