Flower Essence Practitioner Training Program


Plant Spirit Medicine & The Lost Language of Plants

How to be a Powerful and Impactful Coach,
Counselor or Mentor

Using Flower Essences to Heal Boundaries, Betrayals and Increase Self-Worth

Healing the heart is the path to emotional freedom and your greatest desires.
Become a Flower Essence Practitioner and change your life and the lives of your clients.

I know that you deeply desire for your loved ones and clients to live vibrant lives, have epic love, great adventures, be happy and confident mothers, achieve financial abundance.   And so it is imperative for you to have tools to facilitate their healthy forward movement.

Your loved ones and clients are looking to you because of your passion and expertise in health and healing.  They are looking to you to help them navigate from burnt out to resourced; from stuck and stagnant to inspired; from wounded and shut down to loving and open; from scared to empowered.

This is how you live your Revolutionary life. You are an Advocate.  You are a Medicine Woman.  A Healer. You are a Holder of Wisdom.  You are a Leader.  You hold visions of women living beautiful, impactful lives.

Perhaps you have spent years honing your skills in the pursuit of your own healing and then the healing of women. 

And maybe over the past few years you have noticed that you are not getting the results that you want for your clients or perhaps, it is merely that you want deeper, more transformational results using Plant Medicine.  You know that you can do MORE and you are ready for a system that offers you a clear path to lead others on their own healing journeys.

  • Have you been looking for tools that will “fast-track” your clients emotional healing, in a therapeutic way?
  • Do you ever feel that you do great work with your clients and then their health (emotional or physical) plateaus?
  • Do you want to learn how to use plant medicines to address trauma?
  • Do you feel that there is a piece of your practice missing… and you are ready to delve deep into healing from the root?
  • Are you curious about working with the subconscious?  Supporting your clients to find their blindspots and shift patterns?
  • Have you known for many years that there is a direct correlation between emotional health and physical health but aren’t sure how to translate this into healing for your clients?

For many years, I studied and practiced herbal medicine.  I began my studies in college, writing my thesis on Plant Spirit Medicine and the efficacy of this healing modality.  From there, I studied with renowned herbalists including Rosemaryflower essences Gladstar, Amanda Mcquade Crawford, and Aviva Jill Romm.

Six years into my studies, I started feeling that herbal medicine wasn’t getting to the root, to the core.  I was focusing on the symptoms rather than what was actually creating the imbalance in the first place.  And that lead me to studying Flower Essence Therapy and deepening into Plant Spirit Medicine, and Shamanic Counseling.

Over the last sixteen years, I have heard the stories of women navigating various pains and traumas from the past that are obstructing their happiness in the present.  Each woman looking for tools and healing that will allow them to create healthier boundaries, heal rifts in parent relationships, go deeper in sexual and intimate relationships, follow their passions, make more money.   They are looking for emotional freedom even if those are not the words they would use…. They are seeking to be Free (or less defined) of their self-judgements, self-hatred, and self-deprecation.

Many of these same women are experiencing feminine physical health issues like painful or absent menstrual cycles, endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, low libido, PCOS, and mood swings.  And I know that there is an intimate connection between what is present in the psyche and what is then present in the body.  Any emotional wound that is untreated or unprocessed will show up somehow in a woman’s life.  Either emotionally or physically.  

And I know that Flower Essences can address the emotional pains that are wreaking havoc mentally or physically.  I have seen this time and time again, with no exception. Plants are limitless in their ability to heal. They have facilitated great healing in me and my clients and students from the inside out.  And I continue to learn from their generosity every single day.


WomanRising Flower Essence Practitioner Certification Program
Learn the Art of Using Plant Medicine to
Create Emotional Healing and Freedom

In this program, you are going to learn how to use Flower Essences through a system of healing that includes counseling tools and techniques.  You will also receive 3 one-on-one sessions with me or one of our Woman Rising Certified Flower Essence Practitioners so that you have an embodied experience of how Flower Essences work to support your emotional healing.  This might be one of the most important aspects of the program.


This program will take place over 4 months from
April 11 – August 8, 2017.

Module 1:

History of Flower Essences
Why are they important?
How do they work?
The process of Attuning with a Plant
Safety Concerns and Precautions

Module 2:
Understanding this Modality
Learn to make Flower Essences
Understand the language of flowers
Explore the Doctrine of Signatures
Energetics of Flower Essences

Module 3:
The Art of Formulation

Where to Begin?
Understand how to pick essences
Intellectual formulations v Muscle testing/pendulum
Create customized formulas + dosing

Module 4:
A System to Work Within

Dive deep into the first 3 chakras as system for understanding your client’s past pains
Learn how the energetics of our hurts imprint into the Chakra system
Work with the First Chakra + essences to support this healing
Continue formulation

Module 5:
Understanding Betrayals & Healing Trauma

Help your client to heal from violations and abuse
Understand the energetics of the Second chakra and its vital connection to a Woman’s life
Flower Essences for the Second Chakra including those that help heal betrayals and set boundaries

Module 6:
Energetic Protection + Third Chakra
Understand how the First and Second Chakra’s health leads to the vitality of the Third Chakra
Flower Essences for the Third Chakra that support your confidence and manifesting dreams
Learn the importance of Protection Flower Essences – for you as a Practitioner and for your client
Acknowledge the cues of your body which communicate that you have taken “on” energies – can’t sleep, headaches, stomaches, nausea

Module 7:
Coaching Skills
Learn the Art of Counseling
Spiritual and Emotional techniques to get to the root of your client’s health issue
Learn to “see” the themes in your client’s story so that you can create the most powerful Flower Essence formula
Embody the “healing journey”

3 1/2 Day Retreat (Full Moon in Sagittarius):
Make a Flower Essence + Shamanic Journeying for deeper insight into the flower’s medicine
Witness a Live session in person
Review case studies
Evening mystical sessions with Power Plant Flower Essences to enhance Shamanic Journeying

Module 8:
Understanding and Working with Trauma from a Somatic Perspective
Trauma and its link to the brain
The spectrum of trauma from extreme violation to everyday experiences
How trauma affects every aspect of our lives

Module 9:
Modern Woman’s Emotional Epidemics 

Understand the modern woman’s emotional process
Focus on Anxiety, Irritability, Overwhelm, Depression, and Addiction with Flower Essences that will greatly enhance these emotional challenges

Module 10:
The Heart and Throat Chakra
Help clients heal from closures around heart
Understand the dynamics of love and freedom
See first-hand how the health of the First Chakra links to the Heart
Harness the power of the Throat Chakra + how to speak one’s Truth

Module 11:
How to Grow your Flower Essence Business

Learn the language of Marketing
The best strategies for enrolling people as clients
How to speak about Flower Essences
The difference between being in Service to another’s transformation and selling a product
BONUS Interview with Celia Ward-Wallace (Soulful Biz Coach extraordinaire)

Module 12:
Case Studies

Put your knowledge to the test through presenting Case Studies and how you might proceed with the client
The best steps to implement all of your knowledge into your Flower Essence practice

Module 13:
More Case Studies

Interactive Dialogue of Client Case Studies
Understanding how to Lead your Client to her core


What’s Included:

  • 13 LIVE Virtual Content Calls
  • 3 LIVE Virtual Q & A calls
  • Householder Shamanic Practices and Journeying
  • Counseling and Coaching Skills to support your client into healing
  • BONUS Audio Teachings and Practices
  • 80 Flower Essences 
  • 3 one-on-one sessions + customized formulas with Joanne Ameya or a Woman Rising Certified Flower Essence Practitioner
  • Optional 3 1/2 day in-person retreat (Housing & Meals covered)
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Virtual Graduation + Gifts
  • Licensing & Certification (once requirements are met with a yearly fee)

Alongside Joanne Ameya, you will be Mentored by
3 amazing Woman Rising Certified Flower Essence Practitioners


This program was everything I was looking for….

Danielle SeidenglanzWhere to begin? This is a program that really changed the way I look at plant medicine. And at the same time, it really helped me to grow and learn so much about myself. It was a life changing experience for me.The most valuable things I’ve learned is how powerful our intuition is and how to connect with Spirit for guidance. This insight has changed how I view the world, make decisions and connect with others. Also, I know this sounds obvious, but this program showed me how powerful Flower Essences are as a healing modality – both emotionally and physically.The retreat was amazing! This is where I really connected with the plants and flowers… and the shamanic journeys really had a tremendous impact on me. Not that I ever doubted the presence of spirit before but after my experiences at the retreat, I’m just amazed that this presence lives with us everyday, in everything and that we can connect with it. So cool! Flower essences and plant medicine are such an inspiration and I feel so grateful that I’ve found something that I feel so passionate about!

Danielle Seidenglanz

My prayers to learn the Flower Essences were answered and I knew Joanne Ameya was the ONE I needed to learn from….

Since I stumbled upon Joanne Ameya online, my life has radically changed. She is the most kind, generous, and wise teacher I have encountered. A mentor, teacher, an inspiration, Priestess, Joanne has a luminous soul that has been a precious gift for me. Her devotion to her students – their learning and evolution – is admirable. I learned so much from her! The Certification Program was far and beyond anything I imagined. Having one-on-one sessions was one of my favorite parts because of what unfolded in my own healing journey. And the retreat was so in depth. A highlight. I fell in love with the plants and with Joanne even more. I am forever grateful for what I have learned and that I carry this light in the world.

Val Casalderrey

“This program transformed my life….

Namee Baijal I joined this program because, well, I like to say it was the flowers calling to me. I felt very certain that I needed to do this program. And then when I spoke with Joanne, I felt so incredibly safe and I was sure that she would be the right teacher for me. This program has changed my life – personally and also professionally. It has given me clear direction about the way that I want to incorporate healing work and film in my life and …. It is making me a different person. Also, the community of women that was created has become very important. I am certain some of these women – if not all – will be lifelong close friends. Thank you so much!”

Namee Baijal

The field of complementary and alternative medicine is a multi-billion dollar industry. In fact, 5 out of 10 adults and children are choosing alternative care options.  More and more people are understanding that in order to reach our needs and desires, emotional healing is a priority.

flower essences 2You can use this training to grow or enhance your current business by having natural medicines that will shift your clients emotional patterns quickly and effectively.  You will be a part of a select group who are supporting the reclamation of Nature’s powerful medicines.

Faster and better results + natural and holistic viewpoint = More clients for you.

Mostly, you KNOW in your heart that everything comes back to a woman’s emotional past hurts and wounds.  And you are longing for a system where healing (not just health) occurs.

This program will be limited to 20 – 22 women.  This means that there will be plenty of individualized support so that you become the best Flower Essence Practitioner and Mentor.

I promise that this program will CHANGE your life and that of your clients.  That is a big statement, I know, but I also stand behind this truth.

This program is ideal for:

  • Life coaches who are looking for tools that will move clients more quickly out of deep-seated patterns
  • Midwives, doulas, and other birth professionals
  • Health coaches who continually have clients that get stuck in the healing process
  • Women’s health practitioners who are attracting women with endometriosis, fibroids, fertility challenges, PMS, dysmenorrhea, PCOS, etc.
  • Mothers who are looking for natural remedies to support their children from infancy to adulthood
  • Women who want to deepen in their own emotional healing and freedom

“This program has been instrumental in making my dreams come true….

Risa Pantoja
I didn’t really know how flower essences worked, or exactly what they could do, but I knew this healing modality was something I wanted to learn about. When I saw a mention of the program, I knew the essences would continue my own healing journey, and would allow me to receive an income while offering healing to those who seek it – this is my ultimate dream. So, you could say this program has been instrumental in helping me make my dreams come true. Wow.Joanne Ameya is an incredible teacher. She has so much wisdom, patience, and knowledge, and through her teachings, I have tools to offer others a life-changing healing modality. And the one-on-one sessions with her have been so insightful, helping me to uncover my patterns and traumas. I am incredibly grateful to her.
If you are willing and desire it, this course will change your life in multiple ways.

Risa Pantoja

I was drawn to this program because out of all of the flower essence trainings available, I found the Woman Rising curriculum the most comprehensive. Going into the program, I was looking to help people heal themselves. I didn’t realize I would come out so dramatically transformed myself. The program has taught me how to heal painful events from my past, establish boundaries, and step out as a practitioner and I’ve doubled my business income. I would recommend this training with my whole heart and soul!

Lizze Swartz

MY HEART LED ME to Joanne Ameya and her Flower Essence Practitioner Certification Program and my life has radically transformed.  
Ameya is an incredibly generous and intuitive mentor with a wisdom that reaches into times long gone. She has an amazing amount of knowledge in womens wellbeing, the chakra system and the use of flower essences to support emotional healing, and has a wonderful ability to relate to, support and teach women with her sincere kindness, understanding and love. The care she shows to her students and her commitment to their personal growth and freedom is incredible. Ameya is a true embodiment of a divine feminine leader for women seeking to embody and reclaim more of their divine selves. I am beyond grateful to have learned from this beautiful medicine woman, and humbled to walk beside her and share this potent medicine in the world.

Jo Bell Cummings

Tuition for the Online Program:

The Tuition is $3800.

This includes:
18 weeks of online content and Q & A calls
3 one-on-one sessions with Ameya or one of our Woman Rising Flower Essence Practitioners including customized Flower Essence formulas
3 Flower Essence Kits (totaling 80 essences)

The first 5 women who register will have their one-on-one sessions with Ameya.

There are payment plans to suit your needs.
There are 1-2 partial scholarships also available.

Tuition for the Retreat (optional but highly recommended):

The retreat price is $1000 and will take place in Ojai, CA. Dates are June 8 – 12, 2017.

The retreat will deepen your knowledge as it takes place halfway through the Program and will provide an embodied understanding of the Flower Essence teachings.

Once your Certification Requirements are met, you will also be Licensed (and receive all the amazing benefits from this!) through Woman Rising and use all materials in your own work and business.


me copy

It would be an honor to share with you all that I have learned over the past 15 years about Flower Essences. There is a huge vault of information on how to address emotional and physical issues to create lasting health in others.  My dream is to get this potent healing modality out in the world so that people can stop suffering and experience transformation.

I would love to teach you how to use Flower Essences to enhance your own inner journey of Freedom AND how to use them to support life-changing, magnificent healing for clients.
If you have any questions, please contact support@joanneameyacohen.com

With Love to you,


The next Certification Program will begin in March 2018.
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