Flower Essence Therapy

Flower Essence Therapy

Most of the women who decide to work with me have either never heard of Flower Essence Therapy or have heard of Dr Bach’s Rescue Remedy (saw it in the check-out aisle at their neighborhood health food store).

And yet, it is the reason why most of my clients continue to work with me for years.

Flower Essences are a vibrational form of botanical medicine. They are not as well known as herbal medicine or homeopathy or even essential oils.   But they are potent and powerful allies for those who are committed to a path of self-reflection and personal freedom.  

  • Ever been plagued by the same issues for years and years?
  • Ever wondered why you are still reliving pain from the past? Still angry with your mom or dad or ex-boyfriend?
  • Ever wondered how to let go of perfectionism, shame, and fears?
  • Ever been frustrated that you over-commit or feel guilty when you say No

Flower essences are what I call the “fast track” to healing.  They bring out subconscious beliefs and patterns so that you can easily release and/or shift them.  They release deep imprints of who you are and how to be in the world that you took on as a child.   They allow you to discover your truth… and start living from the present moment, rather than in the past.

Sounds pretty freeing yes?  

I know that you want to heal the closures around your heart.
I know that you are ready to tap into your divine courage.
I know that you yearn to be free of chronic frustration and disappointment.
I know that you are tired of taking care of others while neglecting your exquisite needs.

The truth is, deep within our bones and when we are able to access our inner wisdom, all we want is to experience emotional freedom.  To make choices aligned with our truth, to live in authenticity, to live in love, to be truly happy.  

Take the Flower Essence journey and Remember you.