Full Moon In Sagittarius

On Saturday, May 21st, we celebrate the Full Moon in Sagittarius. The time we aim our arrows at what we desire.

As women, we are inherently connected to the Moon and her rhythms.  She moves through us and we reflect her medicine and gifts as she grows and wanes each month.  We feel the shadowy, inner depths of our emotions when she is in her dark or New Moon phase and we shine our radiance when she is illuminating in her full glory during the Full Moon.

It is incredibly important that we remember that these same rhythms that exist outside of us are traversing through our body and mind as well in every moment of our very full and busy days.  This helps us when we are navigating times we feel messy or beautiful, creative or inward, sexy or tender.  It helps us to know that there are greater energies at play that once understood, can actually enhance our lives tremendously.

Because of all that we energetically, emotionally, and physically hold, most of us are seeking rituals to connect us back to Nature and help us to find our inner Truths, Wisdom, and sense of Wholeness as a daily personal growth practice.  With the Moon as our Muse, Witness, and Teacher, we can find our way back to ourselves.

So, what I would love to offer is a Full Moon Ritual.  The Full Moon is in Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter.  Jupiter activates our big visions and lots of power.  It is the planet of expansion.

Our theme for this Moon is Sacred Motherhood. 
The Native Americans called this Moon the Mother’s Moon because it brings nurturing.
As we know, Motherhood is about LOVE.  It is about NURTURANCE.  SUSTENANCE.
Whether you are a Mama to a child, you carry the coding of Motherhood as you have the ability to birth forward anything you imagine.

So, we get to look at these themes in our own life and our offerings in our homes and communities.

Here are some questions that I would love for you to begin to feel into BEFORE the Full Moon:

How do you live each day with Faith and Courage?
How do you use love, which is the greatest gift of the Feminine, to create change in the world?
How do you channel your big visions through your heart’s powers?

These are big questions, but with the potency of the energetics of this Moon, you can find the answers and embody this essence of Sacred Motherhood.

As Mamas, we want to be models for our children.  We innately wish to spread love and make a difference in the world.

And we each have different versions of this.

Ritual for the Full Moon:

1.  If possible, do this outside.  If you want to involve your children, please feel free.

2.  Wait for the Moon to rise and then sit under her light.

3.  Call on your Spirit Guides and Teachers to be with you (if this is new to you, simply ask to be protected and imagine a ring of love around you and the space you are sitting).

4.  Call the Moon down to be present.  Call her into your Heart and Wombspace.

5.  Offer prayers for your Self, your family, and the planet.

6.  Speak out loud how you wish to create impact in the world through your love. (This can take you 2 minutes or 20 minutes… allow your words to flow without any censorship).
Remember that we are choosing conscious impact so be aware of where you are holding back your love out of fear, self-judgement, insecurities.

Speak your TRUTH.

7.  Create an offering that reflects your commitment.  You can offer a flower, crystal, love letter, tobacco.  Something to signify your words and anchor your intentions and proclamations into the Earth.

Imagine hundreds of women doing this same Ritual and the healing we can create through this Mother’s Moon.  We all know that the world can significantly change if every choice, every intention, every act is rooted in Love.  And we know it is time for you to share your blessings, gifts, and visions in the world.

The world is seeking you.

Let us know in the comments below your experience with this Full Moon Ritual.

Happy Full Moon.With Love....
And Remembering the Ways of the Feminine™,
Joanne Ameya

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Full Moon In Sagittarius — 2 Comments

  1. Really finding so many synchronicitys with nature and Mother Earths lessons. What you are saying is extremely resonated with my heart. Thank you for sharing and allowing the someone like myself who feels sometimes lonely on this journey like there is community that recognizes our truths.