Own Your Feminine Power

You have a vision for your life.

It involves beauty, pleasure, financial freedom, health and vitality, love…

Introducing this radical 21 Day Belief Breakthrough Cleanse to release old limiting beliefs, patterns, and thoughts so you can step into your Feminine Power and access your deepest desires.

Dear Woman on a Mission ~

  • Are you dimming your light so as not to make your friends or colleagues feel badly?
  • Are you worried that if you don’t “get it together” soon, you might miss out on living a magnificent life?
  • Do you find that you are frustrated or even envious when other people around you are succeeding?
  • Do you feel shame that you have not achieved what you desire?
  • Are you racked with “I am not good enough”?
  • Do you judge vulnerability as a weakness?
  • Do you wonder what it means to be in your power? But your power scares you?
  • Are you experiencing hormonal health imbalances and know that your state of mind has something to do with this?
  • Do you find that you are depleted and having a hard time getting your creative juices flowing?

Cleanse the toxicity of the past and reclaim yourself NOW.


We all have a set of limiting beliefs that get in the way of blossoming into our truest selves. Sometimes these beliefs are apparent and sometimes they are so deep, we can’t even see that we are succumbing to behavior that is not serving our ultimate desires.

The purpose of life is to be able to experience and be in touch with our inner wisdom and power. For most of us, this sacred space has been off-limits or limited because of our past stories, including our pains and woundings.

But, my sister, it is imperative that you walk this path to cleanse the past. You have so many gifts to share with the world and it is time for you to come out of hiding and self-sabotage.

If you are on this page, you realize the infinite possibilities that are available to you. Not only that, you have a deep desire for your own transformation, and for the healing of this planet. And you are tired of the self-imposed limitations draining you and slowing you down from achieving your goals.  Now is the time to claim your role as a Healthy Feminine Leader.

There are massive shifts occurring on this planet. Your gifts, expertise, and your ability to facilitate life-altering changes for people are a definite need in this world. No more hiding, playing small, or fear of failure. Stretch into a bigger version of yourself by busting through your limiting beliefs, thoughts, and patterns.

Women have the capacity to ignite great change in the world. They make up 1/3 of entrepreneurs around the world! As the Dalai Lama says, “The World will be saved by the Western Woman.”

In order for the revolution to grow and grow, you need to decide that nothing will stop you from living your purpose. Mostly, YOU will not stop yourself from your dreams.

Your thoughts and beliefs play a HUGE role in manifesting. You know when you are feeling great and inspired, things flow easily to you and people naturally gravitate to you? And when you are depressed, nervous, anxious, and in lack, you magnetize more of that in your life. You feel crappy, you don’t like how you look, you are worried about paying all your bills, you can’t connect with your clients. The downward spiral takes effect. It is difficult to manifest your life’s dreams when you are in this space.

Own Your Feminine Power is a 3 week program for women entrepreneurs and visionaries ready to cleanse the toxicity of the past and birth new, liberating, and powerful habits.

It is designed to clear out all of the false beliefs and assumptions that do not serve you anymore. It is meant to purify your mind so that your past stops clouding your choices and judgements.

I am inviting you to shift your focus from your outer world and other people’s perceptions to the gold within….

The Woman Within

Just as you might take the time to cleanse your physical body of toxins and accumulated stress, it is so important to do the same for your mind. When you experience woundings, traumas, hurts, abandonment, betrayals, there is a tendency to become so absorbed in the story that you actually forget who you truly are and what you believe to be true. This cleanse will help you chip away at the armor that has been created since childhood and uncover the real treasure of you.

Imagine for a moment how AWESOME it will be to feel comfortable in your own skin, tap into pleasure on a daily basis, connect into your power source as a woman, to pay off your debt, live in harmony with your cycles, fall in love… I am offering this program so you can learn the tools to gracefully let go of limiting beliefs, patterns, and negative self-talk and embrace yourself as a Healthy Feminine Leader. It is your time to birth yourself anew into this world.


Once you master your thoughts, your ability to manifest EVERYTHING shifts. Once you clean up the limiting gunk, you find freedom. Nothing stands in your way.

This program was created based off my own life experience.

Picture this:

A college grad with a major in Botanical Medicine

A deep desire to help women balance their cycles

A well of self-deprecation

Tons of confusion


Stuck, Frustrated, & Constricted Scared of My Own Power

I have always had a deep desire to support other women. And yet, I was plagued by my own self-doubt and unworthiness. I would watch other women in my career field and feel so small compared to them. And I also wanted to contribute by using my Feminine Nature.

I grew up in a household that celebrated masculine energy and achievements. The thought of balancing my masculine and bringing in my feminine to support my business, life, and relationships was thrilling to me. This cycle of self-doubt, self-judgement, and pushing and pushing (the masculine) was wearing on me. I knew that I was the only person holding myself back from embodying the life of my dreams.

So, I started studying, going to workshops, inquiring deeply into my emotional state. And I realized one day that the only way to my emotional freedom and therefore to contribute greatly in the world, was to dive ALL IN. To feel the experiences of my past, whether painful or uncomfortable. To watch my patterns and familiar ways of being that were keeping me playing small. I was literally being held captive by my mind and past woundings.

Programming + Thoughts + Feelings + Actions = Outcome

My beliefs were not aligned with my desires. And therefore my outcomes were not as I envisioned. I was ready to live my life from my Feminine Wisdom. This meant doing work that I was passionate about, staying turned on to pleasure, creating spaciousness. The rat race was not for me.

  • I transitioned from a business I had grown in a few years into another business that was bali more aligned with my heart.
  • I stepped into my Feminine Wisdom and Power… although I was scared. (HINT: This is where breakthroughs happen!)
  • I travelled almost every month since the beginning of 2013 because this was one of my desires for my business.
  • I created the most incredible group of women to surround myself with – whom I can feel completely vulnerable with and who inspire me through their own greatness
  • I wrote a book to inspire other women.

If you are anything like me, then you have a longing in your heart to contribute in the world in deep and transformational ways. Contribution can mean anything – a purposeful business, a selfless non-profit, being a mother.

Now is your opportunity to dissolve the past and remove all of your self-imposed limitations. This is your chance to go on an exquisite journey back to YOU.

So, if you are ready to read how to make this happen in your life, read on sister.

Features and Format

Own Your Feminine Power is intended to create radical breakthroughs.

I created this program to give you the tools to break your habits and to assist you through a transformational process back to your true nature. I will walk you through the most effective, exciting, and simple step-by-step approach to not only break free of patterns, but manifest your desires in the world.

  • 4 60 minute sessions
  • Recording of every call. It will be delivered in an easy format for you to listen on your computer or download to your iPod or iPad. This makes it super convenient for you to listen to calls on your way to work, in the car, or while working out.
  • You will receive a manual each week to support you to stay in action and move forward towards your greatest success.
  • Homework after each call so you can let go of your limiting beliefs and integrate these teachings into your life. This is mandatory to making the shifts you desire.
  • You will also have a private Facebook members-only community where you can connect, stay accountable, and receive additional support. This is a fantastic place to come together and share. We can not be liberated in isolation. This is your sisterhood to cheer each other on, lean into one another, and share your celebrations! There is nothing quite like a group of women who are releasing that which does not serve them in favor of turned, on lit up inspiration. I will be on the Forum to answer your questions from the Q&A calls.


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What exactly will you be learning throughout the 21 Day Belief Detox?

Module 1: Shine your light brightly and without apology

  • The 5 crucial keys which will support you to reach your goals
  • How you may be subconsciously blocking financial freedom, epic love, and a deeper connection to your inner wise woman
  • Understand the root of your core beliefs and why this is an important step in your personal growth journey
  • Receive a cleanse checklist and action plan to ensure you have the best cleanse experience ever
  • Why committing to yourself is the biggest leap of faith

Module 2: Release Your Limiting Beliefs & Reframe them into Powerful Statements

  • How your viewpoint as a child has created stress in your current life situation
  • How to energetically and emotionally let go of the past to find freedom in the present
  • The #1 step needed to move forward and create new healthy patterns
  • Learn to recognize when you are in the midst of holding yourself back
  • Reframe your limiting thoughts and beliefs. This is where a new life is birthed.

Module 3: Put all the pieces together and manifest your dreams

  • Clarity around your desires… now that those beliefs have vanished
  • Steps to manifest with ease and joy
  • Daily practices to pump up your deservability
  • Activate your unlimited potential

Module 4: Re-enter the World with Newfound Confidence

  • Learn how to complete the cleanse to create lasting effects in your life
  • Tap into your new-found power and experience pleasure from this delicious place.

Your BONUSes for this Cleanse will support you to step into your Feminine Power

ipod2Pre-Recorded Kick-off Call

Even before the cleanse actually begins, I will be teaching you how best to use the next 21 days to achieve ultimate success. Download and listen while you drive, take a walk, or work out. This material will help you create the environmental and emotional container for Own Your Feminine Power.


CDChristianna Caeliss’ WAKE UP HAPPY & Manifest A Gorgeous Day

Starting on an inspirational high note every morning can make major shifts throughout your day. In just 15 minutes in the morning you can

  • Attract Prosperity, Love & Wellbeing
  • Become a powerful magnet for a life you love
  • Increase your Vibration!

As an added gift, Christianna will be sending you a Blood-Thumping, Heart-thumping LOVE NOTE… straight from the Love Goddess Aphrodite. A weekly note to you remind you that true love exists, dreams come true, and you are a powerful Creator.

Joanne’s Guidebook The 5 Essential Herbs to Alleviate Stress: Relax, Unwind & Find Peace


As changemaking women, it is imperative to take the time to nourish and nurture our nervous systems. Being on the computer, on the phone, creating programs and projects, and working long hours can tax your adrenals and your stress response. When you are in a state of chronic overload, your sleep might be affected, you might gain weight, or you might have menstrual irregularities. This is a quick guide to help you stay healthy so you can continue to grow your business.

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Here are some of the amazing results you will receive:
  • YOU giving yourself permission to be powerful
  • Stop sabotaging your own success
  • Committing to living a life of your dreams
  • YOU achieving the financial freedom you desire so you can live your life in the holistic style you deeply believe in
  • Stepping into your Power as a Woman
  • Making pleasure your new default setting
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone and into greater visibility, with ease and joy
  • Creating strong and healthy boundaries
  • Learning how to powerfully reframe any doubt into certainty, any fear into courage, and any lack into abundance

Why you might not join this program

  • You have no limiting beliefs that are hindering your success
  • You have no confusion, doubt, or insecurities
  • You have a healthy and positive relationship with money
  • You don’t want to go deep

So, if you have read this far down the screen, you are probably curious about the investment.

  • 4 60 minute calls where I share the groundbreaking philosophies and techniques I use with my private clients to become more authentic versions of themselves.
  • Recordings of all live calls.
  • 24/7 access to our private Facebook group so you can stay connected with the other members of the program, share support, inspiration, and give each other feedback. This is one of the most amazing parts of the program/
  • Interactive Manuals provided each week with powerful practices to embody these tools in your life. These practices will assist you to let go of limiting beliefs, create powerful new beliefs, and manifest your dreams. You will have these forever to return to again and again, even after the cleanse completes.
  • Incredible Bonuses to assist you on your path to deeper freedom and success as a Healthy Feminine Leader

I am confident that when you join this life-changing program, you are going to be thrilled with what you learned. I know that if you do the work, and follow the steps, you will see a return on your investment. If, after the first weekly call, you feel this 21 day Cleanse is not the right fit for you, you will get 100% of your money returned.

Reaquaint and Own Your Feminine Power.

Stop hiding out, playing small, wishing your life were different.

If you know that clearing out the repetitive negative mind chatter will help you step more fully and authentically into your business, I would love to have you join us. If you are ready to uplevel, this program offers the foundational step.

To your Feminine Power!


 More about your Own Your Feminine Power mentor:

Joanne Ameya Cohen is a Certified Herbalist and Feminine Embodiment Mentor, Certified Flower Essence Therapist, & Shamanic Practitioner.  She is a recognized speaker on the subject of women’s rights, herbal medicine and nutrition, healthy lifestyles, spirituality, and business. Joanne has been working with women one-on-one for almost 14 years to facilitate transformation. She offers private and group coaching, online classes, and retreats to women around the world.

Joanne’s passion is helping women let go of limiting beliefs and pain from the past so that they can step into freedom and joy. This work catapults women to tap into their authentic core and skyrocket their businesses. When women share their value and message, and step out of their fears, the potential for healing that can take place on this planet is massive.


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