How to Communicate with Nature

We all have the capacity to communicate with Nature.  It is just that we haven’t been taught to understand the language of Nature AND Trust the process of this type of communication.  For most of us, when we engage in more mystical arts, we second guess ourselves and question if what we are hearing, sensing or feeling is actually true and/or valid.

At this time on the planet, with so much fear and devastation happening to people and the Earth, it is incredibly important to reconnect with Nature…. to return to her seasons, her elements, her plant medicines.  Mother Earth has so much to teach us about simplicity, presence, compassion, interconnectedness, nourishment, healing and love.

Communicating with a plant or a tree can bring deep insight and gifts that can alter the present state of your life.  When you relate with and to Nature, you are offered tremendous gifts – gifts that might heal your “wounded” story, remind you of your beauty and wisdom, nudge you towards your desires, or heal physical health issues.

You just need to put your mind on pause and have faith that what you are experiencing is real.

In this episode of Woman Rising TV, I share simple steps to Attune yourself to the energy of a plant or tree and trust that you are relating with the unseen.

I hope you enjoy this process of Plant Attunement.

Please let us know in the comments below which plant you sit and connect with and what information you receive from her.

Share with us what this process was like for you and how easy it is/was to trust the language of plants.


With Love....
And Remembering the Ways of the Feminine™,
Joanne Ameya

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How to Communicate with Nature — 3 Comments

  1. Hello! My name is Courtney. Thank you so much for the video, I really loved it. I went to my mom’s house after watching it, in rural Ohio; she has some land and I’ve always connected with the forest there. I found a tree that called to me and laid down beneath it on some soft grass. I reached out both to the tree and Mama Gaia and gave my thanks and then had a really lovely, long conversation. It started out very personally-based about how loved I am. I saw in my mind’s eye a woman kissing me on my forehead where my third eye is and thanking me for being an ‘earth angel.’ She reminded me of the faeries from when I was little, I saw memories of young me in a tall wildflower garden playing and chatting with faeries. She told me that earth connection never went away, that even though sometimes I feel more disconnected than then, I can at any time reach out and be brought back to that at my heart. We talked about love and partnership (a new manifestation on my path right now) and forgiveness- she showed me the incredible forgiveness and non-judgement she holds in her heart for all of mankind, I felt it, it was so, so amazing. And I saw that we can all be manifestations of that. Whenever I felt my ego mind start to wander or judge, I thanked it and gently lead it back to my heart center. I told myself something similar to what you said in the video:”thank you for your guidance, we are safe and I trust what I am experiencing right now.” That brought it back immediately. This was a really, really beautiful experience for me. Thank you! Sending so much love. Court <3

    • WOW!! How beautiful Courtney. Thank you so much for sharing!
      What powerful reminders and affirmations this tree provided to you.
      What a gift.

      Sending you so much Love,

  2. Thank you for this video Joanne & thank you Courtney for your sharing. You are giving me the push to go back & have a talk with the Asters that are still in bloom in my neck of the woods. Nuns Island (Montreal). I had a life-changing experience with a tree once…and when Asters & Golden Rods told me they wanted to gift me their secret I panicked. I went back with a friend & saw that wild flowers & humans are all stars…made of living stardust. Now will go for more. With love & gratitude.