My Word for 2017

I wish to send you Love and Blessings for this New Year of 2017.
May you move into this newness with Ease, Joy, Grace, and deeper Wisdom.

And I also want to say thank you.

Thank you for being a part of the Woman Rising Community.
Thank you for sending emails, responding on Facebook or Instagram to posts, participating in any of my programs or retreats, sitting quietly in this space taking in any new ideas or inspirations.
Thank you for being present in whatever ways most resonated with your heart.

My life is SO much FULLER and more VIBRANT with you in it!

And especially this past year, thank you for holding space for me as I stepped into Motherhood. I truly felt this Collective as I journeyed through stages of beauty and bliss and challenge and exhaustion.

Whether we have met in person or on-line, I feel the power of our sisterhood so strongly as we are each navigating through life to step into more of our Truth.

And for each of us, at this time of a New Year, there is a sense of hope. We reflect, give gratitude for what we experienced, and create space to call in more of who we wish to be and what we wish to experience.

Many of us feel this at our birthdays as another Solar year completes and begins. But there is something quite magical about a COLLECTIVE New Year. A time when every person on the planet feels a sense to shift, transform, to BECOME MORE.

How can WE make this year beautiful, peaceful, loving? The focus shifts from the Me to the WE as we are having a collective experience.  We are all calling IN. We are all praying IN. We are all planting the seeds of our longings.

So, what is it that you are bringing forward this year?  

What is a word, feeling, intention that you have?
How do you wish to LIVE this year?

My word for the year is TOUCH.
In the past, my words have been so much more outward that I was pleasantly surprised when one of the five senses came into my consciousness.

I wish to TOUCH the lives of others.

I want to live so boldly that I am touching into the hearts and wombspaces of women around the world. I want to touch into your wounds so that you find the salve that you hold in your body to HEAL.

I want to touch your life with Flower Essences and the Wisdom of the Earth.

I want to touch your life with Moon Mysteries and the Divine teachings of the celestial realms.

I want to touch your life with JOY, knowing that YOU are a living embodiment of Spirit.

As I write this, I imagine myself having magic dust flying from my fingers and landing in your innermost spaces, touching into what is most alive and present for you in living your Soul’s whispers 🙂
And I wish to be touched.

I want to feel so deeply that I am moved in every cell of my being to stand and live as CHANGE. I want to be a WOMAN RISING.

I want to literally be touched.  By my partner, my son, my community.

And I want more time in person with my students and tribe around the world. To hug you. Touch your skin. See the way in which your face creases as you smile or cry.
This is my how I will be making decisions and choosing to live in 2017.

Please share your word, feeling, or intention for this next year in the comments below.
I would Love to witness you if you feel inspired to share with us as sisters.


And thank you again for your presence here.
I hope to touch in with you this year even more deeply.

Blessings sister, as we journey into 2017.


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My Word for 2017 — 16 Comments

  1. I love your word for the year, Ameya. Mine is RADIANCE. It’s edgy for me, desirable, catching me at my growing edge.

  2. I love this! My word is grace, as I move from my old self into the new, from the veils to the most essential, raw, beautiful truth of me. May I move in this new metamorphosis of self in grace this year :).

  3. I’ve decided that my word for 2017 is Leadership. I have had tons of great ideas to help my fellow ladies out over the past few years, and have even started (and nearly completed) several courses and books, but have always chickened out at the end and felt unworthy or like no one needed to be listening to me when there were so many other women out there that I perceived as more powerful, or more knowledgeable, or more experienced. But this year is different. I know that I already help people. People come to me for advice already. I just need to start believing in myself, and stepping into my power. I need to embrace my goal of being a leader, and be 100% commuted to myself, just as I intend to teach my students.

  4. This year my word is truth! I want to speak my mind clearly and with love! I want to be open to the truth from others as well as myself. And I want to be true to myself!! What great intentions others have set. Thank you for this!!

  5. OK I’m going to say it to embody it.
    I am rich.
    I am the Richness of Life womanifesting as me.
    I am rich today & every day of this rich awesome year.
    I am rich always, all ways.
    And so are you Flourishing Women.
    Happy New Year to you all.
    Thank you for touching our lives Joanne.

  6. Beautiful Ameya, I just love this… and I just love you too! Your word for 2017, and the foundation underneath it is just divine. It feels so very potent and powerful to me and I hope that I get to be a recipient of your touch and embrace this year.

    My word for 2017 is to expand… in many aspects of my life.

    I can feel my soul yearning for this and I know deep within that it is time for me to do so… to pull back the veil and to stand taller, share more and continue to grow, heal and evolve along the way. To step over the fear and the judgements of persecuction and shame.

    May the Universe hear this declaration and support my growth for this year ahead with joyful ease and grace

    With my love to you, and to all of the divine sisters in this sweet community. xxx

  7. Such a beautiful word Joanne Ameya!
    It took my word for 2017 quite a while to show up but when it did I knew instantaneously that it was The word.
    Belief. Belief in myself, especially when it comes to my creativity and time in the studio. I know with my whole being that my purpose in this lifetime is to create! Now it’s time to also Believe it!
    And so it is!