Libra Full Moon Ritual

Today is the Full Moon in Libra.
It heralds Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the return of Fall in the Southern Hemisphere.

Depending on where you live, you will begin to see the return of green after a long winter or the first signs of release after the summer.

And how beautiful that as women living aligned with the Moon and Natural Season, we can see these reflections in our own lives.

The Full Moon in Libra is inviting us to come into a state of balance.  Now, this is not a word that I LOVE because it sets a standard that I think it very challenging to reach, let alone maintain.

Balance is a word that most of us seek to experience.  Balance between work and home life.  Between play and focused time.  Balance between alone time and time with our partners or families. Balance of the way in which we eat…. The list goes on and on and on….

As a woman, and now as a New Mama, I find the idea of balance just another way in which we end of defeating ourselves.  Or constantly cycling in a wheel that is never ending.  I am not sure if it is truly possible.  What are your thoughts on this?

When I look at Nature, I find that she is constantly seeking balance.  But truly the days of Equinox and Solstice are the moments when balance is present… and it is short-lived and momentary.  Most of the time, Nature is moving in and out of various energies that bring life and healing.

Rather than finding balance, I think it would be potent to look for ways in which we can navigate through our days, with the awareness and scheduling of taking time to prioritize our Self, our relationship, our friendships, our health.  This does not mean that this all happens in one day.  This can be showered throughout a day or a week or a month or a year.  It is more about our INTENTION and ATTENTION so that we can have the things that make us feel more balanced and whole.

This Moon is also asking us to review our light and our dark which make up our Whole.  To get honest.  To be kind to ourselves.

So, for today’s Full Moon, I ask you to stand under the Full Moon Light (if possible).
Release the pursuit of balance.

Declare your Truth.  This means devoting yourself to co-creating your life in the way that most inspires and activates your heart’s desires.

Let your Light shine sister.  The light that is full of mess, beauty, moments of balance and peace, ease, Goddess wisdom….

Embrace all that you think is your “DARK” (your shadows – judgements, cynicism, fears, wounds that hold you back, anxieties, self-loathing, etc).

And of course embrace all that you think of as your LIGHT.

Stand under this Moon in the fullness of who you are.  Ultimately this is the state of balance.  Accepting what is while also visioning for more or better.

And if you feel inspired, DANCE the expression of your Self in this moment.


Please let us know in the Comments Below your thoughts on achieving Balance… and of course share your experience of this Full Moon Ritual.


In Honor and Celebration of the change of Seasons and this
delicious Full Moon….
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Joanne Ameya

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