Shadow Ritual in Honor of the Full Moon in Aries

The Full MOON on Saturday is in Aries. Aries is a Fire Sign of the Initiator and for sure, there is a lot being Activated within each of us and as a collective.

There’s so much that I have been wanting to share through my writing with you and our community of women RISING (tools, practices, insights) and yet, with a full-on-active, engaged-with-life 7 1/2 month old and showing up to be the kind of Mother I have always envisioned, I have very little quiet time to go as deep as I desire in my writing.

I want to speak OUT.

  • To say that I am OUTRAGED with what is happening at Standing Rock and the pursuit of money over people and the preservation of Mother Earth.
  • To say that I am disgusted with the blatant misuse of power happening all over the world and that most often affects minorities, those undereducated, and those with less resources.
  • To say that I have checked myself out of much of the political game happening right now as the two people we are choosing between are truly not my choice.
  • To say that my WARRIOR and LOVER are feeling the ache of my heart knowing that our culture still condones violence against women… and that women are still being violating as an epidemic.
  • To say that I can not believe the state of Mother Earth is not at the forefront of lawmakers’ lists.
  • To say that I am DONE blaming the patriarchy as all this does is creates more separation and misunderstanding.

All these words are swirling in my being. Waiting for the time and space to come forward in a way that feels congruent with my heart and Soul.

For now, I nestle into my rage. My ache. My disillusion.

I find solace in my anger right now as I know it is the energy of change.

It is the push that opens the dam and decimates to create a new vision, a new way of being.
I also know that what is present for me is sourced from the Warrior who carries the sword of Love as her foundation and root.

Perhaps you are feeling some of these things too? Perhaps you are noticing in your life that you are being invited/asked/initiated into more of yourself? More of your love, more of your anger, more of your compassion, more of your artistry and gifts?

If you are, I recommend you set time aside for this Full Moon Ritual that I am sharing below.

With all of these so-called darker energies rising up within us, how do we stay present and feel all of this? How do we hear these messages and the gifts they are offering to us? How can we stay connected to LOVE and avoid reaction (ie, how can we stay in love and in the energies of connection)

If you can do this ritual on Saturday evening outside, that would be most powerful. If not, indoors is perfect.

1.  Light One Black Candle and One Red Candle.

2.  Call in your Spirit Guides, Teachers, Elementals that you work with to create a container of Divine Support and Protection.

3.  Feel into the emotions that are being activated/triggered within that might be uncomfortable.
– Write them down.  Write for at least 15 minutes.
– Feel into what is present as you write and read your list.
– Notice if there is shame for feeling this. Notice if there is anxiety. Notice if there is relief.
– Be present to what is without judgment.
When you feel complete with your writing, burn the paper with the Black Candle.  Allow the shadows/traumas to be ignited by the fires of the flame and fires of Aries.

4.  Feel into the Love that you hold and carry.  Into the wisdom, pleasure, connectivity that you carry in your wombspace and heart.
– Write down all the ways you LOVE. Write for at least 15 minutes.
– Notice how this feels in your body to know that you are a vessel, a chalice for Love to stream through in all ways in your life. When you feel complete with your writing, burn the paper with the Red Candle. This is the current of the Divine Feminine and she is initiating you through the flames into more Self-Love.

5.  If possible, walk outside and stand under this glorious Full Moon. Feel in to the Warrior and the Lover. Feel into these two energies as they are one and the same. From this place, where can you send love? Who needs love? Where can love find and tend to even the shadows and our personal underworlds?

6.  Close your ritual by releasing your spirit guides/teachers/elementals.

7.  Notice any shifts/awarenesses/insights present for you. If you wish to share on our blog, please do so.

I hope that this Ritual supports you at this time.
I will be partaking in this and going even deeper into these shadow aspects of myself. I imagine thousands of us in this Temple space together and really reorganizing the imprints alive within us and on this planet at this time.

Thank you to all of you who are living as activists and making heart-centered choices so we can really change the world.


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Shadow Ritual in Honor of the Full Moon in Aries — 1 Comment

  1. There was a cosmic switch today as the sun burned in the sign of Libra, ruled by Venus, and the moon rose in Aries, ruled by Mars. What a rebalancing! The lovers and warriors entertwine to become a Guardian of Love. Giving and receiving. Relaxing in luxury and holding space/ creating structure for people to ignite their creative passions and explore their imaginations to be their fully realized selves, embracing paradoxes and accepting we are full spectrum beings of light!