2016 Offerings from My Heart to Yours

I know that we are already in the second week of 2016 but I want to take a moment to wish you a most spectacular New Year.

The New Year always gives the feeling that we are starting over.  We have a clean slate from which to create our Masterpieces.  Do you feel that?

What I have been feeling as we cross the realms from 2015 to 2016 is a sense of wearing new skin.  It is challenging to put into words but I feel an internal shift and I am getting used to these new “clothes”. 

Part of this is that I am in my last 5 weeks of pregnancy and embodying more of Mother and part of this is due to the awakening that is happening on this planet.  I am finding that I am still catching up to this New energy of a New Year.  I need more time to integrate and assimilate what is present for me, emotionally and spiritually.  I feel slower.  And I can feel a settling coming.  It is almost here.  And then I can sit in peace, create, BE, and stand in my own beauty and contribution in the world.  

I am not sure how you are feeling.  Maybe the same.  Maybe you are off with full speed ahead.  No matter what, I so look forward to hearing and seeing what manifests for you over the next year.

And just to remind you, if you don’t know what you desire yet for this year or what that desire looks like, Your Soul knows.  It is more about you asking your mind to step away from the steering wheel and let those whisperings be heard.

Your Soul has been waiting for the invitation and the space in your life.  And it is time, sister.  Time for you to walk the path that the Goddess has gifted you.

This might mean offering your gifts out into the world on a bigger platform, it may mean finally having the courage to open to LOVE, it might mean disciplining yourself to get healthy and eat well, it might mean finally getting to Bali after years of pining over photographs of this island.

Whatever the calling is, it is YOURS.  It is not what your partner, mother, sister, brother, boss, friend, or child deems is yours.

You have so much beauty within that is waiting to burst forward, perhaps for the first time or perhaps in a more dynamic way than ever before.  And I am honored to support you as you come into a more honest reflection of your visions and ultimately your path.

With all of this being said and knowing you are exactly where you are meant to be in this journey of life, I would love to share with you my 2016 Offerings and Calendar. 

If you are clear of your visions and what you want to experience this year, you will be delighted to know that you can plan and budget and actually be in active co-creation with your heart’s songs.

And if you are in the “getting used to the new clothes/skin feeling” and are still settling into your desires for this year, you can read through and perhaps plant little seeds that will grow and bring clarity.

These are offerings from my heart to yours, to help you in your own inner transformation, remembrance, and breathtaking journey of outward expression.

Flower Essence Alchemy: An Introduction to Sacred Plant Medicine


This is a 4 Week Homestudy Course that will introduce you to the profundity of this healing modality.  You will learn how to make flower essences, connect more deeply to Nature, and how to use Flower Essences to facilitate your own emotional issues.

This has been a program many of you have been asking for!
When you sign up on the Early Notification List, you will receive discounted tuition + a gift.

Registration opens Feb. 8th and we begin on the Full Moon, Feb. 21st.

Priestesses of the Moon


Our beloved Online Moon Mysteries & Initiation Training Program is returning this Spring 2016.  We have had hundreds of women join us in the last year and it has truly been breathtaking to witness the transformations and the deep Sisterhood.  This is a deep and powerful journey back to remembering women’s wisdom traditions, healing feminine health issues, and reclaiming Truth of Self.

We begin on May 5, 2016. Sign up to our Early Notification List.

Woman Rising Flower Essence Practitioner Certification Program


This is our Third Practitioner Certification Program! If you have been hearing the call of the plants and you are ready to add a whole, beautiful, potent system to your healing services/business + work on your own emotional healing, then this is THE Certification Program for you.  There is nothing like this out there.

Space is limited to 18 women and is by Application only. Registration will open in early August.

Our 4 Month Journey begins on September 6th, 2016. Sign up on the Early Notification List.

Wild Sacred Woman Retreat


Our Third Annual Retreat on the sacred lands of Maui. Join us as we Unleash the Woman Within & Reclaim our Feminine Power!

This is a 7 day epic journey full of deep emotional inquiry, play and adventure, and Sisterhood.

Register here:

I do hope that our paths cross whether it’s in person or virtually this year.
And my prayers go out to you for a most potent and transformational year yet.



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