Your Maiden Self 3 Rituals on the Path of Ecstasy

Spring holds much magic as we witness the colors and sounds of Gaia’s awakening and blossoming after the depths of winter.  It is also the season in which you have great access to your Maiden Self or your Inner Child.Your Maiden holds the blueprint of your Soul.
She is full of the ecstasy of being alive, of carrying unique codes in your earthly body, and of being able to express herself, with no limitations or worries. Your inner child is pure, full of innocence and joy.  She is the one who wants to skip.  And play with her friends and the fairies. Who wants to BE and play and enjoy. And sees through BS to Truth, always.  Ever hang with a little kid?!? She is also the one who most likely endured trauma, at the hands of others.  And so along with carrying the sweetness of the Divine, she also carries wounds and hurts. Because you may not have had someone by your side as a child who was helping you process through intense life events, you began to tuck trauma away, out of reach.  Or at least away so you didn’t have to see it all the time… or feel it. But, it has been with you. Creating life situations and circumstances.
Your Maiden is a huge part of what your life looks and feels like, RIGHT NOW. You see, when you experience trauma and it sits in your body, it becomes the filter through which you see the world and make decisions.
Your Maiden is holding some limiting beliefs like:
“I am too wild.”
“I’m ugly.”
“I’m stupid.”These beliefs inform your actions:
“I am going to tone-it-down, meaning I am going to conform myself so that no one really sees me and I don’t take attention from anyone else.”
“I’ll never find a life partner.  Who would love me looking like this?”
“I went for a great job interview but why would they hire me?”And then your actions create your reality. 
We all like to prove ourselves correct so we play out scenarios so that we can affirm the beliefs we carry.You have to repair the past in order to live freely in the present. And your Maiden can be one of your Guides.
3 Rituals to Work With Your Maiden and Experience More Ease in Your Life

There are many different practices, rituals and flower essences that will support the healing of these past experiences that continuously contribute to your life.  Now, again, your Maiden also brings the BEST to your life.  These suggestions are more for the places that you wish to bring into Wholeness, that you know are holding you back from living your Soul’s mission…..

1.  Fuschia Hibiscus Flower Essence  
When doing Inner Child Work, it is so important to connect to that part of yourself that is already Whole and Pristine. She knows so much. She can inform you of what she felt in the past and what she needs right now to come into a greater space of safety (making your life much easier and more in flow). Taking this Flower Essence will absolutely bring you into connection with who you are and who you always have been, deep at your core.  Your own version of the image above (pink onesie romper with pink roller skates and hands on hips with huge smile)!

Also, as adults, we tend to be VERY serious.  It’s crazy! We don’t often let ourselves let loose… This Flower Essence will bring a childlike joy into your life.

2.  Create Ritual space and Call in your Maiden.
If there is a specific life experience/situation you are wishing to have more clarity about, she can assist you. For example, let’s say you carry a memory of a time that invokes a lot of anger or sadness or any type of emotional pain. Ask to connect to your Maiden and then begin asking her questions about this time to help you repair and release the ties that are holding you back in your life, rooted in that moment. As you ask questions, write them down.  Don’t think… just write. Ask her what she needs to release this.

Be very patient with this process.Your Maiden may be very talkative and it may take her some time to open up and share with you. Gentleness and compassion are key components of this practice.

3.  Playdates with your Maiden!
Take time out each week or every other week during this season to hang with your Maiden. Ask her what she wants to do, who she wants to spend time with. As adults (and women who have a lot of responsibilities), it is easy to focus on the never-ending to-do list rather than spending time on enjoying this epic experience of life. Your Maiden knows how to have fun. Turn off your adult mind.  Set aside an afternoon or a couple of hours. Ask her what she wants to do. Be open to what she has to share. And then IN-JOY!

If you feel inspired to share your experience with any of these rituals we’d love for you to share in the comments below or in our private and safe Facebook group.

May the power of your Maiden bring you harmony during this season of Spring…



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