Illuminate and Live FULLY with the Full Moon in Gemini

Tomorrow, Tuesday, December 13th is the Full Moon in Gemini at 4:05 pm PST. I am a Gemini so for me this feels like coming home. For you, it may feel a bit full and busy or maybe even a bit chaotic but there are powerful lessons here for you.

As always, this Lunar Energy will be inviting us into a deeper space of our own reflection and illumination.

Here are two main themes for this Moon:

1.  Gemini is all about the mind and communication as it is an Air sign so this Moon is going to ILLUMINATE where you are living from limiting beliefs, false perceptions of truth, illusion. And all of this is for your highest growth so that you can live in freedom and in the full glory of who you are. This then becomes a practice for our own self-communication.  Where can you remind yourself that you Love? What conversations need to be had with others? What needs to be repaired?

2.  This Full Moon is bringing in the season of the Winter Solstice, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. So we are now in the time where you are mentally accessing this past year and choosing what it is that you wish to release and what it is that you wish to embrace for 2017.

So what tools can you use to support yourself?

And even more than that, move forward over the remaining next few weeks with Ease and Joy?

Here are a few ideas for this time:

~ Write a list of all of your closest friendships or partnerships. (2-5 on the list). Take an inquiry into the health of these relationships. How do you feel with this person? Safe? Secure? Seen? Are there any unspokens? Are there things that want to be communicated that you have been ignoring or pushing under the carpet because it is “Easier”?
Now is the time to connect with this person and communicate with heart.
Reach out to them with the guidance of the light from this Moon and schedule a time to talk.

~ As we release this last year, feel into what feelings are present for you. Again, write a list of 2-5 emotions.

Use your Flower Essences!

If you are feeling angry, use marshmallow or milk thistle.
If you are feeling lonely, try some hemp agrimony
If you are feeling scared, try some Aspen or Red Cedar.
If you are feeling confused about your life’s path, try some scleranthus or white colombine.
If you are feeling to communicate and this makes you nervous, try lobelia or snapdragon.

Remember you are not alone doing any of these.

There is a greater sisterhood alive and present, sitting alongside you as you continue to live into the woman you know yourself to be. If you feel inspired, please share with us in the comments what is present and alive for you.

Enjoy this Gemini Full Moon. Let her come alive in your heart and direct you to live FULLY.



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