How to Clear Energetic Attachments or Entities

Have you ever been working with a client and you just can’t quite get the results you are looking for?

Ever felt that there was an energetic blocking you from fully “feeling” your client?

Or ever had the experience where you looked into your client’s eyes and felt that they weren’t fully “there”?

Take a minute and feel into whether you have had any of these experiences with a client or even a loved one.

What I have found to be true is that most of the time when these experiences arise, there is an energetic attachment and/or “entity”. People often get nervous about the word entity because we think of possession and demons and then the need for an exorcism.

But so much of this has been misunderstood and villainized. Energetic attachments can happen because of many different reasons. Most of the time they occur when there has been significant trauma in a person’s life and the overall system becomes susceptible to an outside energy coming in and wreaking havoc.

Entities are very similar as well.

They come into our bodies when our system is compromised in some way. Most of us don’t actually feel when this happens but if we scan through our lives, we can remember a moment of “before” and “after.” That the before was a bit more easeful and fluid and the after holds a challenging current.

When there is an attachment of some sort, you may have chronic health issues or emotional issues that keep you plagued and confused, no matter what you do to move forward.

For example, for years I was calling in a partner. I was doing deep inner shadow work on myself with flower essences. I was changing and shifting radically. But, that beloved partner I kept envisioning was nowhere to be found. It just didn’t make sense to me. Something felt misaligned.

So, I went to a shamanic practitioner and lo and behold, I was carrying an energetic with me (it’s a crazy and amazing long story for another time!) and she worked on me for 5 hours to remove the attachment. I felt totally different when it was gone. I felt bigger and more spacious. And… I kid you not, I met my beloved two months later after years of struggle.

Knowing how to release energetic attachments and entities is truly life-changing. I have seen it with my clients over the years… Women who had long seated reproductive issues cleared their wombspace and began bleeding or got pregnant. Women who never could quite pull it together to grow their business cleared their body and then their business was booming.

This is one of the Shamanic Arts you will learn in our upcoming Shamanic Training Program beginning September 17, 2017.

We meet IN-PERSON for 6 days and then 6 months of ONLINE training. This clearing of energetics and/or entities is not something to fear. It is in fact, a very liberating and safe process that you can add to your healing services.

And once you facilitate this clearing, you can use all of your other healing tools and they will be able to work more deeply to assist your client to have the results she is longing for.

Please fill out an Application if you wish to join us. Click here to read the full syllabus and all details.



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