Aquarius New Moon Ritual

I had an entire email I was going to sit down and write to you.  About the New Moon, the Chinese New Year, and Lunar Imbolc. About how to harness these great cosmic forces for your year…..

And then I read the news about another school shooting, this one killing 17.  And as I read, I started sobbing.

Another one, really?  This has become a monthly occurrence and yet, I am still shocked and surprised.

What do we do?  I know we stay conscious.  We do our sacred work in the world.  I know we vote and march and use our platforms to spread Love. I know we stay awake.  But how do we stop this?  How do we get the US government to STOP passing bills making it easier for people to get guns?

I don’t have the answer right now.  I feel the ache in my heart for these beautiful beings with so much life ahead of them.  I feel the tremendous grief of their parents who will never hold their babies again.  I can not even imagine the depth of what this does to family members in the wake of such horrifying loss.

And here is the thing… the more often this happens, it becomes a matter of time, of months before it affects any one of us here in the Woman Rising community…. or someone we know and love.

After having been through the Thomas Fire which became California’s largest wildfire in history, I realize that most of us will at some point become part of a Collective or Group Trauma.

And I don’t want this for you, especially when it is preventable.

Yes, I know this is a greater conversation around mental health.  I get that.
But, if guns were restricted, if money didn’t trump public safety and health, things might change.

So, here is what I propose….

With the New Moon in Aquarius (which is about community and tribe), partial Solar Eclipse (which is about new beginnings), Lunar Imbolc and the close of this Portal (which is about emergence and gestating what is most important), with the Chinese New Year of the Dog (who lends himself to loyalty and connection), I invite us to create a Ritual together.

How amazing would it be if 5,000 or more of us sat in ceremony and called forth a restriction of guns and an end to greedy corruption!??!
I am pretty sure we would create a shift and uplift the frequency on this planet.

If you are in, read the Ritual below.


This New Moon is actually one of the most powerful moon to plant your intentions for the ENTIRE YEAR so lets do this together.

Please do this on the evening of Feb 15 or 16 2018.

1.  Cast your circle indoors or outdoors.  You can sprinkle salt around you to create a sacred space.

2.  Light a candle and place inside your circle.

3.  Call in your Guides, your Ancestors.
Call in the Goddesses of Compassion – Tara, Kuan Yin, Eleos, and the Goddesses of Mercy.
Call in your Sisters around the world, those you know and don’t know, imagining them linking arms with you.

4.  Call forth Bridha, who is the Goddess and Guide of Imbolc.

5. Speak your Name out loud.

6. Speak your Intention for the Collective, for mamas, papas, children. For aunties and uncles and best friends.  For all animals and all beings.  Of course, using your own words sourced from the ache in your heart will be the most powerful but here is a guide for you….

Great Mystery / God / Goddess, please hear my words.  In this potent time, I declare my intentions, prayers, and deepest dreams in my heart.

May peace and love prevail and be a constant anchor in every moment and every decision. With the power of the Divine, please remove the tensions and greed and corruption that disrupts the flow of peace and Love on this planet.  May our governments create laws that protect the innocent.  May guns have stricter restrictions.  May all beings be protected and kept safe, free from harm or violence.
May children and adults, animals, plants, and all beings steward one another and our Mother Earth with respect and reverence.

I speak all of this for the highest good of all beings everywhere.  And so mote it be.”

Really see this happening.  Take a moment.

7. Wait for a sign that your prayer has been received.  The winds may shift, the clouds may appear or disappear in the sky, a bird may call from the silence.  There will be something that lets you know that the unseen hears you and blesses your prayer.

8.  Of course you can speak any other prayer or intention you hold for yourself or the world.

9.  Sit in silence, sing a song, visualize the world we are co-creating together in Love and for Love.

10.  Give thanks.  Release your Guides, Ancestors, Sisters, and Goddesses.

11. Step out of your sacred Circle.

As I write this and imagine us all unified, magically creating a web of life that looks and feels safer, I am breathing more easily.  I feel less anxious and grief-stricken.  I know that a large group doing sacred ritual work literally changes vibrations.

If you feel inspired to share about your experience with this shooting or with this Ritual in our private and safe Facebook group, please click here.  


Thank you.
From the depths of my tender heart, thank you.
For showing up in big and real and beautiful ways.
And being the change we MUST be in the world.




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