Sagittarius Full Moon Ritual

As we settle in deeper to the rhythms of Summer (I know many people think of Summer Solstice as the beginning of Summer but for me, following the Celtic Wheel of the Year, we are already in Summer as it starts in May at Beltane).

This Full Moon in Sagittarius takes place at 6:10 AM PST on June 9th and is also called the Strawberry Moon, the Rose Moon, or the Hot Moon.

Sagittarius is a Fire Sign that helps us to feel into our deepest dreams by activating our Minds, Hearts, and Wombspaces.  This sign taps us into the Goddess Artemis with her Bow and Arrow, claiming what is ours through our Wisdom, Precision, Focus, and Creative Prowess.

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius.  Everything Jupiter touches turns to gold and expands.  A great Alchemist.

So, there is a lot of ease and possibility available to us right now with this Moon.

AND…. due to the presence of the planet Saturn, which is also currently touring the sign of Sagittarius, we will also have the task of making sure that we understand our Karmic Lessons and that we are releasing what no longer serves us, including relationships, habits, addictions, etc.

With these energies moving through us, the Moon will highlight what are self-obstacles are on our path so we can choose to redirect and shoot our arrow directly to the songs of our Soul.

How blessed we are!

This would best be done Friday, June 9th, 2017

What You Need:

A Fire or Candle – preferably red
Journal and Pen
Good music you can dance and groove to

Full Moon Ritual:

Sagittarius is calling for you to get so clear that when you aim your bow, your arrow knows exactly where it is headed.

1. Light your Red Candle or Sit by a Fire.

2. Take some deep breaths. Really let yourself arrive into this Ritual Space.

3. Call on your Guides or Teachers. Call on Grandmother Moon.

4. And as you sit and breathe, feel into these questions: 

What are you dreaming right now?

What is alive and urging to be expressed through you right now?

How can you clarify this even more?

5.  Take out your journal and begin to write

What are you tolerating or putting up with that is in the way of your dream?

Please make sure that this is focused on you and your patterns.

What is in the way of even more of your clarity?

Write for at least 5 – 10 min.

Burn the paper.  Ask Saturn and the Moon above in her full Glory to burn away the imprints and patterns that are keeping you separate from your dreams. 

Watch the flames of Sagittarius burn away what is ready to be released.

6. Breathe as you expand into more of YOU.

7. Now turn on some groovy, funky, fiery, sultry music and dance the expression of you. The you that has shot her bow and arrow and is now embodying her dreams.  The you that is free of the past.  The you that is on FIRE with Love.

Dance for as long as you want!!!

8.  And when complete, eat some strawberries, sealing in the sweetness of you, life, Mother Earth. 


Please let us know in the Comments below what Saturn is highlighting for you. And what you are aiming for, sourced from the deepest parts of who you are.



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  1. Releasing my giving my power away to my parents which has been blocking me for years and I came home to heal so I can finally fully step into my truth…I danced to Hamsa was fun to revisit them from years ago..and I look forward to upleveling my practice with the guidance I received today