embracing cycles

Embracing Your Cycle:

How to Create Less Stress,
Irritability, and Pain Every Month


Everyday in my private practice, I see women who struggle each month with their periods.
For some, it’s painful cramping that keeps them away from work.  For others, it’s the nagging irritability that makes them anxious and afraid of saying the wrong thing to their partners or children. And for still others, the desire to get pregnant means they stress out about their uneven cycles.
We can stop “dealing with” our periods and start embracing them.

On this free call, I’ll teach you:

  • 3 reasons why it is crucial to be in partnership with your cycle rather than merely “putting up” with it. 
  • Which herbal medicines can decrease your irritability and painful cycles. 
  • Why your menstrual cycle is actually the elixir for your happiness and pleasure.
  • How to release emotional trauma from your reproductive tissues… you will not want to miss this!

Plus, information about my upcoming program designed to help you love “that time of the month.”

Thursday, May 1st at 12 pm PST

This call will be recorded in case you can’t make it live.

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For the last 13 years, I have had the privilege of supporting women in connecting to the wisdom of their bodies.  As a Birth Doula, holding space for women to give birth and become mothers.  And as an Expert Herbalist and Flower Essence Counselor, assisting women to balance their hormones and heal their menstrual cycles.  I have been “Schooled” in the ways of Woman.  And I know that when women reclaim their cycles, deep healing occurs.  They increase their fertility, they balance their hormones, their moods shift, they access their feminine power… they become Healthy Feminine Leaders™.

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