How to Clear Energetic Attachments or Entities

Have you ever been working with a client and you just can’t quite get the results you are looking for?

Ever felt that there was an energetic blocking you from fully “feeling” your client?

Or ever had the experience where you looked into your client’s eyes and felt that they weren’t fully “there”?

Take a minute and feel into whether you have had any of these experiences with a client or even a loved one.

What I have found to be true is that most of the time when these experiences arise, there is an energetic attachment and/or “entity”. People often get nervous about the word entity because we think of possession and demons and then the need for an exorcism.

But so much of this has been misunderstood and villainized. Energetic attachments can happen because of many different reasons. Most of the time they occur when there has been significant trauma in a person’s life and the overall system becomes susceptible to an outside energy coming in and wreaking havoc.

Entities are very similar as well.


Reclaiming Who You ARE: Mary Magdalene Meditation + Leo New Moon Ritual

Blessings to you! Tomorrow, July 22 is Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day and the day after, Sunday, July 23rd is the New Moon In Leo.

This is the beginning of a very powerful Lunation Cycle.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 7th with a partial Lunar Eclipse.
The Lionsgate Portal on August 8th.
Lunar Lughnasa on August 8th.
Total Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Leo August 21.

So, sister, there are A LOT of powerful forces running their energies through us.

You might be experiencing big upheaval in your life right now.  All that is not based in Truth is literally disintegrating.
You might be working through deep karmic patterns and imprints and befriending your personal underworld.
You might be taking the time to feel into what you are calling forth to embody for the remainder of this year 2017, the year of the 1.

I know for me, there is a lot waiting and wanting to birth itself into the world.
This year has been HUGE year for me in many ways, specifically with my Pilgrimage to Avalon in May. While I was there, many things I was questioning in my life were made clear. And I received the guidance from many Masters and Teachers as to how best to walk my path. One of those teachers who came forward was Mary Magdalene. She showed me lifetimes where we walked together, hand in hand, carrying the message of Love and Sacred Union and the Divine Feminine. Honestly, I was surprised that she came forward. And, I felt so honored to hear and see her. I learned so much from her in that time and continue to do so.

One of those teachers who came forward was Mary Magdalene. She showed me lifetimes where we walked together, hand in hand, carrying the message of Love and Sacred Union and the Divine Feminine. Honestly, I was surprised that she came forward. And, I felt so honored to hear and see her. I learned so much from her in that time and continue to do so.

During this Sacred and Holy Time, I offer you ~ a New Moon Ritual and Mary Magdalene Meditation


Reparenting Your Wounds Full Moon in Capricorn Ritual

This Full Moon in Capricorn takes place at 9:07 PM PST on July 8th and is also called the Full Buck Moon, Thunder Moon, or the Blessed Moon.

The Sun (Masculine force) is in the sign of Cancer (which is the sign of the Mother).  The Moon (Feminine force) is in the sign of Capricorn (which has a Masculine Earth signature).

This is incredibly potent as this means that there will be a lot coming through for us about our own internal Masculine and Feminine. Perhaps you are noticing that they are in opposition to one another. Perhaps you are noticing that one is more dominant than the other.  Perhaps you notice that one is in service to the other within you.

You might be noticing this in decisions you need to make. Or within power dynamics in your relationship. Or even in your relationships with your parents, partner, or other important people in your life.

This Full Moon can be a potent time to heal and repair some of these relationships or energies. Capricorn asks you to show up fully and ground into your feelings and emotions so that you can embody what you long for. So much can get unstuck and resolved through the rootedness of Capricorn.

Capricorn Full Moon Ritual

What You Need:
Lighter and Candle
Journal and Pen
2-3 meaningful and significant offerings to the Moon, Mother Earth, and yourself.


Cancer New Moon Ritual {Video}

The New Moon in Cancer is exact on June 23rd at 7:31 pm PST.
What makes this New Moon so different and beautiful is that it actually happens during the Summer Solstice Portal for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. At Summer Solstice, the sun stands still for 3 days while the Moon is in her darkest.

The Sun is in full exaltation and celebration of its journey and the Moon is in her phase of shedding and releasing. The Sun is at its height of Activation and the Moon is resting in her Dreamer.
And here it is. The dance of life.  The weaving of the Cosmos.
How the Sun and the Moon live within each of us.
We hold the light. We hold the dark.
We carry these currents with every in and out breath.

So if you are feeling you want to be outward and you want to be inward… if you are feeling grief and joy, please know you are living as the Sun and the Moon.


Sagittarius Full Moon Ritual

As we settle in deeper to the rhythms of Summer (I know many people think of Summer Solstice as the beginning of Summer but for me, following the Celtic Wheel of the Year, we are already in Summer as it starts in May at Beltane).

This Full Moon in Sagittarius takes place at 6:10 AM PST on June 9th and is also called the Strawberry Moon, the Rose Moon, or the Hot Moon.

Sagittarius is a Fire Sign that helps us to feel into our deepest dreams by activating our Minds, Hearts, and Wombspaces.  This sign taps us into the Goddess Artemis with her Bow and Arrow, claiming what is ours through our Wisdom, Precision, Focus, and Creative Prowess.

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius.  Everything Jupiter touches turns to gold and expands.  A great Alchemist.

So, there is a lot of ease and possibility available to us right now with this Moon.

AND…. due to the presence of the planet Saturn, which is also currently touring the sign of Sagittarius, we will also have the task of making sure that we understand our Karmic Lessons and that we are releasing what no longer serves us, including relationships, habits, addictions, etc.

With these energies moving through us, the Moon will highlight what are self-obstacles are on our path so we can choose to redirect and shoot our arrow directly to the songs of our Soul.

How blessed we are!


Healing with my Mom

A couple weeks ago I shared a personal story of the inner healing work I did around my relationship with my Dad.  I received so many emails from women replying that they are also working on repairing wounds with their Father and how powerful it felt to know they are not alone.

And so it inspired me to now share about my Mom.
Mothers and Daughters.  That is a HUGE conversation.  There are books, blogs, and forums to support the healing of this first human relationship.

I feel so inspired to share about my experience with my Mom because we really have come from a place of deep rupture and pain to way more ease and joy with one another.  Of course, it is not always perfect and I can definitely react to her at times, but I feel love towards her. I want to share with her. I want to support her and have her support me. I can receive her now.

Our tenuous journey really started around the age of 2 and got bumpier and bumpier as I grew.  If it weren’t for Flower Essences (especially Mariposa Lily!!), I would probably still be a angry, finger pointing, blaming daughter.  Taking it all out on my Mom.

In my body, I feel so much more space now that much of that resentment has been released.

My mom and I made this video almost 3 years ago as inspiration for any woman who wants to heal her relationship with her Mother or who is actively working on forgiving or amending this relationship.

I think we need to make another because our relationship has changed even more since then as our lives have shifted (she has retired and is on a new adventure and I became a Mama!).  Life is always evolving when you are a Woman Rising into her true Self.