Mt. Shasta 7-Day Retreat

Woman Rising
7-Day Pilgrimage to Mount Shasta

Come Adventure with us!
The Mountain is calling you to experience WONDER & MAGIC.

This Pilgrimage will be a combination of Essence Making (flowers, trees, water, nature elementals) plus guided ritual /journeys into your innermost Mysteries.


Beloved Woman Rising Flower Essence Practitioner ~

This past June, I received a beautiful vision of taking our inner tribe of Flower Essence Practitioners on sacred pilgrimages and merging my love of adventuring / flower essence making + Earth Wisdom / Priestess teachings within a sacred group container.

There is an extraordinary magic that is created when diving into more esoteric teachings amongst a group of women who are already communicating with Nature.  The experiences we then have individually and as a collective are magnified and the messages, insights and healings from the unseen world (and from Spirit) are greatly enhanced.

Plus, the WOW factor that happens when a bunch of Flower Essence Practitioners journey together is jaw-dropping-unbelievable-believable-magic.

I so hope you join us as we pilgrimage into our own Selves, into the gifts of the flowers and elementals, and into the Great Mystery.

In Love,








Why Mount Shasta?

Mount Shasta is one of the seven sacred sites on the planet.  

mt-shasta3                          mount-shasta

Mount Shasta is known as one of the homes of the Ascended Masters where saints & angelic beings have revealed themselves over the centuries.  Ascended Master Saint Germain’s energy continuously radiates from the Temple of the Violet Flame deep in the inner recesses of the mountain. It’s been said that highly evolved beings, those from Lemuria, also reside within the mountain. It is believed that these Masters influence the energy of this area and are making this their headquarters during the Age of Aquarius that brings peace, love, abundance and wisdom.

The Native American tribes that straddle the area of Mount Shasta feel that the mountain is the sacred center of the universe.  The Wintu tribe even trace their people’s origin back to a sacred spring on the mountain.

Mount Shasta is also considered the Root Chakra of the planet. It grounds us into a deep knowing of our place as incarnated beings on Mother Earth.

It also shares the same sacred red and white springs that run through Avalon, otherwise known as Glastonbury.  Energetically, it is also connected to the Tor in Avalon, the Sphinx, and other sacred energetic portals.

Many types of spiritual phenomena occur on and near Mount Shasta, as this mountain exhibits strong frequencies and energetics of the Divine.

The Intention of our Pilgrimage:

The intention of our time together is to DIVE IN.
Explore the sacred waters of the Feminine, of the Mountain, of our emotions, and of Sisterhood. 

Individually, you will experience a deeper union and therefore connection with Nature and Elemental Spirits.  You will be invited to play in both the ordinary and the extraordinary.  To weave through the veils.  To partner with Spirit. 

And you will also have your own time during rituals and practices to call in more of or work more deeply with your Spirit Council and repair any beliefs or patterns that you are holding.

Collectively, we will journey into mystical realms together.  We will be asked to commit to our paths more powerfully.  And you will weave magic with your sisters as you have similar communications with the Divine.

Your ability to hear and listen, to see and touch the unseen will be exalted from the group energies and from the power of this geographical area.

You will be encouraged to make essences and have grand experiences with those who are calling to you.  At the end of our 7 days, we will have co-created a set of Mount Shasta essences.

During our 7 Days, we will journey to sacred sites for Essence Making:

There are places we know for sure we will visit AND there is also a huge amount of Mystery that will guide us throughout the week.

– Stewart Mineral Hot Springs
– Panther Meadows
– Nature Hikes

– Pyramid (if available)





August 3 – 10, 2017


This is a powerful time that we will be playing, exploring, and engaging in Mystical work.  This week was purposely chosen for our time making Essences.
The Full Moon is on August 7th in Aquarius.  Aquarius is all about collaboration and group connection. This energy will bring us all in to a more unified field.

And then on August 8 (8/8), we have the yearly Lionsgate Portal.  This time is linked to Solar Lughnasadh (the Celtic Holy Day marking the halfway point between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox) which is a potent time for initiation as Earth Wisdom holders. 

Lionsgate is the alignment of our beloved Earth, the planet Sirius, and the central galactic sun (this is the black sun at center of galaxy which is the entrance to all of the worlds that are being dreamed of in all the wombs).

The Lionsgate portal is a huge activation of our Royal energies since we are in the time of Leo, an activation of our wombspaces and the Lunar energies that reside there, and an activation of our I AM presence.

In this time, we individually receive a flood of energy (that is emitted from the unseen fabric or matrix of life that impacts everything) into the ends of our DNA that literally shifts our coding and therefore who WE ARE. 

Collectively, the most sacred sites of this planet are activated in this royal code of the Lions’ energy within each person.  This starts with the Sphinx, includes the Tor of Glastonbury, and of course, Mount Shasta!!!

So, we will be connecting with plant and elemental spirits during an absolutely powerful time while having our own coding opened and transformed!


Tuition for the Pilgrimage:

To register, select your preference from the payment options below and then complete your order.

Pay in Full

One payment of $1800


Four Payments

Four monthly payments of $522


What’s Included:

  • 7 days and nights of Lodging
  • All meals
  • All supplies needed for essence making (except please bring your bowl!)
  • Our unified set of Mount Shasta essences once completed.  There is no exact number I have in my head for how many essences our group will make but there will be a very specific set that comes through us as a Collective.

Space is limited to 10 women

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel before June 1st, you will receive your entire tuition back minus $500 as a non-refundable deposit. If you cancel after June 1st, there are no tuition refunds.
You can also set up a payment plan if needed.  Please email us at and we will work with you.

Your Tuition includes 3 meals per day + snacks, lodging, all excursions, supplies, and of course, the retreat curriculum.
It does NOT include airfare or transportation to Mt. Shasta Retreat Center. 

I am so excited to pilgrimage to Mount Shasta during the Full Moon / Lionsgate Portal with all of you and make Essences.

Loving you all so much!