The Wisdom of the Dark and New Moon {Practices & Reminders}

We are in this dark portal as the Moon makes her way to her New Moon phase on June 13th at 12:43 pm PDT. The Moon is in Taurus right now but will move into Gemini later today and stay there until Thursday (after the New Moon).

I wanted to share with you some Medicine that is alive right now so that you can use the Moon as part of your Council of Guidance at this time.



The Dark of the Moon refers to the period of time when the Moon exhibits zero illumination, while the New Moon starts the very first day that the moon appears in the night sky as a slim sliver of light. In effect, there is some crossover in their medicine, but the Dark Moon is actually what many women celebrate and honor in the New Moon.

The Dark Moon is the abyss. It is the Womb. The cauldron of Life that we are invited to experience every single month. The Dark Moon gives you access to Great teachers of the Spirit World, from Lilith to Mary Magdalena to Sekhmet to Persephone to Inanna to Kali. The Goddesses who reside in the Shadows and who are beckoning you to return to their ancient wisdom.

You need this time each month to descent into your personal underworld. To lay in the dark spaces that are familiar and that also carry pain. Journeying into your shadows is part of living the full spectrum of your life. From the ashes, from the pain, from the wounds comes the Full Illumination of your Self into Wholeness. It is the journey you take every month as a woman.

So, at this completely Dark time, you might be feeling more that is in the realms of the underworld. You might feel more sadness, more overwhelm, more dissatisfaction, more depth of emotion…. more of the complexities of this human life.

You may notice that you want/need more sleep, downtime, and self-care. In fact, for this entire week of June 11th, we definitely recommend spaciousness for yourself. Whatever time you can create and give to yourself per day (5 min to hours), will set up this entire next Lunation cycle for you so that you navigate with more ease and a stronger sense of yourself.



The Moon in Gemini generally gives you an opportunity to your ideas and thoughts, ability to create and speak. Gemini is ruled by Mercury who is the God of communication. At this time, you have access to your mental realms, your inner child, and what She wishes to verbalize, either for her own healing or as a reminder for the world.

Gemini is the sign of the twins so you may feel all of the polarities and dualities present right now. You might want to be with friends but also want solo time. You might feel strong and also tender. You might wish to Activate your dreams in the world and also take a bath. This is the time where you can be BOTH/AND. This is actually one of the most powerful teachings for the Priestess Path and those of you who are Healers, Leaders, and Change-Agents. You have the currents of inner/outer, solar/lunar, heaven/earth flowing through you.

Because of other aspects that are present right now, this New Moon is going to continue the descent into your personal underworld, initiated by the Dark Moon. You may not feel the immediate respite that can often come with the New Moon, where a little light begins to return to the Moon. So, if this is present for you, take this as a great gift. Diving into the abyss and doing sacred work with your inner realms to heal and/or befriend shadows, is the most epic work you can do right now. Be honest with where you might be feeling depression, anxiety, overwhelm, addictive tendencies, closure around your heart, toleration for what no longer serves you. These moments offer us clarity to what you are ready to release, transform, and shift.

Take time again all week for self-care. Meditate. Put your body against the Earth. Eat well. Drink a lot of water. Journal. Bathe. Sit with a Teacher. Do Shamanic Journeying. Take your Flower Essences. Call a friend. Hug your Lover.

If you feel inspired to share your experience with the Dark or New Moon, we’d love for you to share in the comments below or in our private and safe Facebook group.

This Dark Moon and New Moon portal heralds the beginning of a New lunation cycle that will include Summer Solstice and the opening of the Golden Gates of Mid-summer. Please take this time to be with yourself, make inner commitments, plant seeds, and dream your dreams.



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