Beltane Blessings & a Ritual

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are about to celebrate Beltane and our sisters in the Southern Hemisphere are about to celebrate Samhain. Both of these are cross-quarter Fire Festivals. And both of these Holy Days mark the turning of the Wheel of the Year, ushering in deep mystical magic. The veils are very thin at this time and great wisdom from the unseen is transmitted through us by Guides, Gaia, and the Cosmos.

The Beltane Portal this year is May 1 – May 15th.  The portal opens on Calendar Beltane or May Day. This is the time when community comes together to celebrate the union of the Masculine and Feminine that creates the fertility of all the lands. This portal also includes Solar Beltane on Sunday, May 5th (right after the New Moon on May 4th) at 12:03 pm PDT and then Lunar Beltane on May 18th with a big beautiful Full Moon in Scorpio at 2:11 pm PDT.

Enjoy A Beltane Ritual & Transmission

This time period ushers in Summer and the season of Fire.  There are great mystical truths available to you at this time about your Moonblood, your life phases of Woman, your Sexuality and Sensuality, and the moment where your Maiden traverses into her Lover Self.

During this window, it is important to stay present and engage in ritual and ceremony so that you remain open to receive messages and medicines for your life (and therefore for your family, community, and work) that can only be accessed at this time.

Beltane is FULL of the energies of fertility, the celebration of the Union of the Masculine and Feminine (or the Lunar and Solar energies), play, passion, and earthly pleasures. 

In celebration, I have created a Beltane Transmission & Ritual 
for you to listen to during the Beltane Portal. 

This is a very deep and powerful journey so please set aside 
sacred space and 45 minutes to listen to the recording during this portal (preferably either May 5th or May 18th).

During Beltane, there are codes of remembrance that are available to you, waiting for you. Your sexuality, inner beloved, and the forces of the Lunar and Masculine that animate within you are desiring to be touched and honored. It is a time where great celebration and healing can happen.

Please share this Guided Meditation with other sisters in your life who would benefit from and appreciate this audio recording.

BLESSED BELTANE (And Samhain too)!



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