Does fitting in actually exist?

Have you ever found yourself comparing yourself to another woman?

Have you ever found yourself deep in the throws of your pain and hurt?

Have you ever felt like it would be impossible for someone else to understand your self-judgments and shame?

Have you ever felt the impossibilities of getting what you desire?

If you said YES to any of these, I invite you to watch the latest WomanRising TV episode.


Natural Tips for Decreasing Anxiety

Millions of women suffer from anxiety.  It has become an epidemic.

Low level anxiety or searing moments of panic.

98% of the women I work with struggle with anxiety.  And I myself have had my own dance with anxiety.

In the past I have felt overwhelmed which led to anxiety or fear which lead to anxiety or feeling stuck in my life which led to anxiety.  All very common experiences for women.

So, today, I would love to give you 7 tips to alleviate or eliminate your anxiety.  Sound good?