4 Potent Practices to Support you During the Cancer New Moon & Solar Eclipse

On July 12th, the New Moon is in Cancer at 7:48 pm PDT. There is also a partial Solar Eclipse at 8:01 pm PDT. This is the first in a Trinity of Eclipses that completes on August 11. Needless to say, the next month is a very potent time for activations, beginnings, and endings.

During this New Moon, the Sun and Moon are conjunct in Cancer. Cancer is a water sign that is deeply emotive, intuitive, and connected to HOME. Because of the dark of this Moon, the Sun and Moon in Cancer, this partial Solar eclipse, and all that is happening in our world, you might be feeling even more sensitive, tender, alert, or emotional. You might be experiencing great upheaval in your work, partnership, and anything that provides a sense of security. This is a gift. Please remember this. These are opportunities for you to clean out old cobwebs of conditioning, “shoulds”, and any other deeply ingrained imprints that are not your Truth. These are times when you get to release and Dream your Light into being.

We are in a crucible of so much wanting to be reorganized, renovated, repaired, and released. Every which way we look, we can see the tired and worn out structures, as well as the Golden Age of Love, returning.

Here are 4 potent practices to support you during the cancer new moon and solar eclipse. 

1. Journal about your family (both family of origin and chosen family)

Because Cancer is so connected to Home and the essence of family, take some to journal about your relationships with your Family of Origin and well as your Chosen Family.

When I looked up the definition for family, it seemed so cold and also outdated. It referred to what a family consists of (living under one roof, shared ancestry) rather than what a family provides (love, nurturance, care). This is why so many of us leave our Family of Origin disheartened or wounded and carefully cultivate Chosen Family that is selected and curated.

Here are some journaling questions. The answers will support you as you create new understandings and relationships within the structure of Family.

What is your current relationship like with your parents or those who raised you? With your siblings or close relatives? How do you feel when you are with them?
What would you like to change in your dynamics? How can you deepen intimately with them? And is that even safe to do so?
What type of relationship do you wish to create? Is that possible for you?

Who are your Chosen Family? Are these people that support you and want the best for you, at all times? Do they acknowledge and appreciate you? Do you feel safe to be YOU?
How can you deepen intimately with them? And is that even safe to do so?
Are there other types of people that you wish to bring into your Chosen Family?


2. Feel into your HOME, your physical home that you occupy

Light a candle and take some deep breaths.

Journal these questions:
How does your home support you? Does it provide safety? Is it nourishing? Are you fed through its security?

Pay attention to what arises. To what wants to be celebrated and what wants to be shifted. How can you make your home an extension of you, in this moment? Not the you from a year ago or even 10 years ago. NOW.
How can your house/apartment/bus be your Home?


3. Sit in meditation from 7:45 pm PDT – 8:05 PM PDT

If you are already sleeping, you can wake up to meditate for a short window. In astrology, eclipses are portals for exponential growth. Specifically, eclipses are a time of rapid change, and with a partial Solar eclipse, these changes will generally affect your outer experiences. We are forced to face change in a way that might be uncomfortable, but that ultimately lead to maturity. Use this time to get quiet, go inward. This is a powerful moment of spiritual evolution and a time to receive Cosmic transmissions.


4. Practice Exquisite Self-Care

In times of great upheaval or beginnings and endings, taking care of yourself is a priority. When you are resourced and grounded, you are more able to ride the waves of life. You are clearer and stronger to make choices that seem scary or hard. You are more courageous to follow your heart. Drink plenty of water, move your body, eat organic food, rest, take baths. You can also use Flower Essences to support you at this time.

Flower Essences that focus on change so you stay committed to your path and don’t fall victim to the status quo that can keep you from making necessary changes.

Trusting your intuition so that your inner guidance can take over and you can make choices with clarity and certainty.

Blue Eyed Grass
Supports you to see places of the old pattern and then create new ways of being so that you are not playing out old scenarios for a dramatic outcome. In this way, this Flower Essence assists the detanglement of trauma so that you live in the present.

Cistus/Rock Rose
When navigating stressful, fearful, or acute situations, Rock Rose Flower Essence brings a sense of safety, calm, and peace. She can unfreeze your fight or flight response.

This Flower Essence releases subconscious fears and worries that have rooted into your psyche. She supports the development of new habits and beliefs so that you are no longer living from old patterns.

Keeps your emotional body soft and fluid so that you can stay connected to yourself and others. Marshmallow is an extraordinary essence for softening or dissolving the emotional armor that you wear, keeping you distance from your own happiness and truth.

White Sage
Clearing, cleansing and purifying for the overall system. Clears out energetic patterns, energies, or anything not of your essence


Let us know what is present for you as you navigate these currents. Please share in our Woman Rising Sisterhood private and safe Facebook Group or in the comments below.

Blessed New Moon



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