The Wisdom of the Dark and New Moon {Practices & Reminders}

We are in this dark portal as the Moon makes her way to her New Moon phase on June 13th at 12:43 pm PDT. The Moon is in Taurus right now but will move into Gemini later today and stay there until Thursday (after the New Moon).

I wanted to share with you some Medicine that is alive right now so that you can use the Moon as part of your Council of Guidance at this time.



The Dark of the Moon refers to the period of time when the Moon exhibits zero illumination, while the New Moon starts the very first day that the moon appears in the night sky as a slim sliver of light. In effect, there is some crossover in their medicine, but the Dark Moon is actually what many women celebrate and honor in the New Moon.

The Dark Moon is the abyss. It is the Womb. The cauldron of Life that we are invited to experience every single month. The Dark Moon gives you access to Great teachers of the Spirit World, from Lilith to Mary Magdalena to Sekhmet to Persephone to Inanna to Kali. The Goddesses who reside in the Shadows and who are beckoning you to return to their ancient wisdom.

You need this time each month to descent into your personal underworld. To lay in the dark spaces that are familiar and that also carry pain. Journeying into your shadows is part of living the full spectrum of your life. From the ashes, from the pain, from the wounds comes the Full Illumination of your Self into Wholeness. It is the journey you take every month as a woman.


Your Maiden Self 3 Rituals on the Path of Ecstasy

Spring holds much magic as we witness the colors and sounds of Gaia’s awakening and blossoming after the depths of winter.  It is also the season in which you have great access to your Maiden Self or your Inner Child.Your Maiden holds the blueprint of your Soul.
She is full of the ecstasy of being alive, of carrying unique codes in your earthly body, and of being able to express herself, with no limitations or worries. Your inner child is pure, full of innocence and joy.  She is the one who wants to skip.  And play with her friends and the fairies. Who wants to BE and play and enjoy. And sees through BS to Truth, always.  Ever hang with a little kid?!? She is also the one who most likely endured trauma, at the hands of others.  And so along with carrying the sweetness of the Divine, she also carries wounds and hurts. Because you may not have had someone by your side as a child who was helping you process through intense life events, you began to tuck trauma away, out of reach.  Or at least away so you didn’t have to see it all the time… or feel it. But, it has been with you. Creating life situations and circumstances.
Your Maiden is a huge part of what your life looks and feels like, RIGHT NOW. You see, when you experience trauma and it sits in your body, it becomes the filter through which you see the world and make decisions.
Your Maiden is holding some limiting beliefs like:
“I am too wild.”
“I’m ugly.”
“I’m stupid.”These beliefs inform your actions:
“I am going to tone-it-down, meaning I am going to conform myself so that no one really sees me and I don’t take attention from anyone else.”
“I’ll never find a life partner.  Who would love me looking like this?”
“I went for a great job interview but why would they hire me?”And then your actions create your reality. 
We all like to prove ourselves correct so we play out scenarios so that we can affirm the beliefs we carry.You have to repair the past in order to live freely in the present. And your Maiden can be one of your Guides.
3 Rituals to Work With Your Maiden and Experience More Ease in Your Life

Aquarius New Moon Ritual

I had an entire email I was going to sit down and write to you.  About the New Moon, the Chinese New Year, and Lunar Imbolc. About how to harness these great cosmic forces for your year…..

And then I read the news about another school shooting, this one killing 17.  And as I read, I started sobbing.

Another one, really?  This has become a monthly occurrence and yet, I am still shocked and surprised.

What do we do?  I know we stay conscious.  We do our sacred work in the world.  I know we vote and march and use our platforms to spread Love. I know we stay awake.  But how do we stop this?  How do we get the US government to STOP passing bills making it easier for people to get guns?

I don’t have the answer right now.  I feel the ache in my heart for these beautiful beings with so much life ahead of them.  I feel the tremendous grief of their parents who will never hold their babies again.  I can not even imagine the depth of what this does to family members in the wake of such horrifying loss.

And here is the thing… the more often this happens, it becomes a matter of time, of months before it affects any one of us here in the Woman Rising community…. or someone we know and love.

After having been through the Thomas Fire which became California’s largest wildfire in history, I realize that most of us will at some point become part of a Collective or Group Trauma.

And I don’t want this for you, especially when it is preventable.


Sagittarius New Moon

There is so much happening in the world right now.
Violence against women.
Fires burning.  Hurricanes and floods.
Internet protection being taken away.
Guns having less restrictions.
And this is what so many of us have been praying for.  We have been seeking a dismantling of current systems so that all are favored.  Not just for a select few.  But all people.  And in order for this to happen, there has to be a fall, a crumbling, a dis-membering.  And this is not comfortable AT ALL.  This is a time in which we need to FEEL so deeply that we are propelled into action.  We cannot sit in silence, suffer alone, nor assume that those in power (government) are seeking our best interests.The chaos in front of us is going to continue, but the miracles rising up from the fiery embers are truly glorious and need to be acknowledged.  We are coming together, rallying with one another to bring forth Love, Respect, Unification… and a new way of being.
So… as you move into the end of 2017, it is imperative that you use this last New Moon to anchor in visions for this next year and also deepen your vow to be outspoken, courageous, and live as a sacred activist.

Gemini Full Moon

Our beloved Moon moves into her Fullness in the sign of Gemini on Sunday, December 3 2017 at 7:47 am PDT / 10:47 am EDT / 3:47pm GMT.

As a Gemini myself, I am feeling the full richness of this potent Moon.  If you read my most recent Instagram post, you know that I am navigating intricate weavings of patriarchal systems and structures that dominate every aspect of our worlds.  Everyday, I feel that I am untangling myself from beliefs and cords and energetics that have left me often questing for something outside of myself, specifically around money, work, and activism.  It is incredibly challenging to share all that is being downloaded to me at this time about my own divine play in this and that of all of us.  It is heady and yet, very somatic at the same time.  The words don’t seem to communicate the depth and transformation that is happening.

So… that being said, get ready to dance in the realms of communication with this Moon!  Allow the light of her fullness to shine into your wombspace and heart to reveal the conversations that are ready to be had either within your own Self or with your beloveds.  Sharing in a real and open way can be incredibly scary as you must get vulnerable.  Most of us shy away from this level of intimacy for fear of being judged or not belonging.  And yet, when we DON’T communicate fully, we stay in a perpetual state of self-torment.


I vow to be part of the solution {New Moon in Libra Ritual}

New Moon Blessings to you!

On October 19 the New Moon in Libra is exact at 12:12am PDT / 3:12 am EDT / 8:12 am GMT. 

Libra is the Sign of Balance and Peace and is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love. So, in this New Moon time, we have space to anchor in our dreams with the energies of peace and love.

With so much happening in the world right now and feeling the presence of the #metoo and #ihave campaign, I offer this Ritual for you.
Please be tender with yourself as you do this and remember to breathe.
Also, do not forget the last step of this process.

What we are each seeking is Wholeness.  Healing that extends us into our Truth and Remembrance of Self.  In order for this to happen, we must be very honest with ourselves.  This is not always easy because we have lied to ourselves and dismissed aspects of who we are because they are ugly or messy or scary.