Illuminate and Live FULLY with the Full Moon in Gemini

Tomorrow, Tuesday, December 13th is the Full Moon in Gemini at 4:05 pm PST. I am a Gemini so for me this feels like coming home. For you, it may feel a bit full and busy or maybe even a bit chaotic but there are powerful lessons here for you.

As always, this Lunar Energy will be inviting us into a deeper space of our own reflection and illumination.

Here are two main themes for this Moon:

1.  Gemini is all about the mind and communication as it is an Air sign so this Moon is going to ILLUMINATE where you are living from limiting beliefs, false perceptions of truth, illusion. And all of this is for your highest growth so that you can live in freedom and in the full glory of who you are. This then becomes a practice for our own self-communication.  Where can you remind yourself that you Love? What conversations need to be had with others? What needs to be repaired?

2.  This Full Moon is bringing in the season of the Winter Solstice, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. So we are now in the time where you are mentally accessing this past year and choosing what it is that you wish to release and what it is that you wish to embrace for 2017.

So what tools can you use to support yourself?

And even more than that, move forward over the remaining next few weeks with Ease and Joy?


Are You In-Touch with Your Personal Underworld? New Moon in Sagittarius

Tomorrow, November 29th at 4:18 AM PST is the New Moon in Sagittarius.

There has been so much present for many of us over the last month in the United States, between our presidential election and what is happening with the Sioux Nation and the oil pipeline in North Dakota.  And that is only in the US.  There is war, devastation and violence happening all across the world.

There is an intensity, a rising up of energies.  We are feeling the collective shadows of fear, greed, racism, control, and lack of integrity.  We are faced with images and stories every day that run counter to what is alive in our hearts as empowered women.

What is being played out around us is very similar to the underworld of Greek mythology.  The underworld that is written about in many stories and myths.  The place where misery resides, where hope has been forgotten, where Souls become stuck and haunted, where joy has been squashed, where fear REIGNS. It is the place where light and love are not welcome.

And because we are empathic women, we FEEL all of this.  If you are on a path of personal growth, you are also being invited to journey into your own personal underworld.  The place where you hold your shadows.  The place that can be murky, messy, downright painful and oftentimes achy.

This New Moon in Sagittarius will help you as you navigate your own inner terrain and clarify for you where you are being out of alignment and how to move you towards the resonance of your heart.


Shadow Ritual in Honor of the Full Moon in Aries

The Full MOON on Saturday is in Aries. Aries is a Fire Sign of the Initiator and for sure, there is a lot being Activated within each of us and as a collective.

There’s so much that I have been wanting to share through my writing with you and our community of women RISING (tools, practices, insights) and yet, with a full-on-active, engaged-with-life 7 1/2 month old and showing up to be the kind of Mother I have always envisioned, I have very little quiet time to go as deep as I desire in my writing.

I want to speak OUT.

  • To say that I am OUTRAGED with what is happening at Standing Rock and the pursuit of money over people and the preservation of Mother Earth.
  • To say that I am disgusted with the blatant misuse of power happening all over the world and that most often affects minorities, those undereducated, and those with less resources.
  • To say that I have checked myself out of much of the political game happening right now as the two people we are choosing between are truly not my choice.
  • To say that my WARRIOR and LOVER are feeling the ache of my heart knowing that our culture still condones violence against women… and that women are still being violating as an epidemic.
  • To say that I can not believe the state of Mother Earth is not at the forefront of lawmakers’ lists.
  • To say that I am DONE blaming the patriarchy as all this does is creates more separation and misunderstanding.

All these words are swirling in my being. Waiting for the time and space to come forward in a way that feels congruent with my heart and Soul.

For now, I nestle into my rage. My ache. My disillusion.


How to Communicate with Nature

We all have the capacity to communicate with Nature.  It is just that we haven’t been taught to understand the language of Nature AND Trust the process of this type of communication.  For most of us, when we engage in more mystical arts, we second guess ourselves and question if what we are hearing, sensing or feeling is actually true and/or valid.

At this time on the planet, with so much fear and devastation happening to people and the Earth, it is incredibly important to reconnect with Nature…. to return to her seasons, her elements, her plant medicines.  Mother Earth has so much to teach us about simplicity, presence, compassion, interconnectedness, nourishment, healing and love.

Communicating with a plant or a tree can bring deep insight and gifts that can alter the present state of your life.  When you relate with and to Nature, you are offered tremendous gifts – gifts that might heal your “wounded” story, remind you of your beauty and wisdom, nudge you towards your desires, or heal physical health issues.

You just need to put your mind on pause and have faith that what you are experiencing is real.

In this episode of Woman Rising TV, I share simple steps to Attune yourself to the energy of a plant or tree and trust that you are relating with the unseen.


Lunar Eclipse in Pisces Rituals and Flower Essences

Powerful times we are in.

A Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces.

This is an invitation to dive even more deeply into your pains and wounds that have manifested inside your mind and body since childhood.  This means that you will be given the opportunity to FEEL the depths of your shadows and heartaches.  This can be tricky for women because we have learned many different ways to “check out” and move away from our uncomfortable feelings.

We drink. Do drugs. Food Binge. Watch movies. Shop. Give away our bodies and our power.

Has this been your experience at times too?

We literally have learned to leave our bodies.  To do anything but feel pain or discomfort.

In fact, when we feel pain, we get angrier.  We get agitated.  We get overwhelmed.  I call these the modern woman’s emotional trifecta.

We feel all this agitation within because we are avoiding what is ready to be revealed.

So, I offer these Flower Essences to be used to help you navigate this Full Moon Eclipse Portal.  To help you stay connected to your feelings while creating a container of safety within.


Riding the Waves of the Mystic

Today is the FULL MOON in AQUARIUS.

According to one of my teachers, this is a MUST-SEE MOON in the sky.  So, before you read further, remind yourself to go out tomorrow night (or tonight) and revel in the brightness and beauty of this Full Moon.

This Full Moon in Pisces is illuminating some HUGE questions for you.

“How do I live into my individual potential while also offering gifts to the healing of the Earth and Humanity?”

“How do I live the Mystic path while still living in the day to day world?”

Pretty big right?  And so important as the world is in major flux right now and we are being shown that in order for shifts to occur, we must release old paradigm ways of thinking and living (I am alone, my work doesn’t matter, I’m only out for my own success, money is proof of my worth, etc).  What is present right now is living in a way that offers beauty, love, and service back in the world.  Merging our desires with social justice, environmental conservation, human rights (lets end sex trafficking!!!!), and peace.