Gemini Full Moon

Our beloved Moon moves into her Fullness in the sign of Gemini on Sunday, December 3 2017 at 7:47 am PDT / 10:47 am EDT / 3:47pm GMT.

As a Gemini myself, I am feeling the full richness of this potent Moon.  If you read my most recent Instagram post, you know that I am navigating intricate weavings of patriarchal systems and structures that dominate every aspect of our worlds.  Everyday, I feel that I am untangling myself from beliefs and cords and energetics that have left me often questing for something outside of myself, specifically around money, work, and activism.  It is incredibly challenging to share all that is being downloaded to me at this time about my own divine play in this and that of all of us.  It is heady and yet, very somatic at the same time.  The words don’t seem to communicate the depth and transformation that is happening.

So… that being said, get ready to dance in the realms of communication with this Moon!  Allow the light of her fullness to shine into your wombspace and heart to reveal the conversations that are ready to be had either within your own Self or with your beloveds.  Sharing in a real and open way can be incredibly scary as you must get vulnerable.  Most of us shy away from this level of intimacy for fear of being judged or not belonging.  And yet, when we DON’T communicate fully, we stay in a perpetual state of self-torment.

Part of the challenge with communicating is that most of us have not learned really healthy and respectful ways to share what is alive in our hearts, minds, and wombspaces.  We often end up disclosing half of what we really want to say because we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings or we are so triggered that we have forgotten to return to love and compassion.

With Gemini holding us in full integrity to speak, we get to do just that.

The day before the Full Moon, the Full Moon and the day after will be potent times to set aside for powerful and conscious communication.  With Mercury in Retrograde as well, you will need to be extra mindful about the words you choose and the intention you hold for the sharing.

So… who do you wish to communicate with?  Are there grudges, angers, resentments, disconnects that you wish to repair?  This can be within your own self or with another.

If this is within your own Self, can you use communication to forgive yourself?

If this is with another, is there an outcome you wish to receive in this conversation?  Perhaps this is finding peace, perhaps this is ending a relationship or merely being as transparent as possible.

Please be gentle with yourself and remember that communication and the revealing of your heart are integral for the awakening of your path.

There are a multitude of Flower Essences as well as Gem (either essences or using the actual gems) that can support you during this time.

Mountain Pride: For the assertiveness to speak clearly and with your Truth as your Guide.

Snapdragon: Helps to clear emotional or energetic pathways that leave your voice small or insecure or insignificant.  She literally opens the jaw for your communication to be heard.

Borage:  The bearer of courage.  Courage is an absolute needed for clear and honest communication.

Chalice Well Rose:  Much of the time, it seems our hearts wear this incredibly strong armor that keeps us tied into our old stories of wound and conflict and victimhood.  This Rose, steeped in the energies of Avalon, opens your heart to carry the flame of Love, for yourself and all beings.

Yew Tree:  Sometimes we need to tap into the mystery of the ancient ones, so that we remember the potency of living our life’s purpose and passion.  Being alive right now at this stage of humanity requires us to speak the unspoken.  The yew tree reminds you of the strength of magic, wisdom, and love that you hold in this lifetime and that can propel you to communicate with a depth of ease.

As for Gems or Gem essences, I highly recommend that you work with diamond to clarify your intention for this communication as well as to help you project and manifest the outcome for this in the highest good for all concerned.  Turquoise, blue quartz or other gems that have a blue hue have a resonance with the throat chakra and the ability to speak with clarity, courage, conviction, and heart.  The third chakra is connected to your identity so the more you work with these two energetic fields, the more you will be able to speak from the I and embody the power of who you are.

I look forward to hearing about what expresses itself through you during this potent time of Gemini Communication.

This is the last full moon of the year so please remember the power of this moment.With Love....
And Remembering the Ways of the Feminine™,
Joanne Ameya

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