New Moon in Cancer

This morning as I woke up and had a moment to myself before Ocean opened his sweet blue eyes, I thought of this amazing Woman Rising community and how much I love you and all that you are striving to create in your life.

I know that I have been a bit quieter over the past 4 1/2 months as I have devoted more time to being with my son… AND I want you to also know that I have thought of you and in my hazy, sleep-deprived states, marveled at the power of Woman and the courage we each must embody whether we are Mothers, Daughters, Lovers, Sisters as we are each living Revolutionary lives.

I have wept knowing that we are all tied together in this beautiful weaving, whether we have met in real life, had an email chat, or have watched one another quietly on the sidelines of the internet.

I have been humbled by this Journey into Motherhood.  Emotionally, physically, and spiritually… and in the most delightful and surprising ways.
I have been in awe at the power and immensity of LOVE.
I have been radically transformed.
And I really feel like I am just coming up for air after the immersion of the first 4 months of Motherhood.

I say all this to say that truly we are each on profound journeys.
We each have moments that bring up resistance to any kind of inner growth.
We each have moments where we forget that acceptance is key to letting love grow us.
We each carry treasures that are the most exquisite parts of who we are.
And we each have the choice of embodying our light and amplifying it out into the world.

Our stories might be different.  But we are each walking the path to live in the highest resonance of who we are.

I honor you.
And I am so grateful to be in Community with you.
My heart is overflowing in Gratitude and Love.

All that being said, as I feel into my emotions and the watery spaces of the Feminine, I want to also remind you that tomorrow is the New Moon in Cancer (and for those of you in the United States, it is the Fourth of July which is about Freedom).

As we are in constant reflection of the Moon, I wanted to offer you a Ritual to do during this Dark Moon.


Cancer is all about Emotions. And Cancer is the sign of the Mother.

The New Moon actually takes place at 4:01 AM PST.
But, the energies will still be present throughout the next 1-2 days.
At any point, you can participate in this Ritual, remembering that this is truly for you and your own Remembering.

  1. Write down any emotions that are alive in you that are uncomfortable or that need healing.
  2. FEEL into this emotion. Let is consume your body (you may need to lie down or listen to music to do this). Really take the time to let this feeling BE in your body without fixing it.
  3. Think back to when/where this feeling first was felt by you.  In childhood?  In a friendship?  With a partner?  Again, let yourself FEEL this and if there are tears or anger, let it be there.
  4. And now, connect to what is present for you through the lens of the Great Mother.  Allow Mother energy to pour through you. The Nurturer, Protector, the One who Loves beyond any Limits or Measures.  Give that Feeling LOVE, LOVE, and even more LOVE.  This can last for 5  minutes or an hour.  You decide.  If you are challenged by this, call on a Goddess like Quan Yin to bring love and compassion to your inner realms.
  5. Once you feel the Love of Mother permeating you, speak out loud what you are Reclaiming from this feeling or story.  For example, if you have been feeling overlooked in your relationship or less than, now you might be feeling worthy and deserving of being seen and acknowledged so speak that OUT LOUD and claim that as yours.

We would LOVE to hear your shares in the comments below if that feels safe to you.  It is gorgeous to witness each of you unfolding into more of your vulnerability and TRUTH.

Sending Love to you as you walk the path of the Moon….


With Love....
And Remembering the Ways of the Feminine™,
Joanne Ameya

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