New Moon in Scorpio Rituals

It feels like it has been awhile since we last connected.  And yet, you have so been on my mind and in my heart.

Life for me at 6 1/2 months pregnant has been full.  I guess that is the energy of pregnancy… full, round, luscious, and in a constant state of Creation.  I feel so grateful for this moment in my life and all that I am learning.

AND….. I have literally just returned from 3+ weeks on Maui.  Our second Annual Wild Sacred Women Retreat was off-the-charts truly phenomenal.  The healing of all of our hearts was pure magic and I realized from these 7 days that my deepest prayer is that every woman gets to experience something similar to what we each individually and collectively shared, remembered, and reclaimed.

In Sisterhood, we healed much of our own Feminine wounding.  In Sisterhood, we cried tears of our past trauma.  In Sisterhood, we rejoiced at our own beauty.  In Sisterhood we reclaimed our truth – that we are pure love and all that is Divine.  

Sisterhood gave each of us the reflection that we are worthy, we are beautiful we are Divine, we are capable, we are whole.


Flower Essences for New Moon in Leo

Tomorrow, the New Moon is in Leo.  And that means that the Lioness that lives within will need some support to be expressed.

What does that mean anyway?

Well, we all have this inner Wild part of ourselves.  She shows up differently for each of us, but don’t be fooled, she is quite alive in ALL of US.  She can help us to live more courageously, more truthfully, more outwardly, more expressively, more ferociously, more lovingly, more ….

And yet, for many of us, we might need some support inviting this out in our lives, for a variety of reasons.

Check out the latest episode of Woman Rising TV.  I am sharing some favorite Flower Essences for that will support your inner Leo Moon you as plant seeds for this next month.


Blue Moon Ritual +FLASH SALE

On Friday at 3:43 AM PST, we will be blessed with a Full Moon In Aquarius.  This Moon is significant for many reasons.  It is called a Blue Moon because it is the second Moon in a calendar month, which is rare.  You know the saying, “Once in a blue moon”?  

It is also Guru Purnima.  A celebration that happens in India, where the Guru, the teacher is celebrated and revered at this Full Moon. Remember that a guru is one who removes the darkness of our ignorance, who helps us to reclaim the illumination of our greatest Truth. 

So, what do we do when something is rare? When something carries a spiritual vibration? We create ritual and celebrate.  After all, as lovers of the Moon, we are gifted with two Full Moons this month. And the next Blue Moon will not take place until January 31, 2018.

On Friday, we celebrate our teachers, we celebrate our breakthroughs, we celebrate new beginnings, we celebrate the way we have been shining our light in the world.

And anytime we have great internal shifts as this Blue Moon will bring, we also come up against our unease, fear, and worry.  Although we walk everyday towards our desires, sometimes when we start to receive them, they bring forward so much transformation that it can be unsettling.
~ Perhaps you notice that your relationship is changing and that is bringing up fear of instability
~ Perhaps your focus in your business is shifting and worries about money are arising
~ Perhaps you are changing your diet and you have self-doubt about maintaining your health

Whatever it is for you, it is important to feel these fears and acknowledge them.



Full Moon in Capricorn Ritual

Tomorrow (Wednesday, July 1st) at 7:19 pm PST, we are met with the beauty of a Capricorn Full Moon, in the first of two Full Moons in July.  In honor of this powerful Full Moon, we will be gathering virtually tomorrow evening, July 1st at 5 pm PST/ 7 pm CST/ 8pm EST/ 1 am GMT.

As an Earth sign, Capricorn invites us to dive into our desires, from a grounded place.   Capricorn asks us to follow our hearts through confidence and practicality.  So, this Moon we are invited to step into the fullness of who we are, rooted in the practicality of everyday life and structure.  It is almost as if we are straddling the realms of heaven and Earth.

In addition, astrologer Chani Nicholas says that because Venus and Jupiter are conjunct with one another:
“….The dynamic duo are working to bring opportunity, connectivity and some love, appreciation and possibly even some luck to the part of your chart that contains Leo. Because this is happening on the same day as the full moon it carries an extra potent impact. Full moon intensify whatever is happening. Use this day to celebrate what brings you joy. We are abundant because of what we consciously connect to from one moment to the next. We are wealthy when we give precedence to what we treasure the most and share of it freely.”

Full Moon in Capricorn Ritual
As women who have the Moon living IN us, how can we embody that which is already happening?


New Moon in Gemini + Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Practice

Blessings on this New Moon!

The New Moon in Gemini asks us to focus on the ways in which we communicate and think and then from there, set intentions for creating change in ourselves and our relationships.

Gemini Moon offers us a mirror of our wounds and then invites us to move forward, through the way in which we speak our truth.

For so many of us, we have been hurt or we have hurt others.  Maybe you have been reactionary and mean.  Maybe you have pitied yourself and taken the role of the victim.  Maybe you have forgotten that your thoughts actually become visible as energy that others can perceive.  Any of this can fester within unless we have practices to process and release.  And this Gemini Moon can harness the energy even stronger so that we can shift out of old, limiting patterns that keep us in negative thinking and speaking.

On today’s episode of WomanRising TV, I offer you the Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Practice to heal any hurts you have caused or to heal any pains you have endured.

Forgiveness and “coming clean” or making right are foundational for creating new ways of speaking, communicating, and thinking.

Forgiveness DOES NOT condone abusive behavior.  It can be a catalyst to move any trauma or imprints from your system so that you are walking the path of your greatest healing.


New Moon in Aries + Feminine Practice for Finding Clarity

Today, the Moon moved into Aries at 4:14 AM PST.  With this energy, we are invited to initiate action, to listen to our inner wise woman, to stand in our leadership, and ignite the fires that burn within.  We are propelled towards our desires with the Warrioress energies we all contain.

Because of this energy being such a powerful time to tune into our desires and take action… and because I have been feeling so many of you being pulled to join our Wild Sacred Women Retreat, I decided now is a good time to speak to you about the essential act of following that which your heart is longing for.

So much of my work is supporting women to let go of their conditionings, wounds, and limiting beliefs so that they can reclaim their Wild Feminine Hearts.  This is not an overnight experience.  Rather, this is a journey that is courageously and lovingly walked each day.  And there are days when you might feel your radiance and magnificence, knowing that every desire is coming to you.  And other days, you are knee deep in imprints that consume you with “not enoughs”, insecurities, and doubt about this entire thing called Freedom.

I have been hearing from many women that they are yearning to join us in October, AND they have also shared that there is some lack surfacing.  Lack about resources – money, support, time away from home or work.  Every woman has different circumstances.  Some women are worried about leaving their children for a week and finding childcare, some women are not sure how to gather the funds, some women feel fear in asking for vacation time from work.  There is a story for all of us that keeps us separate from what our heart is nudging us to do.  It is ingrained.  It tells us to be “responsible”, not to be “indulgent”, and dismisses the whispers of our Soul. 

And I know that if these feelings are present for a few women, then they are definitely present for many of you.  And with the Early Registration ending July 17th, it feels like this is a potent time to connect about it all.

Doubt, fear, lack, or comparisons are common for many of us. It is the way that our minds work to keep us feeling somewhat safe.  And yet, they actually torment us and keep us from living the truth of who we are.