Lessons from pole dancing gifted by the Goddess

If you go on Facebook often or are part of women’s circles or empowerment conversations, ultimately you hear the word Goddess. Goddess is tossed around a lot today and in fact, there is a reclamation happening of this Divine aspect of who you are.

In ancient traditions, Goddesses were revered for specific traits and qualities.

In India, Kali is honored as the Goddess of destruction. With her red tongue hanging out, black wild hair, bloodied sword, skulls dangling as a necklace, holding a severed head, she uses her sword to cut off all that separates us from out true Nature.

In Egyptian mythology, Isis is worshipped as the Goddess of Fertility and Motherhood which basically makes her the Goddess of Creation itself. Isis was also known as a magical and powerful physician with the ability to cure body, mind, and Spirit. Through Isis, women have discovered the Divine Feminine within. And once they discover the Divine Feminine, they realize they can heal others in times of need. They can stand as independent strong women, rather than just “existing” in the patriarchal world.

These Goddesses are meant to remind you of your inner wise woman. We might cling to certain Goddesses to help bring forward more of the qualities they embody. The truth is, these qualities exist in every woman.

Lured by my desire to experience more aspects of the Goddess within, I started taking pole-dancing classes in August. I felt that there was part of my Feminine Essence I couldn’t quite grab ahold of. I would have fleeting moments with Her, but couldn’t sustain for long periods of time. Or, maybe like you, I had merely forgotten about these innate parts or assumed that certain qualities just “weren’t me.”

In dance class, there is certain music that brings alive my “Erotic Creature.” And, for this creature to be coaxed into the world, I also need to feel safe. In my class, there are no mirrors so I can’t fixate on how silly or clumsy or unsexy I might look. The room is almost dark, except for some candles.

And every woman in the class cheers me on.

What I realized, is that when I get out of my head and into my body and the pleasure she derives in that space, my inner Goddess can flourish. She declares herself.

Now, there are times when I am uncomfortable but I trace that feeling in my body rather than suppress it. Sometimes tears come, sometimes anger.


When was the last time you Loved your cervix?

I know it’s close to the end of January (better late than never!!!) but I want to let you know that January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. And I thought it was time to shed light on an important feminine organ that is often overlooked and/or neglected.

When I was 22, my first herbal teacher gave the assignment to go home that night and look at my cervix.  She gave each of us a speculum and hand held mirror. Kind of strange but at the same time, completely exciting.  I mean, I had never seen my cervix. Honestly, I am not sure if I had ever really thought about it except for in high school in Sex Ed class.

That night, I was quite amazed.

The Gateway to your Uterus.

Why is this organ so important to protect and keep healthy?

Click here to watch the latest episode of WomanRising TV to learn how to increase your cervical health… and what you can do if you test for HPV.


How to Release and Call In 2014 with Power

As we round the corner to the final days of 2013, I wanted to share some of my own practices to release and call in desires for 2014.

This process is so easy to overlook and is also, incredibly significant.  Without releasing what does not serve us and then highlighting and clarifying our desires, we end up fumbling around.  We end up stuck.  We end up longing for the same things year after year.

In my heart, one of the ways in which I most want to contribute in the world is in supporting women to become turned-on and lit-up.  Women who are living their dreams, women who are courageous to share the messy and the beautiful.  Women who know that living in mediocrity is not ok anymore.  Women who ROCK their feminine health.

The past week I have been craving quiet time to vision for 2014.

Finally on Solstice, I went into the woods and did Part 1 of this process.  I wrote down what I want to release now that 2013 is coming to a close.

So, here I am calling myself out and sharing with all of you some of the morsels.

  • Lack – lack of time, lack of support, lack of a strategic plan for my business
  • Surfacy friendships – healing any closures around my heart that keep me from greater love and intimacy
  • Fear of being visible and making mistakes
  • Fear of complacency

Say Goodbye to Insomnia

Last week I was having trouble sleeping.  When this happens for me, I always take a moment to get curious.

“Am I under more stress?”

“Am I taking enough time out of my day for pleasure breaks?”

“Am I staying strong in my boundaries?”

These are all vital questions to ask when struggling with sleep issues.  When we are sleeping poorly, we end up irritable, exhausted, and overwhelmed.  Definitely not the path to live as empowered women.

Sleep is a vital component of our lives.
If you have insomnia, frequent waking, or bouts of sleep issues,
you don’t want to miss these tips.

Check out the latest Q & A video to hear what shifts I made to end up sleeping through the night and waking up refreshed and energized.


3 Tips for Emotional Survival during the Holidays


In a few days, I leave to travel to Philadelphia for Thanksgiving.  My sister and her husband, her kids, and my man and I are set to converge at my moms for hanging and eating.

I used to really dislike holidays… especially Thanksgiving.  I would sit around with relatives who I saw once a year and literally had nothing to say to them.  I felt so alone and separate… disconnected.

Ultimately, I didn’t feel like I belonged and because of that,  I felt on edge and reactionary.

So, how can we make our holiday time with families or friends a space for our growth and enjoyment?  Because lets be honest, every day there are opportunities for us to be triggered and feel alone and misunderstood… and everyday we can use these to expand.


Stoking your Feminine Flames

I have been having the most epic adventure in Maui.  I spent 7 days with a powerful group of 8 plant lovers making flower essences.  It felt healing to be back in communion with the plants and to be making medicine that will help to heal all of us on this planet.

In this process of retreating from my day-to-day life, I have been receiving insights and remembrances about who I am and what is most meaningful to me.  Some of this has come quite gracefully and easily while other pieces have been more forceful and brought up fears and pain.

The crux of this journey deeper into myself and what I hear from my clients is the deep desire to live in love… to live from an authentic place.  Most of us are so caught up in our stories that it is hard to remember what is actually truth.  We are not our story, they are within and can be released, with the proper tools.

  • Too many women are experiencing self-doubt, confusion, loneliness, social anxiety, and guilt.
  • Too many women look in the mirror and see only their flaws.
  • Too many women are living in their masculine selves for fear of relaxing into their softness and sensuality.

All of this is creating depletion in women.  Energy being expended over and over again just to stay afloat.  And burn out, resignation, or hopelessness sinks in.