What are Flower Essences and Why would you use them?

One of my greatest privileges is to teach and share about Flower Essences as a modality for emotional healing.

Over the last 13 years, they have been the tool that I have turned to the most.  To move through my self-doubts, self-judgements, past pains, and conditionings to discover MY truth.  To find inner Freedom.

For many years, I kept this healing modality on the down-low.  I felt that no one would understand these esoteric remedies or worse, people would ignore the power inherent in plant medicines.  I only shared Flower Essences with my clients and close friends but outside of that, I kept my mouth shut.

I know a lot of women who do the same thing or a version of this. Dampen their light, make themselves small or even invisible, diminish their art for the sake of feeling “safe”.  The suppression of women’s wisdom over the last thousands of years has left subconscious residue that brings up fear when thinking of using our voice or speaking our truth or somehow going against the mainstream grain.

But truthfully, I can’t hold it in any longer.  I can’t continue to hide my truth for fear of being ridiculed. I am privy to medicines that will change your life.

And what I am discovering is that the more I hide, the more I take from you.  Flower Essences can heal your sexual shame and trauma, ease social anxieties, decrease fears, help to open your heart to love your partner more deeply, heal betrayals from past lovers or even your parents.  The list goes on and on so it is crucial for me to share with you so that you can move into your full healing and transformation.


The journey back to our power

Yesterday, I watched a video and was simply blown away.  Tears welled in my eyes and a feeling of compassion for myself and all women coursed through my body.

The video is actually a global campaign put on by the company Always.

Now, I have to say, when I originally saw that it was produced by Always, my inner critic deemed the video was going to be another feminine put down.  You see, in my judgement, Always perpetuates the disconnect between women and their cycles and also women and Nature.

So often because of what is portrayed in the media, we feel that there is something wrong with us when we don’t fit into the “norm.”  Their commercials showcase women dancing around or wearing all white.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I have worked with women for almost 14 years, and I know that most women are not dancing or wearing white in the first few days of their bleeding.  If you prefer to lie in bed or use a hot water bottle or cry or watch a movie the first few days you are bleeding, you are in alignment with your feminine rhythms.

In fact, what I teach in my virtual program Cycles of Wisdom, is much about how to live in alignment with your cycle so that you have access to more of your energy, creativity, sexuality.  Most of us have not been taught this and it is amazing what opens in our lives when we honor our feminine rhythms.

But what this video actually touched on is the derogatory phrase “like a girl.”  How many times in your life have you been told you were playing “like a girl”, throwing “like a girl”, acting “like a girl”?

From the ages of 5 – 10, I had a wall hanging that I tacked to my bedroom door.  It said, “Girls Can Do Anything!”  It had felted letters and in the middle of the words was a felted face of a girl with pigtails.  I loved this art piece that hung on my door for everyone to see.  I was so proud of being a girl and knew, truly,  that I was amazing.

During that time period,  I remember playing catch with my dad and he kept telling me that I was throwing like a girl.  I can vividly recall the slump in my shoulders as I turned and picked up the ball to throw again.  I can recall the burning in my throat and eyes as I held back tears.  I knew it was an insult.  I knew he was telling me I wasn’t throwing well.  I knew that this humiliation was meant to push me to do better.  But, it actually made me feel small and embarrassed.

At some point, the subtle or not so subtle conditionings catch up to us and the girl who believes fully in herself starts to think that she is damaged.

At what point does being “like a girl” go from sassy and powerful to less than and shameful?

Click below to watch the video.  I promise it will leave you inspired and also reflecting on your life.

 I would love to hear your stories.

Were you ever called names “like a girl”?
Do you remember believing so strongly in your good only to then later believe in your faults?

Share #likeagirl and reclaim the beauty and power and wisdom of girls and the girl within.


Summer Solstice Celebrations

For those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere, it is Summer Solstice.  The longest day of the year.  And for those in the Southern Hemisphere, you have the shortest day of the year.  I love the visual of all of us sharing the sun and partaking in her light and then dark.

The cycles of the Sun, weaving us together no matter where we live.

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, this is a time where we move into the Fire season (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine) or Summer.

This is the time when we:

  • Rejoice in the blossoming of the seedlings/visions we planted on Winter Solstice and then Spring Equinox.
  • Honor the Sun and his masculine qualities of light and being active.
  • Delight in pleasure and fun with friends and family.
  • Celebrate the colors, the bounty, the abundance of life.

In recognition of Midsummer, I have created 3 Rituals for Summer Solstice (and a special Solstice video)


Transforming Your Feminine Legacy

Last month I was privileged to teach workshops at a festival called Lightning in a Bottle.

And one of the practices I shared is called,  “Transforming Your Feminine Legacy”.  I love this practice so much that I am currently teaching it in my Cycles of Wisdom online program and with women who Mentor privately with me.

As women, we have learned how to navigate in the world from our Mothers or Aunties or Grandmothers.  Some of these teachings empowered us and made us feel as though we could accomplish and achieve anything because of our unique skills and talents.

And some of what we were taught was actually absorbed on a subconscious level.  Beliefs about what was possible about ourselves and the world.

Now, many of you know that many of these beliefs are actually untruths.  What?!?!  I know.  Just bear with me for a moment.  We picked these beliefs or patterns up somewhere along the course of our lives and later had experiences that validated them.   Validation = Truth.

And yet, when we delve into these beliefs and unfurl the threads, we see where the truths are actually untruths.  We see how experiences in our lives were interpreted through the mind of a child and became our foundations – to keep us safe, to keep us as a favorite, to keep our parents happy and on and on.

So, as we journey into becoming more and more of the women we desire, we get caught on these beliefs from time to time (and sometimes for long periods of time).

And the only way to have the life you desire and BE the woman you imagine is to fearlessly unhook these interpretations and discover your truths.

When I facilitate this practice of “Transforming your Feminine Legacy”, there are common themes that I hear.  And this is one of the pieces that makes this exercise so profound.  That we, as women who are on a spiritual or personal growth path, are in this together.  We have similar stories.  Slightly different characters and scenes, but a commonality.

Here are a few ways women were taught to be in the world:


My Favorite Flower Essence for Courage

We all need courage.

There is not one person on the planet who doesn’t want to increase their level of courage.

Courage is needed to face your fears, to create new patterns and ways of being in the world, to deepen your intimacy and trust, to end relationships that are comfortable but not serving your highest good, to follow your passions, to heal your past, to speak your truth, to stand in your value.  Life takes a significant amount of courage.

And, sometimes it can feel easier to ignore or suppress your fears or doubts or anxieties because to really change your current circumstances takes a lot of heart and soul, a lot of courage.

Watch the latest episode of WomanRising TV to find out which flower essence is the BEST to increase your courage and access what is already within.  This flower is FULL of upliftment so that you can say YES to all of your hearts desires.


Birth and Death. And the Miracles In Between.

It been one year today since my Oma passed.
It’s amazing how much I have felt the absence of her presence.

So many times I have tried out a new recipe this year and wanted to share it with her.
So many times I have wanted to share a celebration with her.
So many times I have just wanted to her the sheer excitement in her voice because she is talking with me.
So many times I have wanted to feel her Love.

I miss her so much. And I know parts of her essence live within.

Thinking of her so much today and how much I love her.

I first published this blog about a week after she passed and it was my most read and commented blog.  I received so many emails from women about their own grandmothers and the love present between grandmother and granddaughter.

If you are going through a loss or are grieving, I am reposting this for you.

My beloved grandmother, my Oma, passed away on June 1st, 2013.  I was blessed to be with her for the last day and a half of her life.  To lie in bed next to her, whisper in her ears, hold her hands (oh, I love her hands!)… these last moments are so precious to me.

There is so much to say about my Oma.  She taught me the joy of growing my own veggies and flowers.  She gifted me with a love for Nature and her beauty.  She taught me the art of flirtation – she knew how to bat her gorgeous blue eyes.  As a Holocaust survivor, she taught me that life is to be lived to its fullest and that every moment is one to be delighted.  She taught me to follow my dreams and work hard.  She showed me an epic love affair with my Opa.

This is her legacy that she passed to me and that I will pass to my children and grandchildren.  Her blood runs in my veins… we are of the same lineage.

Death.  It is so surreal, right?  One moment I am speaking to her on the phone while she is wishing me a happy birthday, and within a flash, I am watching her take her last breath.

As a Birth Doula and Midwife Assistant for 7 years, I supported more than 150 women as they crossed into motherhood.   I always assumed that death was similar to birth but had never witnessed someone as they walked through this threshold.  The first breath, the last breath, the beginning and the end…. the cycle of life.

So, here are the similarities: