{Video} Aries Full Moon Peace Prayer and Ritual

Our beloved Moon moves into her Fullness in the sign of Aries October 5th at 11:40 am PDT / 2:40 pm EDT / 7:40 PM GMT.

Aries is a Fire sign and is ruled by Mars, associated with War.  So, this is a very relevant Moon right now for all the violence and injustice happening all over the world.

You are feeling these energies, right?
You are feeling angry and passionate.  Maybe you have been having heated conversations with others that are leaning towards aggressive.

If you are alive at this time on the planet, you are feeling the energy of conflict.  So, how can you, as a woman rising, as a woman devoted to spreading Love on this planet, support peace?

Watch the Aries Full Moon Ritual below.  Included are some practical tips so that you are using the fiery energies to the benefit of all beings.

click here if the video above doesn’t work for you

Peace and love to you!!


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