Sagittarius Full Moon Ritual

As we settle in deeper to the rhythms of Summer (I know many people think of Summer Solstice as the beginning of Summer but for me, following the Celtic Wheel of the Year, we are already in Summer as it starts in May at Beltane).

This Full Moon in Sagittarius takes place at 6:10 AM PST on June 9th and is also called the Strawberry Moon, the Rose Moon, or the Hot Moon.

Sagittarius is a Fire Sign that helps us to feel into our deepest dreams by activating our Minds, Hearts, and Wombspaces.  This sign taps us into the Goddess Artemis with her Bow and Arrow, claiming what is ours through our Wisdom, Precision, Focus, and Creative Prowess.

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius.  Everything Jupiter touches turns to gold and expands.  A great Alchemist.

So, there is a lot of ease and possibility available to us right now with this Moon.

AND…. due to the presence of the planet Saturn, which is also currently touring the sign of Sagittarius, we will also have the task of making sure that we understand our Karmic Lessons and that we are releasing what no longer serves us, including relationships, habits, addictions, etc.

With these energies moving through us, the Moon will highlight what are self-obstacles are on our path so we can choose to redirect and shoot our arrow directly to the songs of our Soul.

How blessed we are!


Healing with my Mom

A couple weeks ago I shared a personal story of the inner healing work I did around my relationship with my Dad.  I received so many emails from women replying that they are also working on repairing wounds with their Father and how powerful it felt to know they are not alone.

And so it inspired me to now share about my Mom.
Mothers and Daughters.  That is a HUGE conversation.  There are books, blogs, and forums to support the healing of this first human relationship.

I feel so inspired to share about my experience with my Mom because we really have come from a place of deep rupture and pain to way more ease and joy with one another.  Of course, it is not always perfect and I can definitely react to her at times, but I feel love towards her. I want to share with her. I want to support her and have her support me. I can receive her now.

Our tenuous journey really started around the age of 2 and got bumpier and bumpier as I grew.  If it weren’t for Flower Essences (especially Mariposa Lily!!), I would probably still be a angry, finger pointing, blaming daughter.  Taking it all out on my Mom.

In my body, I feel so much more space now that much of that resentment has been released.

My mom and I made this video almost 3 years ago as inspiration for any woman who wants to heal her relationship with her Mother or who is actively working on forgiving or amending this relationship.

I think we need to make another because our relationship has changed even more since then as our lives have shifted (she has retired and is on a new adventure and I became a Mama!).  Life is always evolving when you are a Woman Rising into her true Self.


Honoring Women {International Women’s Day}

Did you know?

• Globally only 50% of women of working age are in the labor force, compared to 77% of men.

• Only one in five members of lower or single houses of parliament worldwide is female.

• More women are victims of violence though less than 40% of them seek any help.

• By age 18, girls receive 4.4 years LESS education than boys and represent two thirds of the more than one billion illiterate adults without access to basic education.

I don’t write this to create more divisiveness and anger.  I share this because knowledge is power and informs our choices and actions.

It is time to unify the great divide, for all people, all beings, all races and religions.

Tomorrow (Wednesday, March 8th) is International Women’s Day.
And the theme this year is BE BOLD FOR CHANGE.

In this energy, here is the latest episode of Woman Rising TV (I know, it has been awhile!).
This is an invitation to HONOR WOMEN and TAKE ACTION.
And offer prayers to ALL Women.


The Birth of My Son

It’s the eve before your first birthday, my sweet Sun, Ocean Poet.

Wild to think that it has taken me a year to sit down and write the story of your birth.

Something has been holding me back. Time. Wounding. Disbelief. Love. I’m really not sure.

But I feel ready now.  To feel into the experience and share it.

Sitting here about to embark on the privilege of writing down your experience from within to without, I still cannot comprehend mentally that my body grew you, birthed you, and has now breastfed you for 12 months. It is all just such a beautiful miracle.  From nothing comes a human being.

So… here we go.

You were born 12 days past your due date. And those were twelve LONG days.  Everyone I knew who was pregnant had already had their baby.  It felt like you were going to stay put forever.

Technically, you weren’t late by my calculations because you weren’t conceived while I was ovulating. You were conceived by Astrological times that I would be fertile because of the Sun and Moon under which I was born… so about 8 days after ovulation.  Fortunately, I was able to get our incredible Ob/GYN to change your due date from February 10th to the 14th which definitely helped.

About 10 days “post-dates”, we went to see our fabulous midwife, Mary Jackson for a non-stress test. All looked good with you from the fetal monitoring. She checked me internally and said it would probably be at least another 48 hours. My cervix was still high and posterior and no effacement or dilation happening. Nothing. She also said that my face didn’t have the “look” yet.  She asked me to check in with her on that Friday (2 days later) because she wanted me to start some herbs and see if they would help bring labor.

Honestly, I was ready to have you here. I wasn’t sleeping well. My pelvis ached. My face felt so bloated and puffy.  My fingers throbbed with fluid retention.

I just felt that I was waiting even though everyone told me to enjoy my free time and this space before.  But, I was too impatient.

Later that same day, I had a Flower Essence Session with a dear sister colleague.  And she felt that after she worked on me, this baby would be coming soon.


Woman Rising School for Feminine Mysteries and Earth Wisdom 2017 Offerings and Calendar 


The Full Moon in Cancer was exalted at 3:34 AM PST this Morning.
This is the first Full Moon of the year and is also called the Wolf Moon, originating from the Native Americans.

This time of Cancer is really about feeling into our watery emotions in their fullness.  In this way, we have access to our deepest desires and truthfully, the medicine of our Soul.

And at 4:08 pm PST today, the Moon is moving into Leo which is the sign of the Fiery Lion.
So we can feel our emotions while stepping into bravery and activation with the Moon shining upon us.

So as you are journeyed through the Moon and are feeling into who you are constantly becoming and what you wish to experience this year, I am SOOO excited to share with you the Woman Rising School of Moon Mysteries and Earth Wisdom’s 2017 Calendar.

This community is growing and growing and the offerings this year are being birthed from what has been asked and is needed for those walking the path of the Mystic Medicine Woman.

There is a sweet connection between the programs.  You can take them individually or they can be woven together and journeyed through.

Space is limited for each program so if you are a YES, please make sure to get on our early notification list and you will have priority registration


My Word for 2017

I wish to send you Love and Blessings for this New Year of 2017.
May you move into this newness with Ease, Joy, Grace, and deeper Wisdom.

And I also want to say thank you.

Thank you for being a part of the Woman Rising Community.
Thank you for sending emails, responding on Facebook or Instagram to posts, participating in any of my programs or retreats, sitting quietly in this space taking in any new ideas or inspirations.
Thank you for being present in whatever ways most resonated with your heart.

My life is SO much FULLER and more VIBRANT with you in it!

And especially this past year, thank you for holding space for me as I stepped into Motherhood. I truly felt this Collective as I journeyed through stages of beauty and bliss and challenge and exhaustion.

Whether we have met in person or on-line, I feel the power of our sisterhood so strongly as we are each navigating through life to step into more of our Truth.

And for each of us, at this time of a New Year, there is a sense of hope. We reflect, give gratitude for what we experienced, and create space to call in more of who we wish to be and what we wish to experience.

Many of us feel this at our birthdays as another Solar year completes and begins. But there is something quite magical about a COLLECTIVE New Year. A time when every person on the planet feels a sense to shift, transform, to BECOME MORE.

How can WE make this year beautiful, peaceful, loving? The focus shifts from the Me to the WE as we are having a collective experience.  We are all calling IN. We are all praying IN. We are all planting the seeds of our longings.

So, what is it that you are bringing forward this year?  

What is a word, feeling, intention that you have?
How do you wish to LIVE this year?