2017 Pilgrimages, Programs, & Offerings

Mount Shasta Pilgrimage
August 3 -10, 2017

This is the first of our Flower Essence Pilgrimages and is only open to graduates of the Woman Rising Flower Essence Certification Program.

This is a 7-day epic journey full of deep emotional inquiry, Flower Essence play and adventure, and Sisterhood during the Full Moon and Lions Gate Portal in August.

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Shamanic Training Program
September 2017 – March 2018

The Healer’s Journey: Reclaiming Your Shamanic Roots will be taught by Damini Celebre who has been a Shamanic Practitioner since 1992.

A shaman is a man or woman who uses the ability to see “with the strong eye” or “with the heart” to travel into hidden realms. The shaman interacts directly with the spirits to address the spiritual aspect of illness and perform soul retrievals, retrieve lost power, as well as remove spiritual blockages.

Join us September 15-22 for a 6-day in-person retreat and then for another 6 months of training online.

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Bhakti Fest Joshua Tree, CA
September 7-10, 2017

Bhakti Fest is the premier yoga, sacred music, and personal growth festival in the United States. Since 2009, for six days each September, the best Teachers, Musicians, and Workshop Leaders in the world share their experience and I’m proud to be one of them this year.

Bhakti Fest celebrates the devotional paths of yoga, sacred music, and meditation. It’s also a drug and alcohol-free vehicle for the evolution of human consciousness through a heart-centered revolution – perfect for families!

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