What Wishes are You Activating in 2017? New Moon in Capricorn Ritual

Tomorrow, December 28th at 10:53 PM PST is the New Moon in Capricorn, the final New Moon of 2016.

As an Earth sign, Capricorn invites us to dive into our desires from a grounded place. Capricorn asks us to follow our hearts through confidence and practicality. And with Mercury in Retrograde as well, this New Moon is asking us once again to really look at this past year and let go of karmic patterns that have been making it feel that we have been walking upstream.  So with the structure and rootedness of Capricorn, we can systematically release obstacles while calling in our visions.
Over the past few years, I have been blessed to celebrate New Years Eve with a group of close friends.  We either create vision boards or share our visions out loud so that we are witnessed and heard.  Some years we have each shared a word we are choosing to LIVE into for the next year. Whatever practice or ritual we create, the invitation is for each of us to take a moment, sit in stillness, and offer who we are to the group as a whole. Last year my word was Mother.  I had NO IDEA what that would really entail but wow, I am so grateful to have the privilege of living into this part of myself.

The year before was RESONANCE.
The year before that is was SHINE.

Rather than waiting until New Years Eve, this New Moon is the perfect time to partake in a ritual, either solo or with others, to allow Spirit to reveal more to you while you also declare yourself to REMEMBER more of your gifts, beauty, and wisdom.
So, what are you calling forth?
What magic is waiting to be expressed and shared?
What word is waiting for you to embody it?


1. Light a candle. Sage your space and yourself. Call on your Guides and Teachers to hold space with and for you.

2. In your journal, ask yourself:

~ In my dream of dreams (no limitations at all!!!), what do I wish to Womanifest in 2017?

~In what areas of my life can I give myself more permission to feel, be and experience what I most desire?
~Imagine this as a time of deep grounding, rooting and deepening – what does this mean for you as you complete 2016 and step into the newness of 2017?
~What are you committing to?

~As we release this last year, feel into what feelings are present for you. Again, write a list of 2-5 emotions.

3. With your visions swirling around you and enthusiasm coursing through your cells, what is the word that will encapsulate who you are in 2017?
Don’t overthink this. Let the word appear to you. This might take a moment. Or more. Wait and Listen.

4. With the blessings of the New Moon, what seeds can you plant so that you walk into 2017 living as this word? And are there any beliefs or patterns that do not believe this to be possible for you? If yes, write down these patterns and burn them in the fire. Of course, this is no easy fix but you are energetically beginning to release them from your being.

If you are in circle with others, please share your word and the seeds you are planting.  Let each person have space to speak what is true to her. And after she is complete, you can say “And so it is.” or “Aho.” or “So mote it be.”

5. Bring the candle close to you. With your hands, imagine showering yourself with this light, knowing that on this New Moon, you have seeded your visions and that they will bloom as the Moon journeys into her Fullness each month.

6. And anything else that feels important to include in this powerful end of year ceremony. Close your ritual.

If you feel inspired, please share with us in the comments your commitments and what you are choosing to explore within yourself this New Moon.

Enjoy the Medicine of this New Moon in Capricorn. May you take the time to be in ceremony as we complete one year and welcome in a new one!


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