Full Moon in Leo Ritual

Tomorrow is the Full Moon in Leo.  Our first Full Moon of 2016!
Native Americans called this Moon the Wolf Moon.
Whichever way you look at it, the Moon is about engaging in our Wild.  Engaging in our outward fiery Natures. 

The Full Moon ILLUMINATES.  And this Moon, with the fiery sign of Leo, can invite us to get reacquainted with parts of ourselves we have been ignoring.  This is a potent time for us to zero in on our Truth so that we can stand with conviction and courage and stand in our self sovereignty.

Now, this is an interesting journey for us as women.
I know for myself that there have been many times throughout my life where I have pushed aside my fiery Nature to “fit in.”

Where I have ignored things that I wasn’t ready to look at.
Where I have hid from my shadow in order to stay complacent.

Sound familiar?

With the Lunar Light showering her Grace upon us, I offer you a Ritual:

  • If possible, go outside and shower yourself in the Moonlight.  Allow this light to penetrate into your body and move through you to cast light into all the places that are needing a reminder.
    *If this is not possible, light a candle or a fire to bring the light of Illumination to your awareness.
  • Ask yourself:
    Are you living in alignment with your truth, with your heart, with your innate women’s wisdom?  Move through the various important parts of your life as you ask (relationship, health, money, spiritual expression, family, community, etc).  Is there anything that you are ignoring so as to fit the status quo or fit in?  BE HONEST here as this will only support you and your growth.
  • In what area (s) are you needing to make shifts/changes in your life?  And what are these changes?
    Speaking your truth, making boundaries, stepping into your purpose, eating more healthfully, sitting at your altar, exercising, etc.  All of this takes the courage of Leo to really get clear and you can use the fiery nature of Leo to burn away what is not serving you.
  • Commit to these changes with the Moon as your Guide and Witness (or the element of fire).  You can declare action steps if you desire.
  • Commit to trusting in the Wild beauty and brilliance of your Empowered Feminine self.  You can declare action steps if you desire.

BONUS:  For added healing and inspiration, add Flower Essences to your journey of the Full Moon.  For example, if you are needing support setting boundaries, you can use Motherwort Flower Essence.  If you desire to speak your truth, use Lobelia.  If you are calling to be seen in a safe way, perhaps use Cedar.

Every issue that you are working to transform so that you can unleash more of your truest Self can be supported through the use of Flower Essences.

And, in celebration of the Leo Full Moon, I want to share with you…

Flower Essence Alchemy:
An Introduction to Sacred Plant Medicine

Our 4 Week Homestudy Course will begin on the next Full Moon, February 22nd.

This educational, experiential and interactive Home Study journey is designed to deepen your understanding of the profundity of Flower Essence Therapy, shed the armor around your heart, create partnership with the plants and trees, and blossom as a woman surrounded by your Sisters.

It is more than just an Introductory Program.  It is an Invitation to explore your connection to Nature, both outwardly and inwardly.

When you sign up on our Early Notification List, you will receive discounted tuition + gifts when the Flower Essence Temple doors open on the New Moon, February 8th.
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I look forward to journeying with you into the wonder and magic of Flower Essences.

Happy Full Moon Sister.
May you blossom into your light even more.

 With Love....
And Remembering the Ways of the Feminine™,
Joanne Ameya

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