Flower essences for grief as the wheel of the year turns to Equinox

As we are about to enter into the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, we find ourselves at a still point. The Wheel of the Year is about to turn and there is a transition present here for all us. You can feel a change. Gaia is directing us into another turn of her rhythms.

Autumn Equinox takes place on Saturday, September 22nd at 6:54 pm PDT.  This is a day of balance of polarities. And after this moment, we are in the dark part of the year.  This is the time when many of us begin to move inward, crawling towards the Core of who we are. There are many emotions present at this time, including Grief.

In Chinese Medicine, Fall carries the signature of Grief. Grief wants to hold us and invite us into its bosom so that the tender aches or the shattered-into-a-million-pieces can be Felt. Voiced. Every hollow of our insides can dive into the waters of our human-ness and know that it’s integral to our survival and thriving.

She who swims in the abyss of the dark waters. She who is your dear friend, healer. She, the Guardian of sorrow-filled tears, fist-shaking rage, and hard-to inhale breaths. She is with you. Tending to you so that you eventually make your way from the dark Womb Waters. Sometimes with a gentle glide, sometimes fighting for your life and sometimes after you’ve repaired those broken parts. She returns you to your Life. Different. Broken Open. Whole.

Don’t betray your own Grief.
 Let it have its way with you. This human experience demands you feel your heart’s cries and your Wombs contractions. When you dismiss or ignore it, those cries burrow into your cells, tissues, muscles and create a strain on your body. They become muffled agony that twists and contorts into even more suffering.

Each time you grieve, you release. You repair. You tend. You remember. You Live.
And you become Love for Love awaits you on the shores of those dark Waters.

Here are 6 flower essences to support you with your own grief.

Flower essences for grief

Flower Essences are incredibly valuable for times when you are grieving and want to be held in the process so that you can feel and move through the emotions. They can also support old grief that is re-surfacing.

Generally, you will take 3 drops 3 times per day.

There are many essences that will support your grief journey.

Here are 6 Essences to begin to explore:

Provides a sturdy and beautiful Angelic protection to the entire system. Provides a strong force field, wrapping you in an angelic embrace

Bleeding Heart
This Flower Essence heals the great pains of a broken heart by repairing the pieces into Wholeness and through bringing the Love of Gaia in through your heart. This, of course, supports your own process and allows you to pulse out Love to the world.

When you are experiencing grief and sorrow and the ache of loss, you are reminded that you have choice. That you can stay in the broken pieces of your ache or break open, allowing the fluidity of grief to be felt in a conscious way.

Cistus/Rock Rose
When navigating stressful, fearful, or acute situations, Rock Rose Flower Essence brings a sense of safety, calm, and peace. She is for times of acute depression that comes with grief and she can unfreeze your fight or flight response.

Elephant Ears
Elephant Ears provides a literal umbrella of protection surrounding and embracing you like a shield. Provides a joyful/ playful energy which can be great to be added to formulas where there is a lot of trauma work or emotional processing happening.

Moves grief and old emotions that have lodged in the body. This Flower Essence moves old, entrenched emotional baggage out of the body and restores pleasure after a long hiatus without it.


Each of these can be ordered by emailing support@joanneameyacohen.com and letting us know which you would like to purchase. All essences are $15.


If you are feeling grief, know that you are not alone.
Your grief is my grief, Sister. My grief is yours. Woven in this Web of a Life we are One.

We would love to hear what is present for you at this time, sister. Join our safe and loving Facebook group or share in the comments.

These words were written in dedication to my sister Monica Mesa and her incredible loss.



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