Healing with my Mom

A couple weeks ago I shared a personal story of the inner healing work I did around my relationship with my Dad.  I received so many emails from women replying that they are also working on repairing wounds with their Father and how powerful it felt to know they are not alone.

And so it inspired me to now share about my Mom.
Mothers and Daughters.  That is a HUGE conversation.  There are books, blogs, and forums to support the healing of this first human relationship.

I feel so inspired to share about my experience with my Mom because we really have come from a place of deep rupture and pain to way more ease and joy with one another.  Of course, it is not always perfect and I can definitely react to her at times, but I feel love towards her. I want to share with her. I want to support her and have her support me. I can receive her now.

Our tenuous journey really started around the age of 2 and got bumpier and bumpier as I grew.  If it weren’t for Flower Essences (especially Mariposa Lily!!), I would probably still be a angry, finger pointing, blaming daughter.  Taking it all out on my Mom.

In my body, I feel so much more space now that much of that resentment has been released.

My mom and I made this video almost 3 years ago as inspiration for any woman who wants to heal her relationship with her Mother or who is actively working on forgiving or amending this relationship.

I think we need to make another because our relationship has changed even more since then as our lives have shifted (she has retired and is on a new adventure and I became a Mama!).  Life is always evolving when you are a Woman Rising into her true Self.


I would love to hear from you if you are in process of healing and/or soothing any pain with your Mom.

It is quite a potent journey.
I am here with and for you.



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