Are You In-Touch with Your Personal Underworld? New Moon in Sagittarius

Tomorrow, November 29th at 4:18 AM PST is the New Moon in Sagittarius.

There has been so much present for many of us over the last month in the United States, between our presidential election and what is happening with the Sioux Nation and the oil pipeline in North Dakota.  And that is only in the US.  There is war, devastation and violence happening all across the world.

There is an intensity, a rising up of energies.  We are feeling the collective shadows of fear, greed, racism, control, and lack of integrity.  We are faced with images and stories every day that run counter to what is alive in our hearts as empowered women.

What is being played out around us is very similar to the underworld of Greek mythology.  The underworld that is written about in many stories and myths.  The place where misery resides, where hope has been forgotten, where Souls become stuck and haunted, where joy has been squashed, where fear REIGNS. It is the place where light and love are not welcome.

And because we are empathic women, we FEEL all of this.  If you are on a path of personal growth, you are also being invited to journey into your own personal underworld.  The place where you hold your shadows.  The place that can be murky, messy, downright painful and oftentimes achy.

This New Moon in Sagittarius will help you as you navigate your own inner terrain and clarify for you where you are being out of alignment and how to move you towards the resonance of your heart.

New Moon in Sagittarius Ritual

The dark of the Moon can help us to connect to our underworld if we take the time to listen. Anything is possible at this time as it is the beginning of a cycle. It is an inward time where we are able to see through the veils and access our emotions and intuition more ease-fully.

And with the energies of Sagittarius, we are invited to explore our truths even more deeply or fully.

1.  Light a candle. Sage your space and yourself. Call on your Guides and Teachers to hold space with and for you.

2. In your journal, ask yourself:

Where are you in fear?
Where are you creating separateness and disconnection?
Where are you forgetting to be an emissary of Mother Earth?
Where are you judging others?

Remember that there is a bit of this in all of us and so the more honest you can be with yourself, the more free you can actually become.

3. What do you value? What are your values for how you wish to live in your life and in your relationships? Are you embodying your values everyday?

4. With your Sagittarius arrow aiming at your values, how can you more fully live into these? Are there Tarot cards or Goddess cards or spiritual decks that you can choose to support you? What are some specific actions that you can take once the Moon begins to Wax?

5. Write a commitment of this and place it on your altar so that you are reminded throughout the month so that this powerful Sagittarius arrow may make its way to its mark and have you embodying your truth.

6. Thank your Guides and Teachers and release them at this time.
Close your ritual space.

If you feel inspired, please share with us in the comments below –  what are your values and what you are choosing to explore within yourself this New Moon?



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