Winter Solstice Ritual {and Video Practice}

Today, in the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate Winter Solstice.  This is a time of turning inward, into the darkness, the Great Mystery and all that is unknown.  In a way, it seems a very symbolic time of the Feminine.  A time when we access our intuition, tune into what we desire to receive (in all forms)… an experience of listening to our inner wise woman.

Because it is so close to the end of the year, you may find yourself reflecting on this past year and what you would like to Womanifest in 2016.  You might find that you are seeking more quiet, more meditative space, more ways to bring forth any tenderness that is in your heart. Whatever is present for you is absolutely where you can put your energy.

It is always important on the path of self-discovery to create space for the inward journey.  After all, this is our work as Empowered Women Remembering the Ways of the Feminine™.  To delve into our shadows so that we may then shine our light.  This is quite the gift we are given today.

And for our sisters in the Southern Hemisphere, you are moving into the joy of Summer and the invitation to now broadcast your light out into the world with pleasure and connectivity.  You have had the dark months of winter to percolate, to shed skin, and to heal any ruptures. So, enjoy the unleashing of your LIGHT.


New Moon Freedoms

It’s been quite a few intense weeks, wouldn’t you say?

Between celebrating the holidays in the West and hearing of the atrocities happening around the world, it may be that you are feeling a bit more tender or checked out or merely heartbroken.

I know for myself that when I hear of the terrorism and the devastation, the violence and the heartache, my heart either cries out in pain or begins to close the armor around it to protect it from actually feeling the immense sorrow of our brothers and sisters on this planet.

Since tomorrow is the New Moon in Sagittarius, we can use her medicine to support us during these intense times.

Sagittarius New Moon invites us to explore ourselves because when she is present, there can often be a restlessness that we feel.  So, she asks us first to root into Mother Earth for stability and then to journey into our joy, our ruptures, our freedom, our desires.  She is constantly inviting us to learn and move so that we never feel trapped or confined.

Her biggest lesson for us is freedom.  Freedom that can be obtained within ourselves, our relationships, our bodies, and our spiritual journeys.  And this is so potent at this time because so many of our sisters around the world do not have this external privilege.  They are literally being suppressed in ways that we can not fathom so their freedoms are not even present.


Strengthen Your Communication with the Full Moon in Gemini

The Full Moon in Gemini asks us to COMMUNICATE.

This is a topic near and dear to my heart as I have worked with hundreds of women over the past 14 years who struggle with communicating from their deepest needs and desires because of insecurities and fears, all stemming from a hurt or pain from the past.

On today’s episode of Woman Rising TV, I am sharing some tips for you to not only speak your truth and communicate clearly, but also some Flower Essences that will support this process.


New Moon in Scorpio Rituals

It feels like it has been awhile since we last connected.  And yet, you have so been on my mind and in my heart.

Life for me at 6 1/2 months pregnant has been full.  I guess that is the energy of pregnancy… full, round, luscious, and in a constant state of Creation.  I feel so grateful for this moment in my life and all that I am learning.

AND….. I have literally just returned from 3+ weeks on Maui.  Our second Annual Wild Sacred Women Retreat was off-the-charts truly phenomenal.  The healing of all of our hearts was pure magic and I realized from these 7 days that my deepest prayer is that every woman gets to experience something similar to what we each individually and collectively shared, remembered, and reclaimed.

In Sisterhood, we healed much of our own Feminine wounding.  In Sisterhood, we cried tears of our past trauma.  In Sisterhood, we rejoiced at our own beauty.  In Sisterhood we reclaimed our truth – that we are pure love and all that is Divine.  

Sisterhood gave each of us the reflection that we are worthy, we are beautiful we are Divine, we are capable, we are whole.


Flower Essences for New Moon in Leo

Tomorrow, the New Moon is in Leo.  And that means that the Lioness that lives within will need some support to be expressed.

What does that mean anyway?

Well, we all have this inner Wild part of ourselves.  She shows up differently for each of us, but don’t be fooled, she is quite alive in ALL of US.  She can help us to live more courageously, more truthfully, more outwardly, more expressively, more ferociously, more lovingly, more ….

And yet, for many of us, we might need some support inviting this out in our lives, for a variety of reasons.

Check out the latest episode of Woman Rising TV.  I am sharing some favorite Flower Essences for that will support your inner Leo Moon you as plant seeds for this next month.


Blue Moon Ritual +FLASH SALE

On Friday at 3:43 AM PST, we will be blessed with a Full Moon In Aquarius.  This Moon is significant for many reasons.  It is called a Blue Moon because it is the second Moon in a calendar month, which is rare.  You know the saying, “Once in a blue moon”?  

It is also Guru Purnima.  A celebration that happens in India, where the Guru, the teacher is celebrated and revered at this Full Moon. Remember that a guru is one who removes the darkness of our ignorance, who helps us to reclaim the illumination of our greatest Truth. 

So, what do we do when something is rare? When something carries a spiritual vibration? We create ritual and celebrate.  After all, as lovers of the Moon, we are gifted with two Full Moons this month. And the next Blue Moon will not take place until January 31, 2018.

On Friday, we celebrate our teachers, we celebrate our breakthroughs, we celebrate new beginnings, we celebrate the way we have been shining our light in the world.

And anytime we have great internal shifts as this Blue Moon will bring, we also come up against our unease, fear, and worry.  Although we walk everyday towards our desires, sometimes when we start to receive them, they bring forward so much transformation that it can be unsettling.
~ Perhaps you notice that your relationship is changing and that is bringing up fear of instability
~ Perhaps your focus in your business is shifting and worries about money are arising
~ Perhaps you are changing your diet and you have self-doubt about maintaining your health

Whatever it is for you, it is important to feel these fears and acknowledge them.