New Moon: Expand into your Greatness

The New Moon in Aries invites us to move forward.  To learn from the intensity of life, to have gratitude, and then with the fiery flames of Aries, to walk forward.

Give up all the other worlds
except the one to which you belong.
Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet
confinement of your aloneness
to learn
anything or anyone
that does not bring you alive
is too small for you.
– David Whyte

Have you ever thought about this before?
That in the darkness and aloneness, much is made clear?
That if something or someone does not make you come alive, they are actually keeping you from your greatness?
That it is time to let go of false illusions or societal conditionings and just be yourself?

I invite you to pause for a moment in the dark of the Moon and feel into this.
Think about your life and those who surround you.  How do you feel in their presence?
Think about where you really belong and what that feels like.

The truth is, it’s a relief to be YOURSELF.
And yet, do you find yourself holding back?


Blood Moon Eclipse Ritual

Today is the Full Moon in Libra with a Lunar Eclipse. By the time you are reading this blog, this has already occurred (5:01 AM PST). And now we get to feel the effects.

The Earth’s shadow will paint the Full Moon reddish-brown for a brief moment, giving it the name “Blood Moon”.

Eclipses generally shake things up and when they happen to the Moon, they will shake up your inner realms. They throw a spotlight on your subconscious to bring to the surface that which needs to be released so that you can feel more deeply, heal, and repair.

The Moon in Libra asks you walk your path, to bring balance into your life in a whole way. So, as the Eclipse shakes things up internally, Libra will entice you to create equilibrium. Your needs and desires will be brought to the surface and you are then given the opportunity to reflect on whether you are receiving what it is that you desire… on every level, in every part of your life.

Some things will stay. Some things will give away. All for the greater purpose of finding inner peace and love.

Amazing to take a moment and feel how the Moon lives through you. That her phases, transits, and signs are felt in every fiber of your being, especially when you are present and awake to her.

Full MOON Ritual:

1.  This evening, after the Moon rise, go outside and stand under the Moon.  In this ritual, you will be partaking in the Ancient Tradition of Moon Bathing.

A Moon Bath is often an overlooked and powerful way to reconnect with your Feminine Power.   This is similar to sunbathing. With sunbathing, you receive the positive effects of the sun (I will acknowledge that there are also negative aspects of too much sun!).

With moon bathing, there are only positive effects. The Moon has a natural affinity to the Feminine. Absorb her energy. The Moon will bestow intuitive qualities, open your psychic channels, and bring balance and harmony. The Moon honors the Goddess in us all. Just as you would sit under the sun to sunbathe, you will sit under the Moon to absorb her energy and allow her to magnify your feminine nature.

Let her light in. Receive. Feel her effects. You can do this during any phase of the Moon cycle. Of course during the Full Moon, you will feel her light bathing you. Drink in her medicine. You may do this alone or with friends.


New Moon and Spring Equinox Manifestation Practice

Tomorrow, March 20th (Friday), there is a New Moon in Pisces, a Solar Eclipse, and it is Spring Equinox.

The New Moon ask us to turn within and sojourn into the Mystical Darker realms.  It is the time that we dreams our dreams.  We vision and tune into the medicine of our hearts.  This New Moon in Pisces will invite us to really FEEL.  In this sensitive place, we become aware of parts of our lives that NEED to shift and plant the seeds of what we desire to call forward.

Of course, the Spring Equinox invites out freshness, newness.  It seeks out birth and beauty.

Add to that a Solar Eclipse, which enhances all of these cosmological happenings.

This then becomes a time to get clear on what it is that you want, what you are ready to let go of, and to align your life with both the Moon and Spring to ultimately Manifest your heart’s longings.

Now, I know you probably have things you wish to manifest.  Money, greater health, a partner, clarity, soulful career, adventure.

Every woman generally envisions more for herself.  And yet, sometimes, we find ourselves stuck, miles away from what they want, or not sure how to move forward.

In today’s episode of Woman Rising TV, I am sharing a Manifestation Practice that I always use and Flower Essences to support this process.  I used to sit at my altar, journal, create intentions, declare my desires, use crystals, etc to move towards my desires.  And the results would be minimal or S-L-O-W.  When I started incorporating Flower Essences into my manifestation practice, this process ACTIVATED.  You do not want to miss this.
(This is a longer video than normal, but worth it!)

I truly wish to help you release what is blocking you from fully receiving and to create strong Affirmations of that which you are WOMANIFESTING.


Invitation to the Medicine Woman Gathering

You are invited to a virtual Medicine Woman Gathering on Thursday, March 12th at 12 pm PST/ 3 pm EST/ 8 pm GMT

I know this is somewhat last minute but who doesn’t love circling with other women while we delve into healing our emotions?!?

I also know there is a lot of intrigue, curiosity, and questions about the Flower Essence Practitioner Certification program and walking this path of Medicine Woman so I decided that we needed a virtual gathering.

Yes, this is a virtual event.  And yes, it will also be quite intimate.

So, as you read this, go to your calendar and mark off Thursday, March 12th at 12 pm PST / 3 pm EST / 8 pm GMT

I imagine it to be as if we are all sitting on a beautiful hand quilted blanket in a field of wildflowers.  The sun sitting behind clouds making it the most perfect afternoon to hang as women clearly devoted to our own personal growth and also supporting that in others.

On this blanket, we will share about what is feeling tender in our hearts.  We will share our passions of serving others.  We will share our desires within Motherhood and Womanhood.  We will revel in the commonalities amongst us all.  And we will honor Nature and her powerful medicines.

Sounds lovely, yes?


What is a Priestess of the Moon?

WOW! Today’s Full Moon in Leo is a powerful one.  Maybe you are feeling too.  Your expansion.  The truth of who you are.  Today is a potent day to LIVE and embody your heart’s desires.

About 10 days ago, I announced a new 8 Week Online Mystery School and Initiation Training called Priestesses of the Moon.   This program is fully aligned with my vision for Women to live in sacred celebration of their Feminine gifts and embodied wisdom.

So, what IS a Priestess of the Moon?!?  Maybe the title of this upcoming program feels confusing to you or doesn’t quite resonate with you and your life.   I thought I would take the opportunity to share with you my definition and why this name embodies what you will receive and experience in the 8 weeks and beyond.  And perhaps this will provide a deeper understanding to inform you more about this training.

Being a Priestess of the Moon is a journey.  Some of us have been walking this path for years and want to go deeper.  Some of us are just beginning.  Sometimes the call for this path is loud and clear and sometimes we find ourselves putting one foot in front of another, called by unexplainable forces and the power of the mystery.

I invite you to read this description and tune in to those parts of you that are seeking answers and want to be tended and cultivated.

We are bombarded everyday by new courses, messages, and products and it can be easy to bypass emails and even our own inner knowings so that we can get to the next to-do task on our list to be completed.

So, before you dive into reading the rest of this, I ask you to get present by taking a couple deep breaths.  If you feel called, place your hands on your heart and/or wombspace.

Dropping in to your heart is the best way to hear your truth.

A Priestess of the Moon is a Woman who:

  • Desires to pull herself out of suffering (fears, past pains, judgements) by revealing and then healing her shadows.  This leads to internal freedom and a bounty of epic life experiences.
  • Connects to the Moon and her rhythms and knows that this partnership willheal her own Moon Cycle and symptoms (healing of PMS, endometriosis, fibroids, low libido, painful cycles).

How to Live in Alignment with the Moon

There is a massive revolution happening.  Women are choosing to remember and reclaim the wisdom of their bodies.  Why?  Because there have been too many emotional and physical challenges stemming from a deep disconnect.  Women are wanting more and better.
And because of the Nature of the Feminine to look within when making changes, we are realizing the deep power of the Moon in our transformation.The Moon is the ultimate symbol of the Divine Feminine, whose wisdom, light and teachings are reemerging now through our own consciousness after a long dark slumber.She reflects to us our own inner rhythms and light/dark.  This then can become the avenue for understanding ourselves from a whole new and empowering perspective.  She asks us to reconnect with our own Cycles of the Moon within…. The tides that throughout the month influence our energy, creativity, sexuality, intuition, connections, ability to conceive a baby, and bleed.

Why is it so important to live in alignment with your Moon Cycle?

This is such an important question.

If you feel fatigued, irritated, overwhelmed, and/or struggling with chronic or acute feminine health issues, this is a red flag from your body letting you know that there is an imbalance.  These everyday “normal” symptoms are generally a sign that you have pushed past your body’s natural resources.

Rather than seeing it as an act of defiance or annoyance, perhaps it might be helpful to reframe this as your call back to the Feminine.