What do you call your va-jay-jay?

I am getting right into an important and little talked about subject today.  A topic that radically plays into women’s empowerment and sexuality.

Part of my herbal training 15 years ago was doing a research paper on names women call their vaginas.  And I remember being overwhelmed, disturbed, and in awe by not only the names but the amount of names.

As a former Birth Doula and Women’s Herbalist, I am also privy to the names women call this same body part.

If you have ever asked your girl friends what they call their “private parts”, you will hear many responses.



“Nothing…maybe down there”





Ummmm… How many names do we have for our ears?  Our toes?  Our fingers? ONE!!!  There are hundreds of names for our feminine body parts.

So, why are there so many names for our ladyparts and what to do about this?
(I just need to say that the word vagina is actually referring to the canal that runs from your vulva to your cervix, not your outer parts).


True or False? Are you aligned with your Feminine Power?

There is a yearning amongst us to step into our feminine power and create transformation in our own lives and the lives of others.

So, I invite you to go through this list and answer true or false. (Guess what?!?!? You can’t fail!)

True or False

1. You have been experiencing a low-level anxiety on and off for the past few years. You are not sure where it stems from but it is uncomfortable and affects the quality of your life.


The Wisdom of your Womb

courtesan-logo-with-text-e1379633949876Recently, I released my new website.  It started with a seed… a tiny vision of an idea. And then this seed, watered with the right amount of love, intuition, and knowledge, grew and grew. Out of me birthed this beautiful site, supported by incredible women (graphic designer, web developer, photographer).

As women, we have this incredible, elaborate, brilliant reproductive system. The sole purpose is to help us procreate and give us the qualities of the female. It is also the only system of organs in your body that you can live without. Pretty amazing, right? Working with women over the last 15 years, as an herbalist first, then a Doula and Midwife Assistant, and now as a Health & Empowerment Mentor, I see the reproductive system as more than just a system of hormones and functions.


What is Feminine Power & How Can Having IT Affect Your Life?

Feminine Power.

women-in-circleJust the words invoke a feeling of magnificence, of command, and even softness.

Feminine Power is an energy that all women can and must embody.

But, what exactly is it and how will having it affect your life?

For many women, we are figuring out what it means to be feminine. We have grown up in a very masculine society and have learned to strive, achieve, and do. All of these traits are important, in fact, vital for our existence. But, what would happen if we merged our feminine and masculine qualities? What incredible rewards and successes would we reap if we reclaimed our Feminine Power?


The Power of Sisterhood

On Monday, I celebrated my 36th birthday.  I can’t believe another year has passed… they go quicker and quicker!

I always spend time reflecting on the past year and setting intentions for the new year ahead of me.  I have lots of plans for this year including delicious travels and exciting programs for you.

In looking at my life, the biggest blessing is the women I surround myself with.  My sisters are the ones that hold space for me as I am falling apart, they are the ones that I can text late at night to share a hilarious story, and the ones with whom I share my deepest dreams.  These women have been huge influences on the woman I am.

In honor of women and the power of sisterhood, I devote this latest WomanRising episode.


Does fitting in actually exist?

Have you ever found yourself comparing yourself to another woman?

Have you ever found yourself deep in the throws of your pain and hurt?

Have you ever felt like it would be impossible for someone else to understand your self-judgments and shame?

Have you ever felt the impossibilities of getting what you desire?

If you said YES to any of these, I invite you to watch the latest WomanRising TV episode.