Come HOME to your Embodied Essence.
Return to the Medicine of Mother Earth
as your greatest healing allies.

Welcome to a program where you will journey into the potency of Flower Essences to heal your past pains, wounds, habits, and traumas.

Perhaps in your health journey, you have been hearing the call of the plants to learn their sacred medicine and you specifically want to learn about Flower Essences.

Perhaps you know that you are yearning for a space to delve into your untruths to discover your greatest Truths.

Step onto the Path of the Medicine Woman.
For yourself, your family, your community.

Embrace the gifts of the plants.
Understand their language and allow them to assist you in deep and potent inner transformation.


Flower Essence Alchemy:
An Introduction to Sacred Plant Medicine


This educational, experiential and interactive Self Study journey is designed to deepen your understanding of the profundity of Flower Essence Therapy, shed the armor around your heart, create a partnership with the plants and trees, and blossom as a woman surrounded by your Sisters.

It is more than just an Introductory Program.  It is an Invitation to explore your connection to Nature, both outwardly and inwardly.

Flower Essences are the Essence or Spirit of Plant and when ingested, they meet your Spirit or Essence.  They work to move out subconscious junk and gunk to the conscious mind where it can be processed and released.  They are an exquisite remedy for anyone who is wanting to heal emotional pain and residue or if you are wanting to be more emotionally balanced in the present.

They are ideal for adults, children, babies, and even animals.  Their effects are astounding.  And will ultimately change your life.

This is a 4 Week Self Study Course.  Each week you will receive a Curriculum Recording plus Pdfs directly to your email inbox. This will be delivered weekly so that you have time between sessions to listen to the content and complete your Flower Essence “Home Play”.  You are encouraged to set aside time each week. We also understand that life happens so if you miss a week or get behind, you have lifetime access to the recordings and handouts in a password protected online portal.

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 Reclaim Ancient Earth Medicines


For so long we have been separated from Mother Earth.  Our society has favored technology and advancement over creating a deep partnership with Nature.

When we cultivate a partnership with the Earth, we begin to relate from our hearts.  And when we open to sacred plant medicines and all that they offer to us, we become better stewards and caretakers of this planet.

The plants have been waiting for you to return to them.  It used to be that women held the sacred role as Medicine Woman in tribes and local communities… tending to the sick, birthing babies… and it is now time to return to the wisdom that is truly yours. They have so much to share with you, in your own awakening and in the health of the planet.


Rise in Sisterhood


Our society has fostered a sense of separation amongst women.  We have learned to compare and despair, to compete, and ultimately to create an illusion that we are different.  As we are now awakening to Remember the Ways of the Feminine™, we are re-discovering that EVERYTHING becomes stronger in Sisterhood. As women, we all share similar wounds, pains, joys, and celebrations.  Our stories have different characters and different events, but at the heart, we are really all the same.

As you journey the path of the Medicine Woman, you need other women to walk with you.  To hold your hands and pull you along when you feel despair.  To lead you in some moments.  To celebrate your greatness and successes.

The greatest gift of the Feminine is our ability to Love and Nurture.  Together, as you learn the arts of Flower Essences, you will have a sacred circle of women who you are building community with and with whom you can rely on to support your own Feminine Reclamation.


Delve Deep to Experience Emotional Freedom

freedom copy

Emotional Freedom means that you are living in this present moment.  Most of us are living out of hurts, betrayals, and pains from the past that, left unresolved and unprocessed, are now affecting various aspects of our present lives.

Most of us are making choices from our wounded self, from our wounded inner child.  And as a woman on the path of awakening, perhaps you are seeking to find tools that will assist your emotional and spiritual growth.

Flower Essences are the “fast-track” to healing.  They work within our subconscious to heal heartache as well as shift limiting beliefs and conditioned patterns so that we may be the version of our Selves we desire and long for in our deepest intimate moments.

Program Outline

Understanding Flower Essences
Week 1

The history of Flower Essences
What exactly are Flower Essences?
How Flower Essences will affect your life
Releasing limiting beliefs that are blocking your desires

Communication with Nature
Week 2

Plant Observation and Nature Spirit work
The importance of connecting with Mother Earth
How to Make a Flower Essence
Understanding Levels of Dilution for Dosing

Repairing Betrayals and Trauma
Week 3

Understanding Trauma and how it lives in the body and psyche
Flower Essences for Common Women’s Issues
Flower Essences for Depression & Anxiety

Flower Essences for Women’s Health
Week 4

Flower Essences for Irritability and Overwhelm
Selecting Essences based on what you are experiencing
Creating formulations to support your emotional healing

Bonus: Integration Sessions

To begin our journey together, you have access to an Opening Ceremony
and to complete our time together after all content modules are released, you have access to a final Closing Ceremony and Q&A. 


How We Will Gather

This is a Self Study Course and we welcome you to take the information in at your own pace. We welcome you to feel into the best rhythm for your personal learning style.


Flower Essence Curriculum Calls


Each week, you will receive your Flower Essence Recording directly into your email inbox.

As mentioned above, it is encouraged to set up specific times each week (schedule in your calendar) so that you make this study a priority.

You will have Flower Essence “HomePlay” that you can post in our FB group.  If you have questions about the content of the call, you can also post in our private FB Group.

Flower Essence Recorded Circle Calls

During this program, you have access to two previous calls to open and close the program. 

The closing ceremony call will support you with specific questions students have had about the program materials which we hope will help you bring Flower Essences more fully into your life.

Flower Alchemy Portal


Lifetime access to our Flower Essence Alchemy Portal of Recording and Handouts.

You will find each weekly recording plus your Flower Essence Handouts + Homeplay for each week in a password-protected portal.

These are all yours forever and will be helpful for you as you go deeper into this healing modality.

Essence of Heart Council

Our private Facebook group will be our heart-centered place to reveal tender places in our hearts, minds, and Souls in REAL, LIVE time.

You can seek guidance and insight, and perhaps offer reflections to one another in a safe space. You can also ask questions and have all answered in real time.


Join us and journey into the magical and potent realms of Flower Essences

Registration will Re-Open Soon!

Pay in Full   2 Payments
$250 or $130 each


From the depths of my heart, I am honored to share with you about Flower Essences.  I believe that they create RADICAL and profound transformations in our internal landscapes as well as our physical health.

As Daughters of the Earth, it is part of our path to learn about these sacred plant medicines so that we hold these wisdom teachings and the lineage continues.  And so that we come back into union with Mother Earth and help steward her back into health and wholeness.

This self-study course will gift you information on how to deeply commune with and understand the messages of plants AS WELL AS support you on your own path of Remembrance.

When you register for this program, you agree to show up for your own inner healing and learning the gifts of Mother Earth.  Therefore, there are no tuition refunds.

In Love and Plant Blessings,
Joanne Ameya