How to Live in Alignment with the Moon

There is a massive revolution happening. Women are choosing to remember and reclaim the wisdom of their bodies. Why? Because there have been too many emotional and physical challenges stemming from a deep disconnect.  Women are wanting more and better.

And because of the Nature of the Feminine to look within when making changes, we are realizing the deep power of the Moon in our transformation. The Moon is the ultimate symbol of the Divine Feminine, whose wisdom, light and teachings are reemerging now through our own consciousness after a long dark slumber. She reflects to us our own inner rhythms and light/dark.  This then can become the avenue for understanding ourselves from a whole new and empowering perspective. She asks us to reconnect with our own Cycles of the Moon within….The tides that throughout the month influence our energy, creativity, sexuality, intuition, connections, ability to conceive a baby, and bleed.

Why is it so important to live in alignment with your Moon Cycle?

This is such an important question.

If you feel fatigued, irritated, overwhelmed, and/or struggling with chronic or acute feminine health issues, this is a red flag from your body letting you know that there is an imbalance. These everyday “normal” symptoms are generally a sign that you have pushed past your body’s natural resources.

Rather than seeing it as an act of defiance or annoyance, perhaps it might be helpful to reframe this as your call back to the Feminine.

We have grown up in a world that celebrates achieving, succeeding, and doing. We have been taught to suppress our needs and desires.  And when this happens over and over again, we see and feel the ramifications in our body and hearts.

So, the call then is to return to that which is most Feminine within.  These Moon rhythms that course through us and truly dictate how we behave in and experience the world. What might happen if we live in partnership with our rhythms?

If you want to feel better, it is time to align yourself with the Moon.

How do you go about living in alignment?

Well, there are a couple answers for this.

The first and most simple practice to come into relationship with your Feminine Rhythms is by tracking your cycle. Learning your ebbs and flows, your natural undulations, and then creating your life around this.

AND….. If it were as simple as charting your cycle and then making the necessary changes to live according to your natural Moon rhythms, creating rituals around the month for self-care, you most certainly would be doing it already!

You actually need to commit (even in some small way) to live in rhythm with the Moon, for in actuality, the Moon lives within you. It is crucial you understand how the unique energies of the waxing, full, waning and dark moon phases affect your entire life. This isn’t theoretical. This is about actually experiencing the lunar wisdom that your female body houses in all aspects of your multi-faceted being. I’m talking emotionally, physically, sexually, mentally, spiritually.

Dare yourself to go on a Journey to partner with your Cycle. To understand her as you might a new friend. To honor the gifts she offers – uncovering your shame, guilt, heartache and also celebrating your beauty and power. To engage your life around your cycle and also the Moon.

If this interests or intrigues you, this is exactly what we will be diving into at various points in Priestesses of the Moon.

You will be given practical tools to implement in your life as well as rituals by the moon phases, sacred moon mystery initiations, inner inquiry, aligning with the 13 Moon Goddess Archetypes, and unveiling the unique wisdom each moon phase holds that will move you to embodying this as a way of life. You will take a journey to remember the sacred rhythms of life, sustenance, death and rebirth in your own life.

This is an education that you may have never received or that you have forgotten along the way as you have been in pursuit of other dreams.

You are returning to your basic foundation as Woman and returning to what it means to be a Priestess of the Moon in our daily lives.


To give you a small taste of what is to come, here are two gifts for you to implement now should you so choose.

1) How to Live in Alignment with your Moon Cycle
Here you will see the connection between the Cycles of the Moon and your own mental and physical state throughout the month. Here’s an invitation to use this to course correct any challenges you might be experiencing.

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2) Moon Phases for 2016
See the New and Full Moons for this year and start to track how you are reflecting this Cycle
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Join us on this epic adventure into the mysteries, as we embrace the beautiful and the messy, and yes, the bloody!

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With Love....
And Remembering the Ways of the Feminine™,
Joanne Ameya

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