Cancer New Moon Ritual {Video}

The New Moon in Cancer is exact on June 23rd at 7:31 pm PST.
What makes this New Moon so different and beautiful is that it actually happens during the Summer Solstice Portal for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. At Summer Solstice, the sun stands still for 3 days while the Moon is in her darkest.

The Sun is in full exaltation and celebration of its journey and the Moon is in her phase of shedding and releasing. The Sun is at its height of Activation and the Moon is resting in her Dreamer.
And here it is. The dance of life.  The weaving of the Cosmos.
How the Sun and the Moon live within each of us.
We hold the light. We hold the dark.
We carry these currents with every in and out breath.

So if you are feeling you want to be outward and you want to be inward… if you are feeling grief and joy, please know you are living as the Sun and the Moon.

In celebration of the New Moon in Cancer, I offer this ritual to you. Please know that the best time to do this is on Friday, June 23rd (and there is a 2-3 day window afterward)

As amazing as it would be to all be together in our Global Sisterhood during this time!!, I also love the visual of all of us engaged in a New Moon ceremony, in our own homes and communities, together.
Please let us know about your ritual or post photos here.

Moon and Sun Blessings to you.


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