Reparenting Your Wounds Full Moon in Capricorn Ritual

This Full Moon in Capricorn takes place at 9:07 PM PST on July 8th and is also called the Full Buck Moon, Thunder Moon, or the Blessed Moon.

The Sun (Masculine force) is in the sign of Cancer (which is the sign of the Mother).  The Moon (Feminine force) is in the sign of Capricorn (which has a Masculine Earth signature).

This is incredibly potent as this means that there will be a lot coming through for us about our own internal Masculine and Feminine. Perhaps you are noticing that they are in opposition to one another. Perhaps you are noticing that one is more dominant than the other.  Perhaps you notice that one is in service to the other within you.

You might be noticing this in decisions you need to make. Or within power dynamics in your relationship. Or even in your relationships with your parents, partner, or other important people in your life.

This Full Moon can be a potent time to heal and repair some of these relationships or energies. Capricorn asks you to show up fully and ground into your feelings and emotions so that you can embody what you long for. So much can get unstuck and resolved through the rootedness of Capricorn.

Capricorn Full Moon Ritual

What You Need:
Lighter and Candle
Journal and Pen
2-3 meaningful and significant offerings to the Moon, Mother Earth, and yourself.

Set aside at least 30 minutes and if possible, be sitting under the Full Moon.

1. Light your candle.

2. Take some deep breaths. Really let yourself arrive into this Ritual Space.

3. Call on your Guides or Teachers. Call on Grandmother Moon.

4. And as you sit and breathe, feel into these questions:
What is your current relationship like with your Mother?
What is your current relationship like with your Father?
What is your current relationship like with your Partner (if you have one currently and if you are not in relationship, what was the main challenging issues in the last relationship you were in)?

5. Begin to Journal these answers.
Set aside at least 15 minutes for this writing. Fill at least one page per question.
This can be both the glorious and the challenging.

6. Out of these three people, which one needs the most TLC right now? Which relationship needs repairing?

7. With this relationship chosen, how would you like to shift YOUR behavior with this person? What boundaries need to be put in place that you have been avoiding? What words need to be spoken to this person?
This might be scary to feel in to. This might create internal conflict. Please stay with this as this can be incredibly healing.

8. Is it possible to speak these words to this person or create these boundaries? If so, this Full Moon will illuminate your way so please commit to doing this over the course of the next two weeks BEFORE the New Moon. Capricorn wants you to root your feet into the Earth and speak what is alive so that you can have healthier relationships.

If this is not possible (either because a parent is deceased or this just does not feel safe emotionally or physically), can you re-parent yourself? Can you take yourself into your own embrace through the light of this Full Moon and shower yourself with the Love of the Great Mother and the Great Father? With the Love of Gaia?
Can you speak these words out loud under this Full Moon for Nature to be your witness?
What might your inner child need right now to reclaim herself more fully?

9. Because this is considered the Blessing Moon, remember that all of this (the challenging and uncomfortable and the glorious and beautiful) are blessings on your path of Remembrance.
What gift can you offer to Mother Earth for these Blessed insights or actions you will take?
What gift can you offer to the Moon herself for these Blessed insights or actions you will take?
What gift can you offer to yourself?

10.  This will be an ongoing process so please make an internal agreement to continue to work on what revealed itself to you.

She may be relatively easeful for you.
She may invoke and evoke potent emotions that are necessary to feel like anger, rage, grief, disappointment.

Please let us know how she moves through you and of course what is shared during this ritual.




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