Flower Essence Practitioner Training Program Application

Dear One,

I am thrilled that you are feeling called to join us for our Woman Rising Flower Essence Practitioner Training Program.

Walking this path is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself, as you partner and commune with Mother Earth AND journey deep on your own emotional healing journey.  All while learning clinical ways to counsel clients through trauma and woundings.

It’s extraordinary.

Please take your time as you fill out your Application.  This step can often feel like walking across a threshold. Set aside quiet, undisturbed space to feel into each question and share your heartfelt Truth.

Thank you again for feeling the heart calling to join us.
I will get back to you by email for our phone call together.

In Love and Gratitude,


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What are you passionate about bringing into the world?

What excites you about learning Flower Essence Therapy? And being Certified as a Flower Essence Therapist?

How do you imagine this program to enhance your life or business?

Anything else I should know about you that I haven't asked?